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Canada among three G20 countries least likely to hit emissions targets: report

Tuesday  10:10,   12 november 2019

OTTAWA — Canada's plan to meet its greenhouse-gas emissions targets is among the worst in the G20, according to a new report card on climate action. Climate Transparency issued its annual report Monday grading all the countries in the group of... >>>

Rob Shaw: Should the NDP government go big if it is pushed into a deficit?

Tuesday  10:10,   12 november 2019

VICTORIA — Finance Minister Carole James is scrambling behind the scenes to keep B.C.’s budget from slipping into the red. But some New Democrat supporters must be wondering if it’s even worth the hassle, in light of the recent federal election.... >>>

Former student sues private Toronto school after alleged sex assault on campus

Tuesday  09:50,   12 november 2019

TORONTO — A former student at a private all-boys school in Toronto who was the victim of an alleged sexual assault on campus last year has filed a lawsuit against the institution alleging it failed to keep him safe.Warning: Story contains graphic... >>>

Don Cherry poppy remarks an opportunity for history lesson, says WWI historian

Tuesday  09:30,   12 november 2019

Steven Purewal has written about the contributions of Indian soldiers in WWI and their shared history with Canada. 'I think he needs to sit across a table with someone more informed and use that platform of his to inform Canadians about the... >>>

Poppy-wearing newcomers challenge now-fired Don Cherry's immigrant rant

Tuesday  09:25,   12 november 2019

Calgary newcomers who proudly wear poppies at this time every year say the claims that now mark the end of Don Cherry's career weren't true.Cherry has been fired from Hockey Night in Canada and Sportsnet for saying during a broadcast that... >>>

Alberta likes what Quebec’s been cooking on the independence front

Tuesday  08:35,   12 november 2019

Politics Insider for Nov. 11: Kenney's fair deal panel gets underway, the people fighting Quebec's Bill 21 and the case for making Remembrance Day a national holiday“We’re open to discussing anything right now.” That was B.C. Liberal MP... >>>

Andrew Scheer’s divided party

Tuesday  08:15,   12 november 2019

Stephen Maher: How the Conservative leader survived the first caucus meeting, as the party splits over the handling of social issuesWhile Scheer can breathe a sigh of relief, Conservatives interested in winning the next election are worried that... >>>

Jason Kenney Still Silent On Alberta’s Controversial ‘Conscience Rights’ Bill

Tuesday  07:40,   12 november 2019

As doctors and medical associations speak out against Alberta’s controversial conscience rights bill, which would allow doctors to refuse referrals for services they’re morally or religiously opposed to, such as abortion or assisted dying, the... >>>

Polarizing Quebec MNA Catherine Dorion viewed by some as symbol of left-wing populism

Tuesday  07:35,   12 november 2019

First it was a quip about a line of coke. Then it was a pair of Doc Martens in Quebec’s National Assembly. Now, almost a year later, rookie Québec Solidaire MNA Catherine Dorion is back in the headlines, this time because of a short skirt and an... >>>

Women Across Quebec Are Wearing Hoodies To Work In Solidarity With Catherine Dorion

Tuesday  07:25,   12 november 2019

On November 12, wearing a hoodie to work means supporting Catherine Dorion.Last Thursday, Taschereau MP Catherine Dorion was reportedly denied access to the National Assembly chamber because she was wearing an orange... >>>

Toronto fire captain who fell off building while responding to blaze released from ICU

Tuesday  03:40,   12 november 2019

Toronto Fire Services Captain James Warren still remains in the care of St. Michael's Hospital. Another firefighter injured in the incident is recovering at home."I want to thank all of those who were instrumental in this outcome, especially our >>>

Conservatives' Scheer wants Trudeau to open Parliament on November 25

Tuesday  03:31,   12 november 2019

OTTAWA — Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer will present a to-do list to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Tuesday that begins with a specific request: call the House of Commons back to work on Nov. 25. The two leaders are to meet face-to-face for the >>>

Trauma team heads to rural Manitoba school after fire leaves 3 dead, 4 homeless

Tuesday  01:30,   12 november 2019

A special trauma team will be in place at a rural Manitoba school on Tuesday to help students and staff cope with a devastating fire that killed two adults and a two-year-old girl.School psychologists, social workers, support staff and substitute... >>>

Former SNC-Lavalin CEO okayed purchase of yacht for Gadhafi, jury told

Tuesday  01:05,   12 november 2019

Jacques Lamarre, the former head of SNC-Lavalin, authorized the purchase of a $25-million luxury yacht for Saadi Gadhafi, a Quebec Superior Court jury has heard. The purchase came in 2007 shortly after SNC-Lavalin secured a multimillion-dollar... >>>

Lyme disease cases on the rise in Quebec

Tuesday  00:55,   12 november 2019

The Eastern Townships reported the highest number of cases of Lyme disease in 2019, with all but 10 of 139 cases originating in the province. In Montreal, 62 people were infected, with 30 cases originating in Quebec, 31 outside of Quebec, and one... >>>