CanadaPetition calls for U.S. to give Northwest Angle to Canada

17:40  02 january  2019
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The Northwest Angle , known simply as the Angle by locals, and coextensive with Angle Township, is a part of northern Lake of the Woods County, Minnesota. Except for minor surveying errors, it is the only place in the United States outside Alaska that is north of the 49th parallel

The Canada –United States border (French: frontière Canada –États-Unis), officially known as the International Boundary (French: Frontière Internationale)

Petition calls for U.S. to give Northwest Angle to Canada © Wikimedia Commons The Northwest Angle is a thumb of land isolated from the rest of the U.S., linked by land to the eastern edge of Manitoba.

There is a call for the U.S. government to adjust the border near Manitoba to give Canada the geographic oddity known as the Northwest Angle.

Known simply as the Angle to the 120 people who live there, it is a jetty of Minnesota sandwiched between Manitoba and northwestern Ontario.

It is the only place in the United States outside Alaska that is north of the 49th parallel. And it was based on a flawed map from 1755.

"Make America great by correcting this critical survey error," states a petition, called "Give Canada back the Northwest Angle located in Manitoba," and created as part of We the People.

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The Northwest Angle is the northernmost point of the continental United States, and one of the last To drive to the Northwest Angle , a bulge of land at the top of the state disconnected from greater Outside, I encountered the flies on the video call to US Border Control, swatting while attempting to

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Launched in September 2011 under then-President Barack Obama, We the People is a section of the White House website for petitioning policy experts. Petitions that meet a certain threshold of signatures are typically reviewed by administration officials who are prepared to issue official responses.

The threshold for a response is 100,000 signatures, so it could take some for the Northwest Angle petition to find its way onto the desk of U.S. Congress.

It was created Sunday, and as of Wednesday, had just 32 signatures.

The international boundary that takes in the Northwest Angle was made shortly after the Treaty of Paris in 1783 between the U.S. and Britain.

However, Benjamin Franklin and British representatives relied on a 1755 map from American John Mitchell, who was not a professional geographer or map-maker.

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“Lake of the Woods and the Northwest Angle resorts depend heavily on recreational tourism because of their world-class fishing. … Getting there already takes a long trip, whether it’ s by car via Canada or by boat or seaplane over U . S . waters. He said some travelers decide the extra formalities aren’t

Thousands of Canadians have signed an electronic petition urging the government to restrict automatic citizenship rights for babies born in But those numbers could include some Canadians who live abroad, but return to Canada to give birth. Lori Cascaden, media relations manager for B.C

He was a  physician and botanist who developed an interest in geography and created his map based on materials he found in official archives and private hands. But he misattributed the source of the Mississippi River as being at the edge of Lake of the Woods, and drew the lake itself in the shape of an oval rather than bent and bowed by the multiple bays it actually contains.

Petition calls for U.S. to give Northwest Angle to Canada © Tony Webster/Wikimedia Commons Tony Webster/Wikimedia Commons

The Treaty of Paris stated the boundary between U.S. territory and the British possessions to the north would run "...through the Lake of the Woods to the northwestern-most point thereof, and from thence on a due west course to the river Mississippi."

The source of the Mississippi River, however, actually lies nearly due south of Lake of the Woods, rather than north and west of it.

The end result is a thumb of land isolated from the rest of the U.S. In those months when Lake of the Woods is free of ice, Angle residents can reach the mainland U.S. directly by boat.

However, to make the journey by land, residents must pass through two Canada-U.S. borders — at the east and southern boundaries of Manitoba.

"Even the most mundane tasks involve a certain amount of shuttle diplomacy. Grocery shopping is once a week, and that's an hour and 15 minutes, one way," states a story on the region by CBS News in 2016.

"First, residents have to notify Canadian authorities that they're about to cross the border. Then, it's a 60-mile [96.6-km] or so trek through Canada back to the U.S. boundary line to cross back into Minnesota and the nearest town."

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After pointing what was believed to be a gun at the victims inside, police said the suspects jumped in the vehicle and took off.

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