Canada'Living the Newfoundland dream' for 8 years, St. John's trainer must now leave the country

15:31  06 december  2018
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High winds, heavy snow expected to wallop parts of Newfoundland

High winds, heavy snow expected to wallop parts of Newfoundland It's a mixed bag, depending on where you live.

St . John ' s is the capital and largest city of the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador. It is on the eastern tip of the Avalon Peninsula on the large Canadian island, Newfoundland .

The provincial capital, St . John ' s , is located on the southeastern coast of the island; Cape Spear, just south of the Even now , when the rest of Canada celebrates the founding of the country on July 1, many Following confederation, Smallwood led Newfoundland for decades as the elected premier.

Like so many other Newfoundlanders, Machel Rayner had to leave the province for work.

It was September and the personal trainer had accomplished a goal of his own: he received permanent residency in Newfoundland and Labrador, the province he's called home for eight years.

However, there was one more thing he had to do.

Rayner needed to find a good paying job. One that could support him, his two younger siblings, and his mother back in his home country of Jamaica.

But that one move — temporarily relocating to Halifax for work — put him at odds with the rules of the Newfoundland and Labrador government immigration program, which insisted that he stay put inside the province. The expulsion threw his life. and the lives of his family, into flux.

More than 100 people looking for somewhere to sleep after St. John's apartment fire

More than 100 people looking for somewhere to sleep after St. John's apartment fire The fire damaged the building's electrical and safety systems, according to the Canadian Red Cross. Fire crews got a call around 2 p.m. and arrived a few minutes later to find a fire in one of the apartments, according to Barry Burke, acting platoon chief of the St. John's Regional Fire Department. Nobody was home at the time and crews quickly put it out, he said. The apartment was damaged by the fire, and the first floor of the apartment building was damaged by the smoke, he said. The fire also damaged the building's electrical and safety systems, the Red Cross said in a release Thursday.

St . John ' s is the seat of government, home to the House of Assembly of Newfoundland and Labrador and to the highest court in the jurisdiction, the The data for the graphs is the average over thirty years . Error bars on the temperature graph indicate the range of daytime highs and night time lows.

The St . John ' s dog became the founding breed of the modern retrievers. Both breeds were used as working dogs to pull fishnets, with the Greater Another famous all-black Newfoundland performed as the star attraction in Van Hare' s Magic Circus from 1862 and for many years thereafter in one of

"I was distraught. I was weak in the knees," Rayner, 31, said in an interview Wednesday.

"I cried at the airport. I ... feel as if I let everyone down."

Love of Newfoundland

Nearly a decade ago, while working at a Sandals resort in Jamaica, Rayner was approached by a couple from Newfoundland who sold their province as a place where the charismatic Rayner could live and thrive.

Intrigued, he applied to do his undergrad at Memorial University and was accepted.

'Living the Newfoundland dream' for 8 years, St. John's trainer must now leave the country© Bruce Tilley/CBC Machel Rayner, 31, has lived in St. John's for eight years but has been told he must return to his home country of Jamaica.

The province upheld all his expectations, he said.

"Everyone here is friendly. They go out and beyond to make sure that I'm comfortable here," he said.

"The university professors, they are as helpful as they possibly can and it's always a first name basis, which is quite a bit difficult for me," Rayner laughs. "Because back home it's all sir and madam."

Software glitch affected patients across Canada

Software glitch affected patients across Canada ST. JOHN'S, N.L. - Patients across the country may have missed seeing timely medical results because of a software issue involving an electronic medical record program. Most of the patients were in Newfoundland and Labrador, where medical test results for 615 patients between November 2017 and last month were delivered late to health care providers, who may have been delayed in bringing the results to patients. The province uses Telus Health's Med Access software, which is also used in Nova Scotia, British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Saskatchewan. In a statement, Ohad Arazi of Telus Health said the error affected a total of 876 patients across the six provinces.

In 8 days in Newfoundland , I visited St . John ' s , Witless Bay Ecological Reserve, Twillingate, Gros Morne National Park, L'Anse Aux Meadows, Bonavista Now to tie it all together, I thought I would share my itinerary for the 8 days that I spent there. In those 8 days, I managed to visit St . John ' s , the

E− 8 : The country is very well supplied with excellent restaurants to suit all budgets. A five- year secondary school student can enter a university. Denmark has three universities. This dream is more likely to come true in northern countries like Russia, but for the British people it’ s different.

Rayner's contagious laughter, positive outlook, and big smile caught the attention of CBC cameras in 2011, while he was working behind the counter at Tim Hortons at the Aquarena in St. John's.

'Living the Newfoundland dream' for 8 years, St. John's trainer must now leave the country© CBC Machel Rayner, seen in a CBC story from 2011, was known for his singing and dancing when he worked at Tim Hortons in the Aquarena in St. John's.

He would sing and dance for customers to brighten their day.

After completing his degree in kinesiology at MUN, Rayner brought his positive outlook to the gym, where he sang and danced for clients looking to improve their physical fitness.

He was "living the Newfoundland dream," taking chilly walks along the edge of the North Atlantic with his Newfoundland dog Jam Jam and giving a hearty nod and "whattaya at, b'y?" to anyone who passed by.

Cash-strapped in the city

But after his employer cut one of the fitness programs Rayner taught at a local gym, he suddenly found himself losing out on $10,000 a year — or about 25 per cent of his annual income.

Hal Barrett, former Tory cabinet minister, dead at 83

Hal Barrett, former Tory cabinet minister, dead at 83 Hal Barrett, who represented a St. John's seat for a decade, made a run for the premier's office in 1989.

For several years after 1000 AD they lived in a village on the tip of the Great Northern Peninsula Sir Humphrey Gilbert, provided with letters patent from Queen Elizabeth I, landed in St John ' s in August With Newfoundland , the United States would block the Gulf of St . Lawrence and leave only about

List of prices in St . John ' s , NL (Canada) for food, housing, transportation, going out, and more on Nov 2018. Do you live in St . John ' s , NL? We need your help!

"With that reduction in income, I was financially stifled. I couldn't meet my bills with my regular livelihood and also take care of my diabetic mom back home," Rayner said.

"So, I had to think on my feet as I have been doing since I was 19, sending them to school right through since kindergarten. I have to find a way to keep providing for them."

Rayner had already saved enough money to bring his younger brother Shaquille, 23, to the province, where he's currently studying to be an electrical engineer at the College of the North Atlantic.

'Living the Newfoundland dream' for 8 years, St. John's trainer must now leave the country© Bruce Tilley/CBC Machel Rayner holds a photo of himself from his Memorial University convocation. It's one of many items he is packing into storage as he leaves the province behind.

His youngest brother, who is 21, is set to arrive next year.

Rayner needed to find money to fulfil the wish he made his mother eight years earlier to get his little brothers to Canada.

"I wasn't thinking. I was just thinking about how to provide for my family because if my income is cut, there's a ripple effect on everyone else."

He didn't have any luck securing a higher paying job in Newfoundland, but Rayner did get an offer in Halifax.

Gas prices down again — for 8th straight week

Gas prices down again — for 8th straight week The downward trend started Oct. 18.

Patron saint St . John the Baptist. Newfoundland was a British dominion from 1907 to 1949. The Newfoundland parliament accepted this recommendation and presented a petition to the King asking for the As a small country which relied primarily upon the export of fish, paper, and minerals

St . John ’ s . Photo Credit: K.C. Dermody via Trips To Discover. Newfoundland has a couple of great cities too, like St . John ’ s , the capital of the province. Walk down its streets passing vibrantly-hued Victorian homes known as “Jellybean Row Houses,” and be sure to stay up late to take in the live

"I was hesitant in going because Newfoundland is home," Rayner said.

"This was a temporary move because my other brother is coming. I have to prepare for him and be here when he arrives."

Axed from N.L. program

By leaving the province for work — albeit temporarily — Rayner said he was automatically removed from the Newfoundland and Labrador Provincial Nominee Program.

While it wouldn't discuss the case, the Department of Advanced Education, Skills and Labour said that the Canada-Newfoundland and Labrador Immigration Agreement requires immigrants to live and work in this province as they pursue permanent residency.

The certificate is granted to people who have skills that the province can use to address specific economic development and labour market needs.

Federal immigration and refugee protection regulations require that people "must intend to reside" in the province which nominated them.

'Living the Newfoundland dream' for 8 years, St. John's trainer must now leave the country© Submitted Machel Rayner, 31, and his brother, Shaquille, 23, pose in front of an iceberg perched in the chilly North Atlantic ocean.

Without the program, Rayner either has to leave the country voluntarily within two weeks and start the process over again, or appeal — and run the risk of being banned from Canada for a minimum of one year.

The appeal hearing is too risky, Rayner said. Instead, he is leaving his younger brother, his fitness clients and dog behind.

Heavy snow, strong winds heading for eastern Newfoundland

Heavy snow, strong winds heading for eastern Newfoundland Strong winds and heavy snowfall are coming to parts of eastern Newfoundland Thursday afternoon, and continuing overnight into Friday morning.

Explore St John ' s holidays and discover the best time and places to visit. | North America' s oldest city sits on the steep slopes of a snug and sheltered harbor. Yet the vibe of Newfoundland ' s largest city and capital remains refreshingly small-town.Highlights Canada. St John ' s . is the color of the Atlantic.

Eastern Newfoundland the New Founde Land, from John Cabot' s landing grounds in the Bonavista Peninsula to Cape Spear, North America' s most St . John ' s - the provincial capital and largest city in Newfoundland . The visitor must kiss a codfish, emblem of the historic fishing industry, after arrival.

"I never had a pet in my life," he said. "I truly am going to miss my Newfoundland dog. She meant a whole lot to me."

Packing 8 years of memories

If Rayner was told about the stipulation, it simply slipped his mind, he said, adding he originally applied for his residency three and a half years ago.

On Wednesday, Rayner and his brother Shaquille packed a small storage unit in St. John's full of Rayner's things. His framed diploma from Memorial University perched atop a pile of possessions collected over eight years.

Working two jobs and seven courses, Shaquille will shoulder the family financial burden — for now.

'It was something I did wrong, by not reading the fine print.' - Machel Rayner

"All my mom has been doing is praying that I don't return [to Jamaica] and that there's some sympathy," Rayner said.

"But it will [end] up on my little brother now to continuously send $100 back home so they can eat for two weeks."

It's on me, Rayner says

In recent years the Newfoundland and Labrador government has put a big push on immigration.

With more citizens dying than being born, the population is dwindling and is in desperate need of a boost.

A provincial Liberal immigration action plan released last year indicated the province has a "roadmap" to welcoming 1,700 newcomers annually by 2022.

'Living the Newfoundland dream' for 8 years, St. John's trainer must now leave the country© Submitted Machel Rayner is leaving behind his three-year-old Newfoundland dog named Jam Jam.

Now, one of their long-time residents is leaving.

Rayner may have worked on the beach at a Sandals resort, but he grew up in one of Jamaica's toughest neighbourhoods, Trench Town in the capital of Kingston.

He doesn't know how long reapplying to come back to Newfoundland will take or if he'll ever be allowed back, but remains his upbeat, optimistic self.

He's not jaded by his experience. Nor does he blame the province.

"It was something I did wrong, by not reading the fine print. And I will just have to see what's the best route to come back."

The Department of Advanced Education, Skills and Labour did not accept CBC's offer for an interview with the minister, citing privacy concerns over discussing specific cases.

'Living the Newfoundland dream' for 8 years, St. John's trainer must now leave the country© Submitted Machel Rayner had hoped to bring his mother to Newfoundland and Labrador with him and his two brothers. It's a promise he still wants to keep.

Gas prices are up, ending an 8-week streak of decreases.
It was a good run.

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