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CanadaEmma Teitel: LCBO shortages a perfect metaphor for Doug Ford’s Ontario

10:05  12 july  2019
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The LCBO Is Warning Customers That Ontario Stores Are Currently Running Out Of Alcohol (PHOTOS)

The LCBO Is Warning Customers That Ontario Stores Are Currently Running Out Of Alcohol (PHOTOS) So much for summer day drinking.

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In a tweet, Doug Ford addressed the union’ s credit card statements, saying “that’ s why we’re giving students the power to choose.” The CBC reported earlier this week that Ford met with controversial University of Toronto professor Jordan Peterson last fall.

Emma Teitel: LCBO shortages a perfect metaphor for Doug Ford’s Ontario© Rene Johnston Doug Ford stacks beer during a tour of Cool Beer Brewing Company last August to mark the kick-off of his buck-a-beer endeavour.

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For a people whose premier seems to talk of nothing else but beer, we are in disturbingly short supply of the stuff.

If you don’t believe me, head to an LCBO near you, where you may discover — as I did yesterday — that your favourite alcoholic beverages have been picked clean.

For the record, I didn’t visit the liquor store on a Friday afternoon before a long weekend, but on a Wednesday morning.

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Ontario will face electricity shortages in the coming years, as the loss of supply from a planned shutdown of a major nuclear power But the cancellation of 758 renewable energy projects, which the government of Premier Doug Ford announced as one of its first moves, widens the gap even further.

OTTAWA — Doug Ford , a brash populist and a brother of former Mayor Rob Ford of Toronto, will become the next premier of Ontario , Canada’ s most populous province, after leading his party to a decisive victory in elections on Thursday.

It’s a strange thing to walk into an LCBO before noon to see that the shelves are completely bare in places but well stocked in others, giving the impression that the apocalypse is upon us, but the only items Ontario’s looting hordes are interested in stockpiling are bottles of craft beer and Campari.

What is the meaning of this dry spell?

Apparently, it has nothing to do with the fact that Canadians drink more booze per capita than the international average (according to a 2017 report from the World Health Organization.) It has to do, rather, with “warehouse management.”

It turns out the LCBO switched to a new warehouse management system not long ago, one that uses updated technology. It seems the shift to this updated technology is responsible for the recent alcohol shortages.

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Absolute Metaphors - These metaphors compare two things that have no obvious connection, in order to make a striking point. Root Metaphors - These metaphors are so rooted in everyday language and assumptions, we hardly even recognize them as metaphors .

Douglas Bruce Ford , (February 27, 1933 – September 22, 2006) referred to as Doug Ford Sr., was a Canadian businessman and politician in Ontario .

According to the LCBO itself in a statement to media this week:

“While some interruption in service was expected, deliveries remain moving at a slower than usual pace. There is no inventory shortage, but rather, a delay in delivery.”

And for some, a delay in letting loose.

Ontarians, of course, are shocked and appalled that their liquor stores have forsaken them at the height of BBQ season. But they shouldn’t be.

Because what better metaphor exists for the state of this province and its beleaguered leader — a master of empty promises — than a store full of empty beer shelves?

It bears repeating that Doug Ford, the Premier of Ontario, talks a lot about booze and his mission to make it cheaper and more accessible. His official platform may as well read:

“Who needs progressive sex education when you can get a beer for a buck? Who needs crucial health services when you can douse your friends in ale at your very own state-approved tailgate party? Who needs school repairs and library services when you’ve got beer at the corner store?”

Federal Liberals blast Ontario Tories over looming Bombardier layoffs

Federal Liberals blast Ontario Tories over looming Bombardier layoffs OTTAWA — The federal labour minister is blasting the Ontario government over the impending loss of 550 jobs at Bombardier's railway car plant in Thunder Bay, Ont. Patty Hajdu lays the blame for the losses at the feet of Doug Ford's Progressive Conservative government, saying in a statement that Ford failed to deliver on a promised contract for the facility in her hometown. Bombardier Inc. is laying off half of the 1,100 workers at plant after

Sometimes it seems like Ontario Premier Doug Ford ’ s favourite thing to do is spend money in the name of saving Enter this month’s licence-plate controversy — another perfect example of Fordian hypocrisy. “ Ontario : WTF”. Emma Teitel is a columnist based in Toronto covering current affairs.

Three generations of Fords have served the people of Ontario in elected office. Doug resides in Etobicoke with his wife Karla and four daughters. A firm believer in our party and its ideals, Doug has worked on the frontlines of the Ontario PC Party for decades.

Personally, I don’t oppose, on principle, any of the above liquor proposals. I also like cheap, accessible beer.

What I do oppose is the Ford government’s preoccupation with gimmicky alcohol-related policy as though it is the most important thing in the world — when his government is simultaneously laying waste to programs that for many, literally are the most important thing in the world.

Of course governments have to make tough decisions and they can’t please everyone all the time, but the provincial Conservative government of late, seems to please nobody, none of the time.

Ford is tanking in the polls. He was booed at the Toronto Raptors parade, amid a sea of ecstatic everyday people: a crowd one might reasonably assume would greet him warmly.

The moral of the story may be that Ontarians hate cuts to essential services a lot more than they like cheap, accessible booze.

It would be one thing if Ford made cuts to these services and managed to emerge victorious as the King of Beer.

But his most high-profile alcohol-related proposals are either major flops (Buck-a-beer) or potentially extremely costly for taxpayers.

Ford may keep his promise to voters to get beer into corner stores, but in doing so, he is breaking his promise to be fiscally responsible.

The provincial government’s failure to honour a 10-year contract with the Beer Store (so that convenience stores may begin selling beer) could put the province on the hook for hundreds of millions of dollars.

The Fordian way: cut corners on things that matter. Spend money on things that don’t. Have nothing to show for it.

Ontario’s liquor stores full of empty shelves may not be Doug Ford’s doing.

But they are the perfect monuments to a failing populist.

Emma Teitel is a columnist based in Toronto covering current affairs. Follow her on Twitter: @emmaroseteitel

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