CanadaNaturopath who treated child with rabid dog saliva solution gives up licence

21:53  08 november  2018
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Hearing scheduled into conduct of controversial chiropractor

Hearing scheduled into conduct of controversial chiropractor A controversial Halifax-based chiropractor is facing a hearing with the provincial college related to posts she's made online that include unfounded and disproven claims about vaccinations and immunizations. According to a notice on the Nova Scotia College of Chiropractors website, a hearing committee will consider 15 allegations of professional misconduct and one of conduct unbecoming a chiropractor against Dena Churchill, who operates Oxford Chiropractic Inc.

A B.C. naturopath 's claim that she treated a small child 's behaviour problems with the homeopathic remedy Lyssinum, which is derived from rabid dog saliva

The dog who bit him may have recently been vaccinated with the rabies vaccine or the dog bite in and of itself She administered the boy "Lyssinum 200CH, 2 pellets," she wrote. He was treated again three weeks later @cnp_bc how is giving rabid dog saliva to a child safe, ethical or competent

Anke Zimmermann, the Victoria naturopath who drew public attention for treating a child with a homeopathic solution made from rabid dog saliva, has surrendered her licence but says she will continue to act as an unregulated homeopath.

The College of Naturopathic Physicians of B.C. says Zimmermann voluntarily gave up her licence after a "collegiate discussion" with its inquiry committee earlier this month.

At the centre of the discussion was the college's policy on immunization — the college forbids naturopaths from including anti-immunization materials in their advertising, and from counselling patients against vaccination without a properly documented medical rationale.

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A Canadian naturopath claims she treated a 4-year-old boy's behavioral problems with a controversial homeopathic remedy — this is, saliva from a rabid Zimmermann said the young child , whom she identified only as Jonah, had been bitten by a dog in the past, and she suspected that may have led

April 17: A naturopath 's claim that she gave a child rabid dog saliva for his behavioral problems has sparked concerns from B.C.'s provincial health officer. B.C. naturopaths have filed a professional complaint against a Victoria-based practitioner after she prescribed a remedy made from rabid dog

"The registrant indicated that she felt that complying with the college's bylaws and policies, in particular, the immunization standard, made it difficult for her to serve her patients with her integrity," the college said in a public notification.

"The registrant understood the college's standards of practice and that her approach to practice does not align with the college's regulation of the profession in that area."

The college said Zimmermann made it clear in their meeting that she intends to practise as a homeopath. Homeopathy — an alternative health profession not regulated in B.C. — involves treating sick people with extremely minute doses of substances that might cause similar symptoms to their disease.

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The tale of how a naturopath gave a young boy with behavioral issues a 'remedy' reportedly made from the saliva of a rabid dog is sparking the exact sort o. Zimmermann found out he was once bitten by a dog , and thinks she ’s found a solution , explained using two apparent non-sequiturs.

about a Victoria naturopath who treated a four-year-old boy with the saliva of a rabid dog . A patient is hooked up to an intravenous drip in this undated file photo. Amy Smart, The Canadian that lyssin, a naturopathic product that claims to contain the infected saliva , could put patients at risk of

Zimmermann made headlines around the world in the spring after she wrote a blog post claiming she had used a homeopathic solution called lyssinum to bring a four-year-old with behaviour problems "back into a more human state from a slightly rabid dog state."

She said the boy was violent toward classmates, had trouble sleeping, and experienced nightmares about werewolves and wolves.

Naturopath who treated child with rabid dog saliva solution gives up licence © CHEK News Anke Zimmermann will not be allowed to apply for reinstatement with the College of Naturopathic Physicians of B.C. for five years.

Lyssinum, also known as lyssin or hydrophobinum, is made by repeatedly diluting the saliva of a rabid dog in water. Lyssinum is generally approved for use in Canada, but the brand that Zimmermann used does not have a licence from Health Canada.

Treatment claimed to eliminate autism

Zimmermann had also been the subject of complaints to the college for offering a homeopathic treatment that falsely claimed to completely eliminate autism.

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Naturopaths who use this must believe that somewhere, at some point in time after 1895 some brave naturopath was able to get saliva from a rabid dog without getting rabies and then handle the virus safely to dilute it Children can not legally given informed consent to being treated by a naturopathy .

She gave up naturopathy and started training to become a real scientist. In any case, here’s her It’s about a naturopath named Anke Zimmermann, who treated behavioral problems in a four year old But if an ND or homeopath gives such a homeopathic preparation of rabies to a child and the child

In May, the college banned so-called CEASE therapy — "complete elimination of autism spectrum expression" — saying it is based on the false premise that vaccines cause most autism. The college also said any claims of eliminating autism are likely to take advantage of the vulnerabilities of autistic children and their parents.

CBC has reached out to Zimmermann for comment, but she has yet to respond. On Wednesday, she posted on Facebook to say she had surrendered her licence because she could not abide by the college's immunizations standards.

"Although most parents of children with autism who approach me already feel or know that their child was hurt by vaccines, this new bylaw has the potential to restrict me in offering assistance to many individuals or to share my findings with the world at large without being disciplined and potentially having my licence revoked," she said.

There is no scientific evidence that vaccines cause autism.

Zimmermann won't be allowed to apply for reinstatement with the college for five years.

Her plan to act as a homeopath means she will be free to continue offering CEASE therapy, which autism experts have described as "totally bogus." She is now one of least 17 unregulated practitioners who provide the treatment in B.C., according to the official CEASE website.

Over the years, Zimmermann has written several blog posts claiming she has treated autism in children using homeopathic remedies, and alleging those cases were linked to childhood vaccines.

Naturopath who treated child with rabid dog saliva solution gives up licence © DrZimmermann.org Anke Zimmermann wrote about treating the boy in this February post to her website.

Pediatrician loses medical licence after pleading guilty to child porn.
Pediatrician loses medical licence after pleading guilty to child porn

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