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CanadaCourt orders Canada to compensate Kazakh millionaire fugitive

13:01  24 june  2019
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Arrest warrant issued for deadbeat dad owing more than $500K

Arrest warrant issued for deadbeat dad owing more than $500K An arrest warrant is being issued for a Halifax man after he was found in contempt of court Friday. Joseph Power has been hiding for years from authorities in Canada and abroad, and owes more than $500,000 in child support.

A millionaire alleged fraudster on the run, high politics, glamorous locations and beautiful women: the story of Mukhtar During the court hearings, BTA successfully argued that he was continuing to move his money around despite being Tailing a friend of the fugitive , they were led to a villa near Cannes.

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Court orders Canada to compensate Kazakh millionaire fugitive © Provided by Toronto Star Newspapers Limited Rustem Tursunbayev, a Kazakh multimillionaire, has been fighting for years to avoid being sent back to his homeland where he is wanted for embezzlement.

A Kazakh multimillionaire wanted for embezzlement in his homeland has been awarded $203,000 in costs after the Federal Court found Canadian officials guilty of abusing the legal process in fighting the man’s request to stop the deportation proceeding against him.

The compensation to Rustem Tursunbayev is believed to be the largest monetary award for costs ordered in an single immigration case by the court, said Lorne Waldman, one of the man’s three lawyers.

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An English judge has barred lawyers representing fugitive Kazakh oligarch Mukhtar Ablyazov, accused of embezzling billion from his former bank BTA “His deliberate and persistent refusal to comply with court orders , or to recognise the authority of the court , has been a sustained contempt of a very

France’s top appeals court on Wednesday overturned a decision to extradite a Kazakh former banker who faces charges in four countries. BTA accuses Ablyazov of misappropriating at least billion and has already won multiple judgments against him in the British courts .

Tursunbayev was apprehended in the Greater Toronto Area in 2012 after Interpol sought his arrest based on accusations of fraud, counterfeiting and organized crime by Kazakh authorities. He was released from Toronto West Detention Centre and placed under strict house arrest for years. He is no longer under house arrest and does not have guards watching him.

After years of legal wrangling in court fighting Tursunbayev’s bid to stop his deportation, Canadian officials — including justice, public safety, immigration and foreign affairs ministers — in 2017 finally agreed to put his removal on hold until a trial decides if he should be sent back to Kazakhstan by way of extradition instead of deportation.

The deportation process is decided by a tribunal member who may or may not be a lawyer, while extradition requests are heard before Superior Court Justices, a process that provides important legal safeguards not available under deportation.

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Victor and Cynthia Liu, children of a fugitive businessman, and their mother, Sandra Han, have been detained since June, the New York Times reported. The US Department of State confirmed to the BBC that they are in "close contact" with the adult Liu children.

Kazakh millionaire Syrym Shalabayev was detained in the capital Vilnius four years after being sentenced to 18 months in jail for contempt of court . Investigators in Kazakhstan claim that Shalabayev was involved in Ablyazov's alleged illegal financial activities, lied to the court in London

Tursunbayev had argued throughout that his deportation must be put aside until the court rules whether extradition was the way to go. No trial date has been set yet.

“Our argument is the proper process to return our client to Kazakhstan is extradition, which offers a much more significant level of protection for him. It is more difficult for the Canadian government to succeed in extradition because of Kazakhstan’s human rights record. And they chose not to send him back by extradition, but through immigration deportation,” said Waldman.

“My client was forced to go through a complicated litigation that’s unnecessary and the court agreed.”

In a court order, Justice James Russell chided the government for failing to provide an explanation for its change of mind after years of litigation.

“Consent after years of expensive and hard-fought resistance is not the same as consent at an earlier stage or a mutually acceptable compromise. The reality is that, eventually, the plaintiff was wholly successful in the stay motion; there is little to justify the defendants’ resistance,” Russell wrote.

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Chief Judge Timothy Evans Issues Order that Circuit Court of Cook County will be Closed due to “Historic Cold Temperatures”. It is unlawful for any clerk or deputy clerk of a circuit court to prepare or draft any document that is to be filed or recorded in the Circuit Court in which he or she is clerk or

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According to Toronto police, Tursunbayev, who is in his 50s, is believed to have lived in the GTA since he entered Canada as a permanent resident in 2009. At the time of his arrest, he and his wife, Nataliya, lived in a King City mansion that was then worth $3.9 million.

It wasn’t clear what prompted the charges from Kazakhstan, but Tursunbayev had ties to the state-owned nuclear company, Kazatomprom, which was embroiled in a corruption scandal in 2009.

Tursunbayev accused the Canadian government ministers and seven individual officials of abusing the process on grounds that the authorities:

  • Misused the deportation proceedings instead of extradition proceedings to effect his return to Kazakhstan;
  • Failed to discharge their duty to ensure that the evidence they relied on from Kazakhstan was not obtained by torture;
  • And unlawfully shared information with Kazakh officials.

“The court concluded that there was a serious issue in relation to the question of whether or not there was a disguised extradition,” wrote Justice Russell. “The court found that there was irreparable harm in allowing an abuse of process to continue, and that the balance of convenience favoured the plaintiff.”

Ontario's top court set to rule on whether federal carbon tax is constitutional

Ontario's top court set to rule on whether federal carbon tax is constitutional Ontario's top court is set to release a decision Friday on whether the federal government can impose a carbon tax on provinces it believes aren't doing enough to fight climate change. The Court of Appeal heard arguments about the federal carbon tax over a period of four days in April, with the Ontario government saying it is unconstitutional and can't be legally enforced. In a rare move, the court allowed the legal battle to be televised — the first time in more than a decade cameras were allowed into an appeal court to livestream an event.

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The number of Canadian millionaires is rising quickly, according to a report from Capgemini. The report found that Canada has the world's eighth-largest population of millionaires , behind (in order ) the U.S., Japan, Germany, China, France, the U.K. and Switzerland.

In this cost recovery claim, Tursunbayev had asked for a “holistic approach” to the legal expenses he incurred throughout the legal battle, but Russell suggested he should have raised the potential demand for costs at the onset.

“It would be entirely inappropriate … to go back and now consider costs in motions where I issued final orders in which costs were not awarded (intentionally) because I had not been asked by the plaintiff to consider costs and so assumed he wasn’t seeking them,” Russell ruled.

However, “given the international dimensions of this case, the difficulties and expense of finding qualified experts on Kazakhstan and the need for international travel,” Russell concluded that the awarded cost was “entirely reasonable.”

Tursunbayev could not be reached for comment.

Nicholas Keung is a Toronto-based reporter covering immigration. Follow him on Twitter: @nkeung

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