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CanadaNewfoundland town fears fate of stranded seals

03:41  08 january  2019
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Newfoundland Tricolour Unofficial flag of Newfoundland Flag of Newfoundland and Labrador Flag Entertainment opportunities abound in the island's three cities and numerous towns , particularly The show tells the story of Operation Yellow Ribbon, the effort to help passengers stranded in Gander

St. Anthony is a town on the northern reaches of the Great Northern Peninsula of the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador. St. Anthony serves as a main service centre for northern Newfoundland and southern Labrador.

Newfoundland town fears fate of stranded seals © Provided by A seal is shown on a road in Roddickton, N.L. in a handout photo. (THE CANADIAN PRESS/HO-Brendon Fitzpatrick MANDATORY CREDIT)

RODDICKTON, N.L. - Seals have been swarming the streets of a northern Newfoundland town, with residents fearing for the animals' safety but being warned to stay away.

Brendon Fitzpatrick of Roddickton said seals had been spotted in the area as early as October, but in recent weeks the animals have wandered into town, sometimes in the middle of the road.

Images posted to Fitzpatrick's Twitter feed show the seals crawling along town streets, swimming in a brook and climbing a snow bank near a gas station.

Wandering seal visits Newfoundland hospital

Wandering seal visits Newfoundland hospital A wandering seal that parked itself in front of a southern Newfoundland hospital entrance over the weekend has been returned to the water — twice. The seal was spotted Saturday outside the Burin Peninsula Health Care Centre, where it was blocking an ambulance route. RCMP were called and moved the seal to the water, but it reappeared the next day on a road not far away. Police say they liaised with federal Fisheries officials to safely return the animal to "more isolated area on the peninsula, away from any community area.

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"People chase them, people [are] there every day on snowmobiles stopping and looking at them, and the animals, they won't move from you," he said Monday.

Fitzpatrick has seen the animals in groups of two or three and more than 20, and expressed concern that the animals could be injured by vehicles or curious onlookers.

The ice has frozen, making it nearly impossible for them to swim back to the open ocean.

Fitzpatrick said he hopes the federal Fisheries Department will be able to step in and bring the seals back to the ocean.

"Nobody likes to see something in a place where they're trapped in," Fitzpatrick, a former hunting and fishing guide, said in an interview.

"You gotta wonder if they're going to survive or why the Fisheries Department don't do something to take them out."

Why are seals coming ashore? DFO scientist says it's perfectly normal

Why are seals coming ashore? DFO scientist says it's perfectly normal The mayor of Roddickton-Bide Arm says 40 or more seals have been spotted all over town, but scientist Garry Stenson is not surprised. "We get this every year," he said. "If it's near a town you hear more about it, but it's not totally uncommon for us to get this." Harp seals migrate from south from the Arctic starting in December, Stenson explained. They spend their winters off the shores of Newfoundland and Labrador. This early in the season, there's little sea ice off the island, so seals cling close to the shore, traversing iced-in harbours and bays, which freeze before the open ocean.

Newfoundland and Labrador is the ninth-most populous province in Canada with 519,716 residents as of 2016 and is the seventh-largest in land area at 370,514 km2 (143,056 sq mi). Newfoundland and Labrador has 271 municipalities including 3 cities and 268 towns

Stephenville (Canada 2016 Census population 6,623) is a town in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada on the west coast of the island of Newfoundland . The town functions as a local service centre for the southwestern part of the island, serving a direct population of 35

The Fisheries Department issued a statement saying the situation is being monitored and reminding people that it is illegal and dangerous to disturb a marine mammal.

"Seals are wild animals that can be unpredictable, and may become aggressive in order to protect themselves. In rare cases, seals carry infections that can be passed on to humans," the statement read.

"We would like to remind people that it is illegal to disturb a marine mammal and human interaction can disturb an animal's normal life processes and can result in injury or death of the animal."

Fitzpatrick said this law puts residents in a bind, however, because the seals are often on public roads where they could be hurt.

"It's hard to stay away from them sometimes, there might be one in your driveway," Fitzpatrick said.

"People are worried about touching them, about taking one and moving them from the road because you don't know if the Department of Fisheries is going to charge you if they come."

Last year, a harp seal that charmed spectators on a Newfoundland beach was found dead a few days later.

At the time, Fisheries officials warned the public against touching seals as they can become scared and lash out.

Rescue afoot for seals stranded in N.L. town.
Fisheries officials have rescued eight seals from a small Newfoundland town that's been overrun by dozens of the blubbery mammals for over a week. Roddickton Mayor Sheila Fitzgerald said there are still plenty of wayward seals roaming the town, but she's happy the Fisheries Department is working hard to catch and return them to the ocean. "I'm looking forward to having 40 less seal residents in this area," she said Sunday. "It's just been overwhelming." Located on Newfoundland's Great Northern Peninsula, Roddickton is at the edge of an inlet that has trapped a group of around 40 harp seals in the area after it froze over, leaving them hungry and disoriented.

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