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City of Montreal wants to ban single-use plastics by 2020

Thursday  01:30,   25 april 2019

The ban would include plastic straws and cutlery, plastic and Styrofoam glasses and Styrofoam... >>>

Falling wrench sparks concerns about safety of condo construction next to school

Thursday  01:06,   25 april 2019

A group of midtown parents are concerned after a wrench from a condo construction site next to their children’s school fell 23 storeys and landed in the school yard. "A kid could have been hurt seriously, or killed, as well as staff," said Ian... >>>

Canada working on an end to the rotting-refuse row with the Philippines

Thursday  00:50,   25 april 2019

OTTAWA — A resolution to the row between Canada and the Philippines over rotting refuse appears imminent. Environment Minister Catherine McKenna said Wednesday she thinks a solution can be found "in the coming weeks" to the argument over who's... >>>

2 victims of Langley deck collapse remain unresponsive in critical condition

Wednesday  23:27,   24 april 2019

Six days after a deck collapsed at a Langley wedding celebration, family of the victims say nine people remain in hospital. Two of those people are in critical condition in the intensive care unit, and have not been responsive since the collapse,... >>>

Bob Hepburn: Doug Ford: a premier ‘For the (Rich) People’

Wednesday  23:20,   24 april 2019

For all his blustery talk about understanding “the little guy,” the truth is Doug Ford has lived a privileged life, one that few people other than the rich in Toronto get to enjoy. His father owned Deco Labels and Tags, a successful business that... >>>

'Killing Patient Zero' profiles Quebec man unfairly targeted in AIDS epidemic

Wednesday  23:16,   24 april 2019

TORONTO — In the late 1970s, Quebecois flight attendant Gaetan Dugas was openly and proudly gay, described by friends as flamboyant, sexual and generous, with a supportive family and penchant for... >>>

Jody Wilson-Raybould and Jane Philpott to give keynote at First Nations justice conference

Wednesday  23:05,   24 april 2019

Former Liberal cabinet ministers Jody Wilson-Raybould and Jane Philpott are delivering a keynote speech to a First Nations justice conference on challenges in the justice system for Indigenous people in Canada on Wednesday... >>>

Family tragedy: Boy becomes 2nd fatality in incident at apartment complex pool

Wednesday  23:05,   24 april 2019

A boy who was pulled from the bottom of a St. James apartment complex pool on Sunday is the second family member to die in the incident, Winnipeg police... >>>

Now that spring has sprung, how are those Dartmouth palm trees doing?

Wednesday  22:53,   24 april 2019

All of the palm trees planted last summer have survived a Nova Scotia winter — though a few were left with health... >>>

Hate-crime attack on River Heights restaurant was staged, Winnipeg police say; 3 charged with mischief

Wednesday  22:34,   24 april 2019

The Winnipeg Police Service has charged three people with public mischief, accusing them of staging a phony hate-crime attack on a River Heights... >>>

Canada-Philippines trash war: Who would win if Duterte actually followed through with his threat?

Wednesday  21:51,   24 april 2019

Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte's threat to "declare war" on Canada within a week if it doesn't clean up its act and remove tons of trash shipped to Manila is most likely just... >>>

Lawyers in Charter challenge argue advertising protects sex-trade workers

Wednesday  21:15,   24 april 2019

Prohibiting the advertising of sexual services puts sex-trade workers at risk of harm, lawyers arguing against Canada’s prostitution laws said this morning in a Kitchener, Ont., courtroom. And that puts sex-trade workers at risk, he said. Sex... >>>

'Very lonely' and in chronic pain, but senior told too healthy for spot in a home

Wednesday  21:11,   24 april 2019

Quality Living Alliance for Seniors says others like Irene Anthony are being denied spaces in personal care homes because their mental health is... >>>

'Grabher' licence plate not dangerous, former sex researcher tells N.S. court

Wednesday  21:11,   24 april 2019

'Grabher' licence plate not dangerous, former sex researcher tells N.S.... >>>

Bias at the border? CBSA study finds travellers from some countries face more delays

Wednesday  21:00,   24 april 2019

The Canada Border Services Agency is conducting a series of tests to learn if its human agents, and its passport-reading machines, are prone to discriminating against certain kinds of travellers. The CBSA's research to date, obtained by CBC News... >>>