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CanadaTurkey trouble: Outaouais farmers say birds are gobbling up their livelihood

15:00  15 april  2019
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Want to save millions of migratory birds? Turn off your outdoor lights in spring and fall This article was originally published on The Conversation, an independent and nonprofit source of news, analysis and commentary from academic experts. Disclosure information is available on the original site. ___ Author: Dan Mennill, Professor and Associate Dean of Science, University of Windsor Billions of migratory birds pass through the night sky each spring and fall. Birds use stars to orient their journey between summer breeding grounds and winter feeding grounds. The artificial lights produced by humans disrupt the migration of birds, often with fatal consequences.

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The turkey is a large bird in the genus Meleagris, which is native to the Americas. Males of both turkey species have a distinctive fleshy wattle or protuberance that hangs from the top of the beak (called a snood). They are among the largest birds in their ranges.

Turkey trouble: Outaouais farmers say birds are gobbling up their livelihood© CBC Anouk Hoedeman of Safe Wings Ottawa says as people encroach on the natural habitat of the wild turkey, they'll have more encounters with the bird.

The reintroduction of wild turkeys in Quebec has been a boon for hunters, but not for farmers — at least, not for some in the Outaouais.

The Union of Agricultural Producers (UAP) says troubles associated with wild turkeys have been increasing year after year, and they're now calling for better population controls to stop the birds from wreaking havoc on farmers' crops.

"We want to find a solution, find a way to control them without exterminating them," said Stéphane Alary, UAP vice-president for the Outaouais-Laurentian region.

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A farmer himself, Alary said he lost two tons of wheat a few years ago when turkeys ate their way through 10 per cent of his 20-acre field.

Some farmers are abandoning grain production in favour of other crops, he said, rather than lose profits to the turkeys' appetites.

One solution to the problem, Alary said, could be expanding hunting allowances — or even pairing hunters with grain producers and allowing a second hunting season in the fall at harvest time.

Richard Brûlé, who lives in Bowman, Que., is calling for an increase in hunting quotas. Currently, a hunter can kill two male turkeys during the hunting season, which runs from April 26 to May 17 this year.

Brûlé said between 20 and 25 wild turkeys frequently visit his yard, attracted by the food he leaves out for the deer.

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unwelcome visitors, gobbling up the beans, maize and watermelons that took farmers months to of wild animals that are hurting livelihoods and driving terrified villagers into their homes at dusk. During the hunting ban, a local councilor was killed by a lion, she said . “We had a lot of complaints

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"It's beautiful to see, but it's a nuisance," he said in a French-language interview.

The birds venture all the way to his front door, he said, leaving a trail of feces behind them.

Good breeding season, tough winter

Quebec's Ministry of Forests, Wildlife and Parks has gotten more reports of wild turkeys this year than in past years, said biologist André Dumont, who manages large wildlife for the department.

While there isn't an exact count of wild turkeys in the Outaouais, he said the population is considered to be increasing, with between 10,000 and 15,000 making their home in the area.

"We had a very good breeding season last year, but this year, the winter has been difficult for turkeys," Dumont said.

Heavy snowfall has driven wild turkeys closer to highways and homes, Dumont said, where there are bird feeders and other sources of food.

Turkey trouble: Outaouais farmers say birds are gobbling up their livelihood© Provided by Canadian Broadcasting CorporationWild turkeys were reintroduced to the Outaouais nearly two decades ago.

'The turkeys have to go somewhere'

It's not just Outaouais residents who've had run-ins with the birds. From terrorizing a Barrhaven retirement home to running around the downtown core, wild turkeys are a frequent sight in Ottawa as well.

Officials remain on flood alert across Quebec as rains subside

Officials remain on flood alert across Quebec as rains subside The rainfall warning for Montreal was lifted for Saturday, but authorities remain on alert for flooding across southern Quebec. In Gatineau, several streets are underwater, and the Ottawa River is still rising.

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The Livelihoods funds are supported by private companies who believe in working and learning together to effect change. The Livelihoods funds are about practical, efficient and replicable solutions to build more resilient communities and ecosystems, and sustainable businesses.

Anouk Hoedeman, founder of Safe Wings Ottawa, said this year's snowfall and freezing rain may have prevented turkeys from finding seeds and other food on the ground.

"If there's a lot of snow or really hard snow that's covering up their food source, they're going to have a harder time with that," she said.

Hoedeman said wild turkeys are active now because it's their breeding season — but there are other reasons people are seeing more and more of their feathered neighbours.

"We're taking over a lot of their habitat," she said. "As a lot of rural areas and forested areas are being turned into housing developments, the turkeys have to go somewhere."

Turkey trouble: Outaouais farmers say birds are gobbling up their livelihood© Provided by Canadian Broadcasting CorporationFarmers in the Outaouais are calling for better control of wild turkey populations, claiming the birds damage crops and harm profits

'We cannot control the population'

Since the introduction of a regular hunting season in Quebec, the number of permits issued yearly has increased steadily, from just over 2,000 licences for the first hunt in 2008 to almost 18,000 in 2018.

Military dispatched to Gatineau as flood threat looms

Military dispatched to Gatineau as flood threat looms Soldiers arrived in Gatineau Saturday night to deal with a looming flood threat caused by rising waters on the Ottawa River. Approximately 140 troops from CFB Valcartier will be stationed in the city, along with 10 armoured tanks and 20 other military vehicles, according to Étionne Dion, a military public affairs officer. They arrived after 9 p.m. The soldiers will be deployed across the Outaouais on Sunday morning, Dion told Radio-Canada. Three Outaouais communities — Pontiac, Val-des-Monts, and Saint-André-Avellin — have already declared emergencies due to the flood threat.

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According to Jean-Philippe Larocque, owner of Pourvoirie de la Lièvre, a hunting camp in Bowman, Que., the hunt has become more and more popular since 2008, nearly eight years after the bird was reintroduced to the area.

The number of birds killed by hunting has increased as well, from 976 to 1,398 between 2014 and 2018.

Allowing archery in some rural areas, including in Ontario, could help keep turkey populations under control where the bird doesn't have predators, Larocque said — but relying on nature would be his preferred method.

Dumont said the provincial ministry may consider more intensive hunting by allowing females to be hunted or increasing quotas.

But the effects of such measures, he said, would be minimal.

"Hunting would never succeed in reducing turkey populations," said Dumont. "The turkey population regulates itself, depending on harsh winters or spring nesting conditions. We cannot control the population of wild turkeys."

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