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Canada'We're in a war against crime': Northern Alberta hamlet pleas for help

17:06  25 june  2019
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Skier killed in Alberta backcountry

Skier killed in Alberta backcountry A 22-year-old man died Saturday after being hit by a lose rock.

Alberta 's war on rats started in 1950 when the rodents were first found in the border hamlet of Alsask, Sask. With the Rockies to the west, badlands to the south and vast forests to the north , Alberta had never had rats. But after two centuries of slow progress west from the port cities of the East Coast

War crimes and crimes against humanity are among the gravest crimes in international law. At the heart of the concept of war crimes is the idea that individuals can be held criminally responsible for the actions of a country or its soldiers.

'We're in a war against crime': Northern Alberta hamlet pleas for help© David Bajer/CBC Conklin business owners say an inadequate response to property crime is forcing them to take the law into their own hands.

Terry Mills' truck sped into the yard at 3:45 a.m. on Nov. 8, 2018, to confront thieves who had smashed their vehicles through the chained gate. They were there to steal gas again.

Mills nudged one of the cars with his hood then ducked when he noticed the rifle poking through a window aimed at his head.

The robbers squealed off but Mills and a security guard were soon speeding after a black car on the snowy highway.

"That's when he started popping shots," Mills recalled. "We're on the phone with the RCMP from Lac La Biche. And I told them, they're heading their way. They should intercept him. And then I said the guy was shooting at us. The officer said 'If you shoot at him, I'm going to charge you with manslaughter. I said I'm not shooting at him. He's shooting at us."

Wildfires have forced more than 9,000 people from homes in northern Alberta

Wildfires have forced more than 9,000 people from homes in northern Alberta HIGH LEVEL, Alta. — More than 9,000 people have been forced from their homes due to out of control wildfires in northern Alberta. The swelling numbers follow mandatory evacuation orders for communities including the Beaver First Nation, Dene Tha' First Nation, parts of Mackenzie County and the Peerless Trout First Nation. People in other communities remain on evacuation alert and could be told to leave quickly if the wildfire situation gets worse. These communities include High Level, parts of the Municipal District of Lesser Slave River, Bigstone Cree Nation and the hamlets of Wabasca-Desmerais, Sandy Lake and Chipewyan Lake.

"The first casualty when war comes is truth," was coined by Hiram Johnson a Republican politician from California who served in the United States Boake Carter, an American Radio Reporter. Not sure when though. I seem to remember hearing the original broadcast in a TV origram some time ago.

There are allegations that war crimes were committed by the Sri Lankan military and the rebel Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (Tamil Tigers) during the Sri Lankan Civil War

It could easily be a scene out of a movie but the incident unfolded in the compound of Renegade Gas & Oilfield Services Ltd in Conklin — a hamlet of about 200 in Alberta's oilpatch.

It's one of many unsolved incidents piling up as Conklin, like many rural communities across the prairies, grapples with drug-fuelled property crime.

'We're in a war against crime': Northern Alberta hamlet pleas for help© David Bajer/CBC Doug Mills has reported 19 crimes to RCMP since January 2016, all of which remain unsolved.

Many of those crimes remain unsolved. In 2017, 24 per cent of property crimes in the hamlet were solved by police, compared to just eight per cent so far in 2019.

With the nearest RCMP detachment 140 kilometres away, some Conklin business owners and operators say they're often left to fend for themselves. They have confronted criminals and invested in security guards, dogs, cameras and spike belts.

Amber Alert for 7-month-old boy abducted from Fairview in northern Alberta

Amber Alert for 7-month-old boy abducted from Fairview in northern Alberta An Amber Alert was issued Wednesday morning for a baby allegedly abducted by his father from a town in northern Alberta's Peace River region. At 9:45 a.m., seven-month old Jameson Sundby was abducted from his home in Fairview, according to police. Jameson Sundby has blonde hair and blue eyes, and was wearing a blue T-shirt with a star on it and grey sweat pants with cars on them. The alert said Jameson Sundby was abducted by his father John Sundby, who is 5'11" tall and 230 lbs., with brown hair and brown eyes. Photos of the child and the father were not immediately available.

War crime : War crime , in international law, a serious violation of the laws and customs of war. The term war crime has been difficult to define with precision, and The charter listed three categories of crime : (1) crimes against peace, which involved the preparation and initiation of a war of aggression

Other war crimes cases have been remitted to national courts in the region. The outgoing chief prosecutor of the ICTY, Serge Brammertz, conceded last “As we have seen … the crimes have left wounds that still have not healed. Convicted war criminals continue to be seen by many as heroes

Doug Mills, Terry's brother and the owner of Renegade, predicts it will end in tragedy.

"We're going to get somebody that is innocent in a lot of trouble. Someone is going to try to defend themselves. Someone's going to call 911 and it will be delayed and someone's going to take the law into their own hands," said Mills, who has been operating in Conklin for nearly two decades. "We're in a war against crime. And we have been for a long time up here. We shouldn't have to put our own people at risk. I mean we need help down here."

Several business owners and operators who spoke to CBC News declined to be interviewed on the record for safety reasons.

Sporting a company ballcap, glasses and a handlebar moustache, Doug Mills recently steered his four-by-four along a bumpy dirt road, taking CBC on a tour. He pointed out location after location targeted by thieves: an empty lot where his residence was burned down, a burglary at a staff residence and the repeated theft of vehicles, guns and equipment from yards and work camps.

B.C. tanker-ban, environment assessment bills scale final hurdle in Senate

B.C. tanker-ban, environment assessment bills scale final hurdle in Senate OTTAWA — A pair of controversial environmental bills scaled their final hurdle in the Senate on Thursday, over the objections of critics who warn the two pieces of legislation will kneecap Canada's oil industry and fuel separatist sentiment in Alberta. Senators passed Bill C-69, which overhauls the federal environmental assessment process for major construction projects, by a vote of 57-37. 

The formulation of the crime may be as follows: “Whoever, while participating in a conspiracy to destroy a national, racial or religious group, undertakes an Open Civil war began in October 1990 when the Tutsis Rwanda Patriotic Front (RPF) launched an invasion of Northern Rwanda from southern Uganda.

The British Library is the national library of the United Kingdom and one of the world’s greatest libraries. Hamlet isn’t troubled in the least by such objections, as he proves by his keenness to kill Claudius in a damnable state of sin rather than the state of grace his father was denied.

'We're in a war against crime': Northern Alberta hamlet pleas for help The closest RCMP detachments in Fort McMurray and Lac a Biche are at least 140 kilometres away.

Mills said it takes hours for RCMP officers to respond, if at all, often bringing business to a standstill. To speed up the process, the brothers bag the evidence themselves.

Between business interruptions, replacing equipment and rising insurance costs, crime has been costly.

An email from the RCMP lists Mills' criminal cases dating back to 2016 — 19 separate incidents including seven stolen trucks and nine break and enters —  all unsolved.

"Do you know how hard it is to get broken into month after month after year after year after year and never have nobody come to you and explain to you a goddamn thing about that file number?" asked Mills, who says his complaints have long been ignored.

Mills said the problem is two-fold. The Wood Buffalo RCMP detachment responsible for Conklin is based 140 kilometres away, often staffed by officers without enough experience.

"These kids shouldn't be up here in the front lines," he said, emphasizing that it isn't the officers' fault. "They need senior guys up here, guys who know what they're doing."

Feds announce funding for coal transition in Alberta, Saskatchewan

Feds announce funding for coal transition in Alberta, Saskatchewan The federal government is announcing projects to help western workers and communities dependent on coal mining to become less reliant on the industry. 

Although plea bargaining is often criticized, more than 90 percent of criminal convictions come For example, a low-level criminal may have information that could help prosecutors in their case against a For a defendant in a criminal case, plea bargaining provides the opportunity for a more lenient

The Tragedy of Hamlet , Prince of Denmark is a revenge tragedy by William Shakespeare, and is one of his most well-known and oft-quoted plays. It is uncertain exactly when it was written, but scholars tend to place its composition between 1600 and the summer of 1602.

'We're in a war against crime': Northern Alberta hamlet pleas for help© David Bajer/CBC Les Tremblay says it's no longer safe to take his 14-year-old son fishing.

In the driveway of his wood bungalow, Mills recalled peering out his window eight years ago to see two quads leave his driveway. He called police as he chased after them. Mills ran one quad off the road. The driver scurried off. He found the other quad tipped upside down in flames. The next evening Mills received a phone call from an anonymous number.

"They had told me they're going to burn my house down with me in it," Doug Mills recalled. "[The police] said they couldn't do nothing about it. So I sat up in my garage for the next two weeks from 10:00 at night until 5:00 in the morning with a shotgun, waiting for someone to come, to burn me out. What else am I supposed to do?"

It's a question on the minds of many Canadians since the high profile case of Colten Boushie. In February 2018, a Saskatchewan jury found Gerald Stanley not guilty of killing Boushie who had driven onto his farm with friends from Red Pheasant Cree Nation.

Rural crime crisis

'We're in a war against crime': Northern Alberta hamlet pleas for help

The release of the parliamentary public safety committee's report on rural crime last month was supposed to provide some of those answers. Without any formal recommendations, it drew the ire of Alberta Conservative MP Shannon Stubbs who vowed to do better.

Hate crime investigators probing alleged assault at Canada's Wonderland

Hate crime investigators probing alleged assault at Canada's Wonderland York Regional Police say the force's hate crime unit is looking into the incident at the theme park in Vaughan, Ont. In a statement Sunday, Const. Andy Pattenden says the force takes allegations of hate seriously and promises a thorough investigation. A spokeswoman for Wonderland says there was an "altercation between guests" near the park's front gate at about 4:15 p.m. In an email, Grace Peacock says police and Wonderland security "responded quickly and appropriately" and both parties were ejected from the park after an investigation.

What is it about the worst of human nature that so many people find fascinating? It may be the quest to understand the depraved mind of a psychopath, or perhaps, it’s the glimpse into the darkest parts of humanity that makes true crimes worth studying.

British war crimes are acts by the armed forces of the United Kingdom which have violated the laws and customs of war since the Hague Conventions of 1899 and 1907.

"Conservatives will crack down on the criminal gangs that profit from rural crime, revoke parole for criminals who are committing crimes on behalf of a gang, and crack down on the criminal enterprises that are fuelling the drug epidemic, one of the factors driving this spike in rural crime," she pledged.

During his campaign, Alberta Premier Jason Kenney pledged $30 million to crack down on rural and urban crime.

For lifelong Conklin resident Les Tremblay, those promises can't come soon enough. Earlier this month, RCMP confirmed the death of his uncle. The remains of William Tremblay were discovered in a smouldering trailer two months earlier. No charges have been laid.

Les Tremblay said a tougher response is needed from the justice system where repeat offenders are too easily released.

"I'm scared to go out in the evening," said Tremblay." You know I used to take my son fishing and stuff. Now I can't even do that ... I've got a 14-year-old son. He loves fishing. Now he's scared to go to the lake."

According to RCMP, between January and mid-June of this year, officers conducted 736 patrols. Junior members are guided by experienced supervisors. Over the past year and a half, nearly half of the suspects arrested for crimes in Conklin don't live in the community.

"This trend is observed throughout rural communities across Alberta," RCMP said in an email. "The Alberta RCMP has developed and implemented a crime reduction strategy to address this problem, amongst many others."

Management is talking to groups in Conklin to develop strategies to best combat crime, the email added.

One of those discussions will be with Mills, who is looking forward to his meeting with RCMP Tuesday — a meeting scheduled following inquiries from CBC.

"I'm tired of looking over my shoulder," he said. "I mean when is enough enough."

Here's why the pristine blue waters of a northern B.C. river are running neon orange.
A northern B.C. First Nation is turning parts of the Skeena River a neon orange this week. It's meant to simulate a toxic spill into the river from a potential CN Rail derailment.

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