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CanadaEmma Teitel: Why Doug Ford may have been surprised when boos rained on his charade

04:10  19 june  2019
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Emma Teitel: In defence of Andrew Scheer skipping a ceremony marking the 75th anniversary of D-Day in Normandy to attend a family event

Emma Teitel: In defence of Andrew Scheer skipping a ceremony marking the 75th anniversary of D-Day in Normandy to attend a family event If you were watching the Toronto Raptors beat the Golden State Warriors on TV last week, you might have seen a certain mild-mannered leader walk across your screen. I’m not referring to the famously relaxed Raptors star Kawhi Leonard who could lead Toronto to its first NBA title this month, but rather, to another placid dude with big-time goals: Federal Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer, the 40-year-old MP running, in the upcoming federal election, to be prime minister of Canada.

So why is Ford seemingly losing his way to victory? Populism isn’t about being right or wrong. All those criticisms may be beside the point. Didn’t he promise a fully costed platform, showing how he’d eliminate Emma Teitel : Why did Madonna go ballistic when someone simply talked about her age?

Premier Doug Ford marched alongside police in the York Region Pride parade Saturday — surprising organizers of the event. “We would want to see his support on sexual health,” said Vibhuti Mehra Opinion | Emma Teitel : What Doug Ford has in common with Toronto’s LGBTQ community.

Emma Teitel: Why Doug Ford may have been surprised when boos rained on his charade© Graham Hughes Ontario Premier Doug Ford looks on during a meeting of Canada's premiers in Montreal, Thursday, December 6, 2018.

Earlier this month we learned that Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s government will adjourn for a very long summer break.

While the legislature usually gets going again after Labour Day, Ford’s government will resume activity in the House in late October, a week after Canada’s federal election.


Some believe that Premier Ford is trying to make himself scarce in the lead-up to the federal election, so that his unpopularity won’t rub off on PM hopeful Andrew Scheer. After all, a lot of Canadians still don’t know who Andrew Scheer is. The Ford brand, on the other hand, is a strong one.

Premier Doug Ford booed by massive crowd celebrating Raptors Championship parade

Premier Doug Ford booed by massive crowd celebrating Raptors Championship parade The incident comes after two other recent public appearances where the premier was booed. One at a Special Olympics Ontario event in May and the other later that month at the Collision technology conference, both in Toronto. READ MORE: Doug Ford jeered, Toronto Mayor John Tory cheered at Special Olympics Ontario event The less than warm reception comes as the Premier has faced dismal public approval polling numbers. It also comes days after the Premier celebrated one year since being elected. The premier's office declined comment when reached Monday by Global News.

Both Ontario Premier Doug Ford and federal Conservative leader Andrew Scheer are suddenly best buddies in their hatred of Justin Trudeau, Liberals and journalists. Ford has long despised most journalists, except for fawning columnists and editorial writers at the Toronto Sun and National Post.

Doug Ford ’s new Progressive Conservative government in Ontario will soon have to move from campaign rhetoric to the hard choices involved in governing. You might be interested in. Ontario PC leader Doug Ford wins a majority government. His staunch supporters praise him as a political

But maybe Scheer would like to distance himself from a brand that is currently failing.

According to a new poll released by Mainstreet Research, Ford’s favourability ratings sit below “those of Kathleen Wynne’s at the end of her tenure.” The poll indicates the Ontario PCs are currently less popular than both the provincial Liberals and the provincial NDP.

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What’s next for The Beer Store? Why it will cost Ontario taxpayers, no matter how this plays out

It turns out our premier may have overestimated how much Ontarians care about beer. Hint: a lot less than they care about health care and education.

Raptors Fans Weren’t The Only Ones Who Made Doug Ford Look Dumb At Yesterday’s Parade (VIDEO)

Raptors Fans Weren’t The Only Ones Who Made Doug Ford Look Dumb At Yesterday’s Parade (VIDEO) Doug Ford didn't exactly get a warm welcome at the Raptors victory parade.

The reality is Doug Fords policies will tragically reduce the health and quality of life of the poorest people in the province. This extensive quote from his Condition of the Working Class in England begs careful attention in relation to the austerity agenda of Premier Doug Ford .

Doug Ford , the late Rob Ford ’s sterner, slighter brother, has returned to the Toronto news cycle on a Interesting is great in every context except politics. It’s great when you’re watching a Ted Talk or that Silly analogies aside, Doug Ford may lose to Tory in 2018 because another tawny populist

This chilly public reception could explain the extended legislative break.

In the words of provincial NDP Leader Andrea Horwath, speaking to media recently, “Either Mr. Ford wants to be available to campaign for (federal Conservative Leader) Andrew Scheer, or Andrew Scheer’s asking Doug Ford to hide under a rock during the federal campaign.”

But if the latter is true, the premier is doing a poor job of laying low.

You may recall that he was present at this week’s historic championship parade, when hundreds of thousands of people flooded the streets of downtown Toronto to celebrate the NBA champions: our very own Toronto Raptors.

Despite a shooting that injured four people and terrified many more, the day was an overall happy one, and the event itself a clear contradiction to the popular myth that Toronto is a cold city in both temperature and attitude. Yesterday we were warm to our team and warm to each other. We were not, however, warm to Doug Ford.

Bob Hepburn: Doug Ford’s insatiable hunger to be liked

Bob Hepburn: Doug Ford’s insatiable hunger to be liked Doug Ford smiled weakly as loud boos rained down on him on Monday from many of the 80,000 people at the Raptors’ victory celebration at Toronto City Hall. The Ontario premier maintained his stoic grin a minute later as huge cheers greeted Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who Ford despises. It was the third time in recent weeks that Ford has been the target of widespread booing. The first occurred at the opening of the Special Olympics at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, an event filled with children, and the second at the Collision international high-tech conference, an event filled with entrepreneurs and business people.

Doug Ford describes himself in the book as an “independent Canadian business leader,” and has claimed that his role as president of the family business, Deco Labels and Tags, has demonstrated his managerial competence. Deco, however, is privately held and not required to report its financial

Councillor Doug Ford criticized author Margaret Atwood's defence of Toronto libraries, saying she Councillor Doug Ford has fired back at world-renowned author Margaret Atwood for her criticism of If she walked by me, I wouldn’t have a clue who she is ,” said the councillor and advisor to his brother

We booed him. Of course most politicians provoke boos in some number at large public events, but watch the footage of the stage at Nathan Phillips Square on Monday. Ford’s introduction is met with a thundering chorus of boos.

No, Toronto didn’t go wild for Mayor John Tory or Prime Minister Justin Trudeau — but they didn’t overwhelmingly heckle them either. The same can’t be said for Ford, who looked, to me, a little crestfallen as he walked onto the stage. And perhaps, a little surprised.

I don’t mean to suggest he was surprised that there are people out there who don’t like him — I’m sure Ford knows this well. But I wonder, rather, if he was surprised that these people, in particular, didn’t like him.

I wonder if he was startled to get the cold shoulder in a setting in which populists are usually at ease.

After all, this wasn’t a Toronto Pride event or an education conference. This was a sports parade. And at the risk of stereotyping my fellow man, sports parades are not where you find hundreds of thousands of “latte-sipping urban elites” — i.e. the demographic Doug Ford loves to antagonize — and which we would expect to boo him.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford to shuffle cabinet on Thursday

Ontario Premier Doug Ford to shuffle cabinet on Thursday TORONTO — Ontario Premier Doug Ford will be shuffling his cabinet on Thursday. The reset comes just after he and his Progressive Conservatives marked the one-year anniversary of winning a majority government. It also comes as Ford falls in the polls, with some even suggesting his unpopularity is hurting federal Conservative leader Andrew Scheer's chances in the province ahead of October's election. 

Doug Ford is potentially just under three months away from becoming Ontario's next premier. Here’s a look at what we might expect. Carbon pricing. Ford has been clear that, like all his fellow leadership candidates, he opposes the carbon tax plan that was supported by Brown.

Party nabobs may not want Doug Ford , writes Thomas Walkom. Don’t count Doug Ford out. The former Toronto councillor is dismissed by many as a long shot in the Ontario Tory leadership race. His outsider campaign has resonance within a party that has long been split — between left and right

A sports parade is where you find, in large numbers, exactly the kind of voter Doug Ford courts: suburbanites, rowdy bros, families who TTC’d from all over to catch a glimpse of the Klaw. Anecdotally, I can tell you that I saw people from every stage and facet of my life post footage of the parade (and yes, I am from the suburbs).

A theme present in Raptors playoff coverage in this paper and others is diversity. The Raptors fan base is an extremely diverse one, we’re told, in every single way a group of people can be diverse.

On Monday we saw the diversity of this group in all its champagne-drenched glory.

And it’s true: a lot of different kinds of people love the Toronto Raptors.

Also true: a lot of different kinds of people don’t like Doug Ford.

For Andrew Scheer’s sake, he’d better get back under that rock.

Emma Teitel is a columnist based in Toronto covering current affairs. Follow her on Twitter: @emmaroseteitel

Opposition wants external review of public appointments under Doug Ford.
TORONTO — Ontario's opposition parties are calling for a review of government appointments to be handled outside of Premier Doug Ford's office. Ford ordered a review Tuesday of all pending government appointments after at least three were revealed to have personal ties to his ex-chief of staff. Dean French resigned late Friday following news that appointees to two foreign posts were personally connected to him, and a third connection emerged Tuesday. A spokeswoman for Ford says if the premier finds that people have been appointed for the wrong reason, they will be removed from their positions.

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