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CanadaNew Tim Hortons coffee lids leak too much, some customers say

15:41  06 december  2018
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Second Cup franchisees sue coffee chain

Second Cup franchisees sue coffee chain Second Cup franchisees sue coffee chain

Tim Hortons says they'll introduce leak -proof lids for their coffee cups. Tim Hortons is currently piloting " more environmentally-friendly packaging" at six locations across the country, according This includes new hot beverage lids that will sport a maple leaf design and, at long last, will properly close.

It’s a feeling many Tim Hortons customers know all too well. You’re walking down the street, double-double in hand, when a hot drop of coffee dribbles out from under the edge of the lid , spilling sticky brown liquid over your fingers.

New Tim Hortons coffee lids leak too much, some customers say© Alex MacIntyre Alex MacIntyre was introduced to Tim Hortons' new lid when he bought a coffee at a Kitchener, Ont., location. He says he's not a fan. New Tim Hortons coffee lids were supposed to reduce that pesky leakage problem, but some customers claim they've actually made it worse.

Meanwhile, the company insists many customers have given the lids a solid thumbs-up.

The restaurant chain started testing a revised design — a raised lid with a maple leaf insignia — in six locations in August following complaints that its standard, flat lids leaked too much.

When Tim Hortons recently introduced its new lids to about 100 more locations across Canada, the reviews started pouring in on social media. Some customers voiced their approval, but others complained that the revamped design causes even more spillage.

Second Cup franchisees sue coffee chain

Second Cup franchisees sue coffee chain A group of Second Cup Ltd. franchisees is suing the struggling Canadian coffee chain, alleging the company's actions have been detrimental to them. The current and past franchisees outline a long list of complaints against their franchisor in a lawsuit filed earlier this month in the Superior Court of Quebec. None of the allegations has been proven in court, and the company as well as its lawyer declined to comment.

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So far, the complaints have been anecdotal and it's hard to know how many people who have tried the new lids have an issue with them. But customers with gripes are making themselves heard.

"They came out with this great announcement that they were finally going to fix this [leakage] and it seems to be slightly worse," customer Chris Hammond told CBC News.

He posted a complaint on Facebook after noticing a problem as soon as he was served his first coffee with the new lid at a Tim Hortons in Waterloo, Ont., last week.

"There was already coffee on the top of it and it was coming out of the air-hole and the [drink] sealing-hole," he said. "The first thing I said was, 'Wow, that seems to leak more than the last one I got.'"

Olivia McKague was introduced to the new lid at a Tim Hortons in Kitchener, Ont., a couple weeks ago. She said it leaked from both the top and the sides, leading to major spillage during her morning commute.

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Tim Hortons executives say the company has been using the same lids for 20 years despite consumer complaints that they leak . They will wash fewer shirts and fewer cars.” The lid change is just one aspect of the company’s plan to admit mistakes, some of which caused it to fall behind competitors

Tim Hortons admits that it has fallen behind with its packaging. The new lids even have a maple leaf on them. The lids are currently being tested by thousands of customers , and once the company gets enough feedback, Macedo promises that people won’t be disappointed with the revamped

"In that seven minute drive, I had coffee spilt down the sides of my [car] console. I can't be that wild of a driver," she said.

"I get that the business is always changing and that Tim Hortons has to keep up with changes, but I just wish they'd bring back the old lid."

Some people love it

Tim Hortons said the lids are still in the test-phase and it continues to assess feedback from customers.

"We understand that our guests feel very passionate about making sure we get it right," said company spokesperson Jane Almeida in an email to CBC News.

However, she said that much of feedback so far has been "overwhelmingly positive," with nine out of 10 customers declaring they preferred the new lid during the first trial phase.

"Canadians especially loved the Canadian maple leaf design," she said.

The new lids are part of a series of changes for Tim Hortons which has seen its public image tarnished following a takeover by Restaurant Brands International (RBI) which is majority-owned by global investment firm 3G Capital.

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Tim Hortons President Alex Macedo says the brand is piloting new , more environmentally-friendly packaging at six locations featuring lids that can be properly closed that sport a maple leaf design. He says the brand was slow to change the lids because the company has long been a leader in the

Tims Hortons says it is piloting new , more environmentally friendly packaging at six locations, featuring lids that can be properly closed. Even worse, they often leak — annoying the fast-food giant's customers and its president Alex Macedo so much that he pushed the company to turn over a

Ongoing disputes between RBI and some Tim Hortons franchise owners have spilled over into public view, including allegations of mismanagement that devolved into multiple lawsuits last year.

This year, the retailer has tried to boost its image by announcing upgrades such as a children's menu, a $700 million renovation plan for its restaurants and a commitment to more environmentally friendly, less leaky lids.

Along with fine-tuning its design, Tim Hortons said over the next few months it will test and eventually transition its lids from from polystyrene to polypropylene, a more widely recycled material.

New Tim Hortons coffee lids leak too much, some customers say© Olivia McKague Olivia McKague in Kitchener, Ont., took this photo of her Tim Hortons coffee with the new lid that was placed in her car.

Meanwhile, customers who disapprove of the revised lids are hoping to influence the retail chain before they become a done deal.

On Sunday, Alex MacIntyre sent Tim Hortons a Facebook complaint — and it actually has nothing to do with leakage. His gripe is that the lid's drink opening is much smaller than before, so he can no longer gulp down his coffee the way he enjoys.

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"Sipping coffee isn't my thing," said MacIntyre who was introduced to the new design at a Kitchener location.

He believes the smaller opening could lead to problems for people who drink coffee and drive.

"Now I've got to tilt my head back further. I'm taking my eyes off the road."

New Tim Hortons coffee lids leak too much, some customers say© CBC For years, Tim Hortons customers have complained about coffee leakage caused by its flat lids.

Retail expert Brynn Winegard hasn't tested the new lids, but suspects at least some of the gripes are rooted in a resistance to change from long-time customers.

"To some extent, there's always going to be backlash associated with change."

She said that the new lid appears very similar to a design used by other popular coffee chains such as Starbucks and McDonald's and that, over time, customers will probably warm up to it.

New Tim Hortons coffee lids leak too much, some customers say© CBC A McDonald's coffee lid (left) and a Starbucks lid.

"Very likely, once they sort of acclimatize to it, you won't hear much more about it."

McKague may never become acclimatized. She said the new lids have inspired her to starting making coffee at home.

MacIntyre said no matter what kind of lid is served, he likes Tim Hortons coffee too much to do anything too drastic.

"I'm not going to boycott them over a lid change."

New Tim Hortons coffee lids leak too much, some customers say© CBC Retail expert Brynn Winegard suggests customers opposed to new Tim Hortons lids will probably warm up to them over time.

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