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CanadaThe ‘verified’ cost of the one-stop Scarborough subway plan wasn’t actually verified, U.S. firm says

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John Tory is in the dark about Doug Ford TTC announcement

John Tory is in the dark about Doug Ford TTC announcement With Premier Doug Ford set to reveal his GTA rapid-transit plan, Toronto Mayor John Tory remains in the dark about key details including changes to projects already underway and how much of the expected $30-billion cost city taxpayers will be told to pay. Sources say Ford’s government will publicly reveal the plan Wednesday, on the eve of the provincial budget. Despite pressure on Tory to attend, the sources say, he has declined. The announcement may now happen outside Toronto.

Experts call Scarborough subway funding proposal ‘far-fetched’. Before the one - stop subway TTC spokesperson Stuart Green says his organization was never asked to verify the claim that the two A leaked version of the draft report said the plan could be built “for a similar cost and in a similar time

Editorial | One more time: Stop the Scarborough extension. The province would only fund the TTC staff will have updated cost and ridership estimates by September. City staff says they can’ t release The July 2016 decision in favour of the one stop subway over an LRT was based on exaggerated

The ‘verified’ cost of the one-stop Scarborough subway plan wasn’t actually verified, U.S. firm says© Provided by Local News RSS EN-CA In 2016 Mayor John Tory, left, and then chief planner Jennifer Keesmaat, right, said that by reducing the number of the stops on the Scarborough subway extension, there would be enough money leftover to pay for a multi-stop LRT extension of the Crosstown line east along Eglinton Ave. Soon after the cost estimates jumped and the LRT was priced out.

In pitching their one-stop Scarborough subway plan and later defending it, staff in Mayor John Tory’s office and former chief planner Jennifer Keesmaat said the cost of the two-for-one deal being proposed had been verified by a third party.

Ontario holding Toronto 'hostage' through 'mystery' transit plan, councillor says

Ontario holding Toronto 'hostage' through 'mystery' transit plan, councillor says The Ontario government is set to announce details of a $28.5 billion transit plan on Wednesday, but city officials are out of the loop and one councillor says the province is holding Toronto "hostage." For the first time, Premier Doug Ford publicly shared an exact dollar figure on transit funding for the Greater Toronto Area during an event in Burlington, Ont., and said more details will come during a news conference with transportation minister Jeff Yurek on Wednesday. But on the eve of the announcement, Coun.

one - stop subway plan and the alternative proposal to build a new light-rail line into Scarborough . The estimated cost of .35 billion is bound to rise — city staff say it might be as much as Voters deserve to have the fullest information possible when they vote. If the cost of the subway extension

Toronto is set to build a one - stop subway in Scarborough and there are questions about whether it will be money well spent. That decision came as the auditor general presented a work plan for future audits for next year, the last of the term and ahead of an anticipated staff report on the updated cost

But the firm they named, the U.S.-based HDR, says now it never verified the costs.

In 2016, Tory and Keesmaat made the two-for-one proposal, saying that if an estimated $3.56-billion three-stop subway planned from Kennedy station to Sheppard Ave. was reduced to just one stop at the Scarborough Town Centre, there would be enough money leftover to pay for a multi-stop LRT extension of the Crosstown line east along Eglinton Ave.

Last month the Star reported that internal emails showed the plan was sold to council and the public with no time for city officials to check those cost assumptions.

In providing response for that story, Keesmaat told the Star the cost assumptions had been checked by the outside company, HDR, a comment that was in line with what she and the mayor’s office said in 2016.

Doug Ford transit plan to be unveiled today

Doug Ford transit plan to be unveiled today Premier Doug Ford will reveal his plan for $28.5 billion worth of new subway construction in and around Toronto on Wednesday, one day ahead of his government's first budget. The announcement will unveil "the largest infrastructure project in transit in North America," Ford said Tuesday at an event in Burlington. "It's going to be $28.5 billion that we're looking to invest into Ontario to get people moving." The plan will include the province's vision for a new Downtown Relief Line, the Scarborough subway extension, the Yonge subway extension to Richmond Hill and the Eglinton West LRT.

The .35-billion Scarborough subway extension has been characterized by a lack of information and misinformation. Councillor Josh Matlow is calling for a public inquiry into the Scarborough subway after council was provided information he says was “at times inaccurate, misleading, or incomplete.”

oversight of planning for the controversial one - stop Scarborough subway , which would extend the Bloor-Danforth line six kilometres to a new stop at this week to get the subway built while promising more rapid transit in Scarborough that isn’ t yet funded as a result of the subway ’ s rising costs .

“The fact that this could be achieved within the order of magnitude funding envelope was verified by a third party in advance of us stating this in public,” Keesmaat told the Star last month.

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Days after the story was published, HDR’s market strategy manager emailed the Star to say that wasn’t the case.

“Just for reference HDR had no involvement in doing any third party cost estimate,” wrote Saloni Shah this month.

Shah confirmed that HDR only provided high-level advice on costing for the Eglinton East LRT and that no advice was provided on the subway.

In an email this week, Keesmaat said she provided the best advice she had available at the time they made their proposal, while Tory’s spokesperson said he was relying on the professional advice of staff.

Province to scrap current Relief Line plans, build $10.9B subway from Ontario Place to Ontario Science Centre

Province to scrap current Relief Line plans, build $10.9B subway from Ontario Place to Ontario Science Centre The provincial government is planning to shelve existing plans for the Relief Line subway and build a subway spanning Ontario Place to the Ontario Science Centre — and it claims it can build the much longer line years earlier than the current plan. The replacement for the Relief Line, which the province is dubbing the “Ontario Line” and estimates would cost $10.9 billion, formed the centrepiece of transit plans announced by Premier Doug Ford at GO Transit’s Willowbrook Yard in South Etobicoke Wednesday. The Ontario Conservative government also plans to build the Yonge North subway extension, estimated at $5.6 billion, a three-stop Scarborough subway extension ($5.

“ Scarborough needs a 24- stop transit network rather than one multi-billion dollar stop that continues to balloon in costs . The entire city needs a relief line,” said Councillor Josh Matlow, who has been critical of the Scarborough subway plan . “The public deserves to know whether the mayor and

Paul Ainslie said he plans submit a motion to council meeting to scrap the subway line and revive Toronto council has kept passing the issue of extending the Scarborough subway on to the next One of the last times council considered that option — in 2006 — staff predicted they could buy new

The plan presented by Tory and Keesmaat in January 2016 was seen as a compromise among councillors, several of whom had challenged the justification for the pricier subway after it was approved in 2013 over a seven-stop light rail line fully paid for by the province.

But only months later, early cost estimates done by the TTC were quoted at $2.9 billion and quickly jumped to $3.2 billion as staff evaluated the design, pricing the Eglinton East LRT out of the equation.

Three Star journalists attended a briefing with the mayor’s office on Jan. 20, 2016 where the mayor’s then chief of staff Chris Eby told the Star: “HDR, who did the Eglinton West study, have peer-reviewed the financial piece of this and they’re comfortable saying that it’s within the order of magnitude, so it has been checked by an outside, independent authority.”

Later that day, as senior city staff questioned the costing information in a report to be published the next day, Keesmaat wrote to the city’s chief financial officer, deputy city manager and other staff, saying: “HDR conducted an order of magnitude analysis on our behalf to confirm that our proposal is within the range of the order of magnitude of the earlier proposal.”

Ontario's $28.5B transit plan will happen with or without the feds and Toronto: Ford

Ontario's $28.5B transit plan will happen with or without the feds and Toronto: Ford TORONTO — Doug Ford's ambitious plan for public transit in Ontario includes a Toronto downtown relief line that will be twice as long as the city is currently considering, be built two years earlier and cost billions more. 

The one - stop Scarborough extension of the Bloor-Danforth subway line is currently estimated to cost .35 billion. Council has previously voted to move forward with planning the subway extension to replace the aging Scarborough RT. The project was reduced from a three-stop version, approved

The one - stop subway extension is currently estimated to cost .35 billion, but since that figure is based on very preliminary design work, it could But that time savings does not consider the extra time most Scarborough residents will spend on the bus getting to the one new subway station or that

Emails the Star has now been provided by the city show HDR did no such thing.

On Jan. 13, 2016 — before the report was released and the new plan publicized — the city’s director for transit and transportation planning James Perttula, who reported to Keesmaat, emailed HDR’s then transit engineering leader Sheldon Frankel.

“Further to our chat in the hallway yesterday, here are the questions we would like HDR to address regarding an eastern extension of the (Eglinton Crosstown LRT),” Perttula wrote.

He asked Frankel what the “key considerations” and “issues” were related to connecting that potential extension east from Kennedy station and what the “order of magnitude” costs would be for an at-grade LRT.

“I recognize this will need to be framed with a number of assumptions and caveats. To give you a sense of level of effort on this, we are looking for a quick response — by tomorrow if possible,” Perttula wrote.

After some back and forth, Frankel wrote back 28 hours later with answers to Perttula’s questions.

“This is the best I can do on short notice,” the engineer wrote.

Using “raw” costs provided by the province’s transit agency, Metrolinx — which would likely build and own the LRT extension — Frankel estimated the LRT would cost $890 million to $1 billion.

B.C.'s real estate professionals on what they need to stop money laundering in housing

B.C.'s real estate professionals on what they need to stop money laundering in housing Key players in B.C.'s real estate industry have put forward several recommendations they say will help in the fight against money laundering. The provincial government is welcoming the joint suggestions as it reviews a pair of reports before cabinet decides whether to launch a public inquiry.

The cost to build a one - stop subway extension in Scarborough has climbed to at least .35 The mayor did not accept the notion that the cost of the subway project had increased, telling reporters “I’m saying that I want to lead an administration with my colleagues that actually gets on with building

We say YES! Release Scarborough subway costs before the October 2018 municipal election. An update on the costs of the Scarborough Subway Extension is slated for September, and Ridership projections for the one - stop keep dropping. Low ridership will drain money from the rest of the TTC.

This estimate, requested on the fly, is not considered a verified cost estimate.

HDR didn’t provide any advice on the potential cost of a one-stop subway, their spokesperson confirmed.

And they did not verify that, as Keesmaat and the mayor promised, the subway and the LRT could be done within the “same funding envelope” as the three-stop subway.

“HDR’s advice was high level and related only to the (Eglinton East LRT). No advice was provided on the SSE,” Shah wrote in an email to the Star. “We don’t have any new information beyond this. As per our agreement with the City of Toronto, any further inquiries with respect to HDR’s involvement in these projects should be directed to the City of Toronto.”

HDR was on retainer with the city in 2016 to provide “technical engineering advice” on several projects, primarily six new GO stations championed by Tory and an Eglinton West LRT extension, city spokesperson Brad Ross explained in a recent email.

“HDR was asked to answer a number of technical questions related to the Eglinton East LRT in order for the city to develop a high level conceptual cost estimate,” he said.

In response to questions about why she claimed their cost assumptions had been verified by HDR when they had not, Keesmaat said in an email Tuesday that HDR “provided advice on a broad range of costing matters consistently on the projects in question.”

“As chief planner, the advice I gave with the information available was the best advice at the time.”

The mayor’s spokesperson, Don Peat, reiterated that Tory supported the plan “based on the advice of our professional staff.”

“We are getting on with building transit including the Bloor-Danforth subway extension to the Scarborough Town Centre — that’s what Mayor Tory was elected and re-elected to do by Toronto voters.”

Eby, in a text message response for this article, said he had little to add to the mayor’s statement, only: “Planning staff has indicated throughout that their costing has been peer reviewed and we took them at their word.”

Perttula told the Star staff felt it was important to get advice from HDR on “potential costs” for the Eglinton East line and that the TTC was responsible for costing of the subway.

Emails show TTC officials didn’t think a costing could be done on the plan in time and a TTC spokesperson earlier confirmed that they did not verify whether the two projects could be built within the original budget.

Asked if it was accurate to say a third party had verified the costs, Perttula wrote: “HDR only provided advice on how best to approach a cost estimate for the (Eglinton East LRT).”

“How others may have interpreted that advice isn’t something I can speak to.”

Jennifer Pagliaro is a Toronto-based reporter covering city politics. Follow her on Twitter: @jpags

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