News: Canada

: The strike movement renews to the call of CGT

Saturday  17:30,   01 october 2022

Total © Total Totalnergies: the strike movement renews at the call of the CGT The Totalnergies strikers renewed the movement for wages on Saturday in three of the Five French groups of the group, at the call of the CGT which wishes to include the... >>>

COMMENTARY: The ‘freedom convoy’ will keep driving our politics

Saturday  17:21,   01 october 2022

Ipsos Public Affairs CEO Darrell Bricker examines polling conducted for Global News about Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre.The most recent polling Ipsos conducted for Global News shows... >>>

Murray Mandryk: Guns debate shows why politics and policing don't mix

Saturday  17:10,   01 october 2022

Repeatedly asked about taking responsibility for Legislative Building security away from the neutral sergeant-at-arms and transferring it to a security force answerable to her ministry, Corrections, Policing and Public Safety Minister Christine Tell >>>

In Paris, the 20th anniversary of Nuit Blanche who leaves the fall cocoon in 2023

Saturday  16:40,   01 october 2022

© Geoffroy van der Hasselt A photo of the Eiffel Tower taken on October 4, 2019 in Paris, with an installation entitled "Paris Recadre, work in situ , 2019 "by the French artist Daniel Buren presented at the Nuit Blanche is a anniversary with... >>>

«A year at half a price» - the BahnCard becomes 30

Saturday  16:00,   01 october 2022

. If you are often on the move than occasionally by train, you have had a savings option for 30 years now: the BahnCard of Deutsche Bahn. The subscription, with which the owner now gets 25, 50 or even 100 percent discount per trip, was introduced... >>>

The ex-Soviet republics worried after the annexation of four Ukrainian regions by Russia

Saturday  16:00,   01 october 2022

© AP The former Soviet countries have taken positions sometimes opposed to Russia about Ukraine, despite the strong presence of Russian communities . Here, people leave the Russian city of CHMI to win Georgia, September 28, 2022. after the... >>>

Putin: The choice of uptake

Saturday  15:51,   01 october 2022

with his speech of September 30, the Russian president changed his story, making the conflict that he himself triggered by invading Ukraine a war of civilizations against a Western designated in "enemy". He thus closes all the doors of dialogue and >>>

"Rheingold": For example, the new film by Fatih Akin

Saturday  15:20,   01 october 2022

is in "Rheingold" director Fatih Akin takes on the exciting biography of the successful rapper and producer Xatar. Men saw the film in advance. © Warner Bros. Entertainment Scene from "Rheingold" by Fatih Akin Without a doubt, the career of Xatar... >>>

How Danielle Smith went from political outcast to presumed frontrunner in the UCP leadership race

Saturday  15:01,   01 october 2022

EDMONTON — When Danielle Smith left provincial politics in 2015, she didn’t fade away entirely. She ran the local breakfast joint in High River. She went on to host a radio show on Calgary’s CHQR. She wrote a column for the Calgary Herald. And, when >>>

Sabrina Maddeaux: How hard can it be for the Liberals to say Chinese laws don’t apply in Canada?

Saturday  15:01,   01 october 2022

The federal Liberals have long shied away from confrontation with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), but, as with all bullies, acquiescing to them results not in peace, but undaunted escalation. According to a new report by human rights NGO... >>>

Plus belle la vie: Fabienne Carat makes an astonishing revelation on her return to the

Saturday  15:00,   01 october 2022

© Tiziano Da Silva / Bestimage more beautiful life: Fabienne Carat makes an amazing revelation on her return to the series on November 18, The more beautiful life series will stop. Before the end clip, the channel decided to call on the most... >>>

Canada has now ended its COVID-19 travel restrictions, mask mandates

Saturday  14:51,   01 october 2022

OTTAWA — As of this morning, travellers to Canada do not need to show proof of vaccination against COVID-19 — and wearing a mask on planes and trains is now optional, though it is still recommended. People entering the country are no longer subject... >>>

Quebec election: Party leaders begin final weekend of the campaign

Saturday  14:51,   01 october 2022

MONTREAL — As the Quebec election campaign enters its final weekend the main party leaders are fanning out across the province. Coalition Avenir Québec Leader François Legault is to have breakfast with supporters in Chibougamau and then travel... >>>

Dance with the stars: Anggun narrowly escapes a big accident in full live ...

Saturday  14:50,   01 october 2022

before performing her performance in DALS, Friday September 30, the singer Anggun met a big concern ... © Abaca Dance with the stars: Anggun narrowly escapes a big accident in full live ... This new evening in Dance with the Stars offered many... >>>

War in Ukraine: more than 5,000 Russian soldiers "surrounded" in the east

Saturday  14:50,   01 october 2022

© Pavlo Bahmut / Nurphoto / Nurphoto via AFP War in Ukraine, Lyman, Russian soldiers The Ukrainian army said on Saturday "surrounded Several thousand Russian soldiers in the city of Lyman, an important railway in the east of Ukraine under the... >>>