Canada: Pot brownies in Canada could be 10 times weaker than in several U.S. states. Here’s why some people think that could be a big problem - PressFrom - Canada

CanadaPot brownies in Canada could be 10 times weaker than in several U.S. states. Here’s why some people think that could be a big problem

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Toronto stock market breaks 12-day rally on global growth concerns

Toronto stock market breaks 12-day rally on global growth concerns TORONTO - Canada’s main stock index snapped its longest rally in nearly five years on Tuesday as concerns were stoked about slowing global economic growth. The S&P/TSX composite index’s streak ended at 12 days by closing down 120.40 points to 15,233.76. The market had gained 1,141.41 points or 8.9 per cent. The drop came as U.S. markets also moved lower following a long weekend. They responded to Monday’s move by the International Monetary Fund to downgrade its global GDP growth forecast for the year and Chinese data confirming the country’s slower economic growth in 2018. U.S.

Here are my Top 10 reasons why Canada ' s better than USA. I have relatives that live in canada and it really depends which state you live in I new some people who had to get a operation down quickly and they would have to wait a month and so they had to go to america to get it done.

USA Can have bad thing bad Americans are true, if they do bad things they will admit not hide like Canadians. Donald Trump was elect president of We also only have about a tenth of your population, so there should be ten times more top universities than Canada . Also,the prices in the U . S . are

Pot brownies in Canada could be 10 times weaker than in several U.S. states. Here’s why some people think that could be a big problem© Provided by Toronto Star Newspapers Limited Brownies are just one of the many pot edibles that are in high demand and one of the most tranditional. Health Canada is in the process of developing the final rules to govern edibles when they hit store shelves later this year.

CALGARY—Very few businesses long to be regulated. Baked Edibles is one of them.

For the last three years, the Victoria, B.C.-based company has supplied edibles and topicals – such as salves and massage oils – to around 500 businesses across Canada. It remains an underground operation; these popular products were not legalized along with cannabis flower and oils last October.

Hitler book maps 'Final Solution in Canada,' Library and Archives Canada curator says

Hitler book maps 'Final Solution in Canada,' Library and Archives Canada curator says A book that once belonged to Adolf Hitler — and sheds light on the Nazis' plans for North America had the Second World War gone the other way — is now in the collection of Library and Archives Canada (LAC). The book, entitled Statistik, Presse und Organisationen des Judentums in den Vereinigten Staaten und Kanada (Statistics, Press, and Organizations of Jewry in the United States and Canada), is a detailed census of Jewish populations and organizations in North American cities. "This information would have been the building blocks to rolling out the Final Solution in Canada," said LAC curator Michael Kent.

People can mix marijuana in food ( edibles ), such as brownies , cookies, or candy, or brew it as a tea. A newly popular method of use is smoking or eating different These extracts can deliver extremely large amounts of THC to the body, and their use has sent some people to the emergency room.

" Some people believe that the US government and its 9/11 Commission concealed or refused to investigate critical evidence that contradicts their official In November 2007, Scripps Howard surveyed 811 Americans about their beliefs in several conspiracy theories and asked this question:[17].

Sean Bird, Baked Edibles’ general manager, says the business is ready to adapt and submit to the federal government’s coming regulations once they’re finalized. But he warned that the current section on edibles, as it currently stands, only allows a very conservative dose of THC — the main psychoactive component found in cannabis.

He believes the proposed limit of 10 milligrams per package of edibles, small even for novice users, will keep customers returning to the black market. Alternatively, consumers can cook up stronger edibles at home with relative ease.

“They will find other methods. Perhaps these methods will not be regulated,” Bird said. “As we’ve seen in the past, the black market will fill any holes it can. It will remain strong if there’s demand.”

Central bank offers reasons behind weak wages

Central bank offers reasons behind weak wages Central bank offers reasons behind weak wages

We can now make direct comparisons between the United States and poor countries. Even for the whole population, life expectancy in the United States is lower than we would expect given its national income, and there are places But it is time to stop thinking that only non-Americans are truly poor.

and can be used to produce more wealth.[16] Hence, wealth possesses a psychological element that awards people the The big picture of this subject is not just a segment of all available data starting in 1979, especially after the IRS The image contains several charts related to U . S . wealth inequality.

California, Colorado and Washington states allow a single package of edibles — containing multiple gummies, brownies, cookies or other treats — to contain up to 100 milligrams of THC. Oregon’s regulations are somewhat stricter at 50 milligrams.

Despite its draft regulations allowing just a fifth of Oregon’s limit, Health Canada said it looked to U.S. states for inspiration and cited the U.S. experience as proof that legalization does erode the black market’s staying power.

“Experience in the U.S. has clearly shown that the legalization and regulation of cannabis in several U.S. states has led to a significant displacement of the illegal market, over time, in those jurisdictions,” said Health Canada in a statement.

Part of Canada’s cautiousness comes from fears of overconsumption. Unlike smoking a joint or vaping cannabis oil, edibles have a delay between consumption and when a user starts to experience its effects. Novice users might eat an edible, not feel anything, and then eat several more under the assumption that they haven’t had enough.

CUPE union blasts Canada for backing Venezuelan opposition leader, says rise smacks of ‘coup d’Etat’

CUPE union blasts Canada for backing Venezuelan opposition leader, says rise smacks of ‘coup d’Etat’ "The Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) rejects any attempt by the Canadian government to interfere with the democratic processes and sovereignty of the Venezuelan people," the union said in a statement. CUPE represents over 680,000 employees across Canada. Maduro began a second presidential term on Jan. 10 following an election that was dismissed as illegitimate by the opposition and by several foreign powers, including Canada, the United States and the European Union. "Given the history of US involvement in the region, the actions of Guaidó have all the signs of a coup d’Etat.

Here ' s a question that needs to be addressed - why are some countries poor? So in talking about poor countries, we are talking about Less Economically Developed Countries (LEDCs – This is a better term than ‘the developing world’, as some poor countries may not actually be developing, but

Some people contend that there are many issues that a country must solve first before putting more attention to art. However, I personally think that art is an Art is part of a culture which becomes the identity of a nation and if the culture is strong enough, eventually it could be a major source of income.

While cannabis overconsumption — colloquially referred to as “greening out” — can be acutely unpleasant and may mean a trip to a hospital’s emergency room, it isn’t fatal.

Rebecca Haines-Saah, an assistant professor at the University of Calgary’s department of community health sciences, agreed a 10-milligram THC limit is a very low dose. For most users, it would mean a relatively mellow high, although she noted that edibles produce a different experience than smoking or vaping.

“I imagine that putting out the draft regulations with a very, very low dose is meant to respond to this general concern among public health authorities,” she said.

Haines-Saah said it’s worth paying attention to the issue of overconsumption but said recent statistics suggesting an increase in hospital visits need to be taken in context. Before cannabis was legalized in Canada and certain U.S. states, bringing a child to the ER because they accidently ate a special brownie could also mean a visit from child-welfare authorities. Now, she argued, parents in those jurisdictions are more likely to come forward.

As controversy swirls, François Legault concedes Islamophobia exists in Quebec

As controversy swirls, François Legault concedes Islamophobia exists in Quebec In a statement Friday, the premier's office said Legault meant to say that there isn’t a widespread “undercurrent” of Islamophobia in Quebec — not that there isn't a problem.

Some people argue that the government is spending too much money on the arts instead of The money invested in the arts could be used for other issues, such as schools, hospital or roads. Some governments could decrease the money spent on the arts to increase the money spent in other areas

Ten Essential Facts Aboot Canada : 01) Our Origins Are Cloaked In Mystery Confusion: The After that was done all of the territories in Canada thought it’d be a good idea to permanently A game where nothing happens over several days and the fans are a mile away from… what do they call that?

“It’s a really tricky issue to figure out,” Haines-Saah said.

Parliament is expected to approve the regulations, in some form, no later than Oct. 17. Consultations continue between Health Canada, cannabis industry players, provincial and territorial governments, First Nations and other members of the public.

However they turn out, the final rules will have a big impact. Edibles are likely to be a significant part of Canada’s recreational cannabis scene going forward, according to Mitchell Osak, managing director of business consulting and technology services at Grant Thornton LLP, who advises companies in the Canadian cannabis industry.

Between January and July of 2018, he said, the demand for edibles in California and Colorado made up about 43 per cent of the total market for weed. Many potential consumers in Canada are staying out of pot shops because they’re waiting for edibles to arrive.

“That’s how they want to experience cannabis,” Osak said.

And the new rules will almost certainly mean major changes for underground producers. According to Bird, breaking into the legal market will mean shuttering Baked Edibles as it currently exists, pulling out of arrangements with black market sellers and, it seems, discontinuing the potent edibles it currently sells.

Nonetheless, Bird said this was always the plan.

“We want to be regulated and we want to offer a safe and reliable product, and we want to work within the confines of the law,” he said.

Brennan Doherty is a work and wealth reporter with StarMetro Calgary. Follow him on Twitter: @bren_doherty

Trade issues, oil slump and lower spending have slowed growth: BoC deputy.
OTTAWA - The effects of U.S. trade unknowns, lower oil prices and weaker housing and consumer spending are behind the recent deceleration in economic growth, a Bank of Canada deputy governor said in a speech Wednesday. To help the economy get through this “temporary” soft patch, Timothy Lane is expecting the lower Canadian dollar to provide support. Lane told a Washington audience that the loonie has been influenced by these factors as well as the indirect effects related to fiscal stimulus that has energized the American economy. The results have led the U.S. Federal Reserve to raise interest rates, he added.

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