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CanadaCSIS destroyed secret file on Pierre Trudeau, stunning historians

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Trudeau’s unrequited love for China

Trudeau’s unrequited love for China Paul Wells: The Canada-China relationship is now a smoking rubble. It would be great if the Prime Minister had something to say about it.

Pierre Trudeau news, gossip, photos of Pierre Trudeau , biography, Pierre Trudeau girlfriend list 2016. Pierre Trudeau is a member of the following lists: Université de Montréal Faculty of Law alumni, Deaths from cancer in Quebec and Trudeau political family.

On October 8, 1971, Pierre Trudeau introduced the Multiculturalism Policy in the House of Commons. It was the first of its kind in the world,[113] and was then emulated in several provinces, such as Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and other countries most notably Australia, which has had a similar history

CSIS destroyed secret file on Pierre Trudeau, stunning historians © The Canadian Press Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau looks on as Cuban President Fidel Castro gestures during a visit in Havana on Jan. 27, 1976. Canada's spy service destroyed a Cold War dossier on Pierre Trudeau in 1989 instead of turning it over to the national archives, The Canadian Press has learned.

OTTAWA — Canada's spy service destroyed a Cold War dossier on Pierre Trudeau in 1989 instead of turning it over to the national archives, The Canadian Press has learned.

The Canadian Security Intelligence Service says the secret file on the former prime minister was scrapped because it fell short of the legal threshold for retention by either the service or the archives.

Trudeau and Trump will meet in Washington next week

Trudeau and Trump will meet in Washington next week Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is travelling to Washington next week to visit with President Donald Trump. The two leaders will meet on Thursday, according to a media release from the Prime Minister's Office. Trudeau's team said the two leaders will discuss the ratification of the new North American free trade deal and China's detention of two Canadian citizens. Businessman Michael Spavor and former diplomat Michael Kovrig were detained separately in December, shortly after Canada arrested Huawei chief financial officer Meng Wanzhou in Vancouver on a U.S. extradition warrant. Canada, the U.S.

Pierre Elliot Trudeau (1919-2000) was the fifteenth Prime Minister of Canada. He remains a towering figure in Canadian politics even to this day. He held office for 15 years in two spells, the first from April 20, 1968 to June 4, 1979, and the second from March 3, 1980 to June 29, 1984.

Pierre Trudeau (left), Justin Trudeau ( centre ), and Fidel Castro (right). While Justin Trudeau is famously known as the son of Canada’s liberal former Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau , comparison images of Pierre , Justin and Fidel suggest there may be something to the Cuban claims.

News of the decision to purge the file, which is coming to light only three decades later, has stunned and disappointed historians.

"It's just outrageous, there's no other word to describe it," said John English, who wrote an acclaimed biography of Trudeau. "It's a tragedy that this has happened, and I think the explanation is weak."

Steve Hewitt, who has spent years chronicling the country's security services, called the destruction "a crime against Canadian history."

"This wanton destruction cries out for parliamentary intervention to ensure that historically significant documents held by government agencies are preserved instead of being made to disappear down an Orwellian memory hole," said Hewitt, a senior lecturer at the University of Birmingham.

Ottawa to issue apology to Italian Canadians mistreated during Second World War

Ottawa to issue apology to Italian Canadians mistreated during Second World War VAUGHAN, Ont. — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says the federal government is committed to issuing a formal apology to Italian Canadians mistreated in the country during the Second World War. 

Did Trudeau use CSIS Entrust to double cross FBI Mumbai CSI ? “[We make a spoliation inference to deduce that CSIS agents have been using Entrust PKI and Onion Router devices procured by Lena Trudeau to monitor and double cross FBI crime scene investigators in Chicago] Canadian citizen

Pierre Trudeau (left), Justin Trudeau ( centre ), and Fidel Castro (right). According to Canadian newspaper The Globe And Mail, Pierre Trudeau and his wife Margaret travelled to Havana and became close friends with the Cuban president.

The Trudeau file was among hundreds of thousands the Mounties inherited in the 1980s after the RCMP Security Service was dissolved following a series of scandals.

In a bid to uncover subversives out to disrupt the established order, RCMP spies eyed a staggering variety of groups and individuals, from academics and unions to environmentalists, peace groups and even politicians.

In 1988, James Kelleher, the federal minister responsible for CSIS at the time, directed the spy service to sort through the resulting heap of files.

Some RCMP records — including voluminous files on Quebec premier Rene Levesque and NDP leaders David Lewis and Tommy Douglas — were sent to the national archives.

Others were destroyed, including dossiers on prime ministers John Diefenbaker and Lester Pearson. Still other files, judged to have current value at the time, went to CSIS's active intelligence holdings.

Nelson: Trudeau couldn't resist smearing Canadians

Nelson: Trudeau couldn't resist smearing Canadians He couldn’t stop himself. No, for Justin Trudeau it was too tempting. The world was watching, after all. So after avoiding the question for 24 hours, he did what, in our bones, we knew he’d do. He agreed Canada was guilty of genocide in its dealings with Aboriginal peoples, following the same explosive wording in the report into murdered and missing Indigenous women and girls. Now Trudeau likes messing with words — “peoplekind” springs to mind — but you’d hope a prime minister would look up the definition of such an immensely loaded word as genocide before accusing his own nation of a crime against humanity. Oh, he didn’t say it was his fault.

” Canadian historian Robert Wright told the National Post. Any secret Cuban affairs would have required to evade both the most powerful man in the country and a media hungry for And Pierre isn’t all that dissimilar-looking from Castro, either. While Fidel was spared Pierre Trudeau ’s hair loss, early

Mr. Trudeau was also responsible for the toxic National Energy Program, the unlamented Foreign Investment Review Act and federally imposed wage and price controls - a regime Mr. Trudeau himself had previously mocked with the dismissive put-down: "Zap!

Security records on individuals become eligible for disclosure under the Access to Information Act only 20 years after a person's death. Until then, even the existence of a file is secret due to privacy considerations.

Rumours of a file on Trudeau, Canada's third-longest serving prime minister, have circulated for decades.

A 1959 memo in the RCMP's Levesque file indicates undercover officers duly noted Trudeau's attendance at a gathering hosted by a Montreal artist.

The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation, which has long worked closely with the Mounties, kept watch on Trudeau for more than 30 years, charting his path from globetrotting public intellectual who visited the Soviet Union in the early 1950s through his time as a Liberal prime minister.

The bureau's heavily censored, 151-page dossier was released under the U.S. Freedom of Information Act just months after Trudeau's death in September 2000, in keeping with American disclosure practices.

The Canadian Press recently requested the former prime minister's RCMP file under the access law from Library and Archives Canada and CSIS prior to the 20th anniversary of his passing next year, given that it can take many months to process such applications.

Trump promises help with Canadian detainees in China as Trudeau visits D.C.

Trump promises help with Canadian detainees in China as Trudeau visits D.C. WASHINGTON — U.S. President Donald Trump says he will raise the issue of two Canadians being detained in China when he meets with the Chinese president next week, if Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wants him to. 

Eric Hobsbawm and Christopher Hill had phones tapped, correspondence intercepted and friends and wives monitored.

Today, Justin Pierre James Trudeau is taking his first crack at fulfilling Nixon's prophecy, and there's a certain symmetry in that he's attempting to replace Stephen Harper, a prime minister described as "almost Nixonian" by Harper's own former chief of staff Tom Flanagan.

The archives swiftly replied that it does not have a Trudeau dossier. CSIS said its records indicate the file was destroyed on Jan. 30, 1989.

In a written response to questions, the spy service said a 1988 analysis of the Trudeau file concluded it did not meet the threshold in the CSIS Act to justify being kept in service's active inventory. The file also fell short of criteria for preservation set out by the national archives and was therefore destroyed the following year, CSIS added.

"CSIS takes privacy considerations related to its work very seriously. We are committed to ensuring that the retention of information continues to be in compliance with all legislation and ministerial direction," the agency said.

In addition, guidelines and regulations set by the archives "are always followed when determining whether CSIS holdings contain archival value."

CSIS declined to elaborate on the rationale for purging the Trudeau file.

However, when destruction of the Pearson and Diefenbaker files came to light seven years ago, the spy service noted they were presumably compiled at the height of the Cold War with the Soviet Union.

"That was a time when, as some historians argue, the security community occasionally saw threats that — hindsight being 20-20 — might seem exaggerated to us today."

Twitter Is Ripping Justin Trudeau Apart For His Awkward Meeting With Donald Trump Today

Twitter Is Ripping Justin Trudeau Apart For His Awkward Meeting With Donald Trump Today "Trudeau sitting there like a shy little school girl."

Margaret Joan Trudeau (née Sinclair, formerly Kemper; born September 10, 1948) is a Canadian author, actress, photographer, former television talk show hostess

Donald Trump is a creep and unpleasant to look at, but at least he’s not a stunning hypocrite when it comes to climate change.

CSIS destroyed secret file on Pierre Trudeau, stunning historians Close-up of former Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau speaking at a press conference.

CSIS pointed out that such behaviour helped spur the federal government to divorce security-intelligence from law enforcement, leading to the creation of CSIS, a civilian agency.

Historians say that does not excuse erasing security files on former prime ministers from the national record.

It is the sort of practice "expected of an authoritarian state and not a proper democracy that values its history," said Hewitt, co-author of the recent Just Watch Us, which delves into RCMP surveillance of the women's movement.

University of Toronto historian Robert Bothwell said security files like the one on Trudeau tend to say more about the compilers than the subject of the surveillance. Nevertheless, important records should be kept.

"When it concerns a prime minister, it has historical value," he said. "That's a pretty clear standard."

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Canada's national security landscape will get a major overhaul this summer.
Canada's national security architecture is about to undergo a major demolition and rebuild this summer, now that C-59 has received royal assent. The bill — which, after two years, passed through both houses of Parliament this week — gives Canada's signals intelligence agency new powers, although most of its new authority will come into force down the road. Once the prime minister and cabinet issue an order, the Communications Security Establishment will be permitted under C-59 to launch cyberattacks (also called "active cyber operations") for the first time in Canadian history.

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