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CanadaDND ordered to pay $25K for 'pure and simple racial prejudice'

21:31  14 july  2019
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Former chiropractor ordered to pay $100K by regulator

Former chiropractor ordered to pay $100K by regulator Dena Churchill, a former Halifax-based chiropractor, has been ordered to pay her regulator costs of $100,000 as part of a settlement agreement on charges of professional misconduct related to her sharing anti-vaccination views online. In a decision released publicly Thursday, a hearing committee took into consideration Dena Churchill's "dire financial circumstances" and gave her 10 years to pay the money. But it also said if she has not paid at least $30,000 by Jan. 2, 2022, the full amount becomes due immediately. "Dr.

Racial prejudice , for instance, typically arises from race-based stereotypes . People of influence who prejudge others set the stage for institutional Prejudice and race-based stereotypes work hand in hand. Due to the pervasive stereotype that an all-American person is blonde and blue-eyed (or at the

3. Racial prejudice , historically linked with inequalities in power, reinforced by economic and social differences between individuals and groups, and still of an international order which is just and guarantees respect for human rights; the right to full development implies equal access to the means

DND ordered to pay $25K for 'pure and simple racial prejudice'© Christian Reeves/Facebook At a hearing of the Federal Public Sector Labour Relations and Employment Board earlier this year, the panel heard testimony that co-workers of Christian Reeves were forced to make up stories about him to get him in trouble. A federal panel has awarded a black apprentice mechanic $25,000 in damages under the Canadian Human Rights Act after it concluded his bosses racially discriminated against him when they terminated his apprenticeship at CFB Halifax.

Christian Reeves was employed by the Department of National Defence from late 2009 until July 2015. He was fired for multiple alleged reasons, including poor performance.

Former Nova Scotia chiropractor ordered to pay $100K over anti-vaccination posts

Former Nova Scotia chiropractor ordered to pay $100K over anti-vaccination posts Dena Churchill was found to have repeatedly defied requests from the Nova Scotia College of Chiropractors' registrar to stop her anti-vaccination posts. The committee ultimately disagreed with Churchill's position that her actions were "not an egregious breach" of conduct, saying she has shown no remorse for her actions, and awarded the college $100,000. "We are particularly aware of the relevance of deterrence, particularly in light of the prolific social media posting of views harmful to the public," the decision reads.

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Reeves grieved his termination earlier this year. In his grievance, Reeves alleged he was the victim of harassment and discrimination in the workplace based on race and that he was treated differently than his co-workers.

Reeves was born in Liberia. In 1995, he, along with his family, moved to Canada to escape civil war.

Earlier this year, the Federal Public Sector Labour Relations and Employment Board heard that Reeves's co-workers were forced to make up stories about him to get him in trouble and that one military supervisor was overheard using the N-word in the workplace.

Reeves's apprenticeship consisted of four learning modules, known as blocks. At the end, there was a Red Seal exam, which allows a journeyman to work in any province in Canada.

City watchdog finds TTC did not adequately investigate officers who forcibly detained Black man on streetcar platform

City watchdog finds TTC did not adequately investigate officers who forcibly detained Black man on streetcar platform City watchdog finds TTC did not adequately investigate officers who forcibly detained Black man on streetcar platform

Racial prejudice can be defined by either making an adverse judgement or opinion based on race or having an irrational hatred or suspicion based on racial or religious group's stereotypes. Racial prejudice in society has the potential to be a damaging factor in even the most normal settings.

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After Reeves failed four out of seven courses in the summer of 2014, he was given another chance and placed on an action plan and successfully completed Block D. After that, he took the Red Seal exam and failed.

"Terminating his employment after the action plan was successful and after he had achieved Block D only because he had failed the Red Seal exam … shows an attitude towards the grievor that is simply unexplainable. The only remaining explanation is pure and simple racial prejudice," panel member Marie-Claire Perrault wrote in the June 24 decision.

"The employer's attitude that the grievor could not succeed as a mechanic, as repeated by a number of witnesses, was racist.

"From the evidence I heard, it seemed to me that the grievor was not given an equal opportunity to succeed. Some on the management side seemed determined to put an end to his probation."

Reeves could not be reached for comment.

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An email chain presented at the hearing showed a quality assurance inspector had reported he overheard one of the military supervisors using the N-word.

"The inspector took offence, finding it disrespectful for the ... 'the three blacks or coloured [people] working here in the shop.' He added in a further email that he had relatives of black descent," the decision said.

The supervisor was told not to say the N-word again.

Co-workers coerced to 'write up' Reeves

Neil Harnish, a vehicle mechanic in the heavy equipment shop, told the hearing a warrant officer had asked him to "write up" Reeves.

The decision said Harnish was in the hiring process for the permanent supervisor job at the time.

"He was told that if he was unwilling to say negative things about the grievor, he would no longer be part of the competition," the ruling said. "He was told to write down whatever the grievor was not doing right."

Under pressure, Harnish wrote Reeves did not have the knowledge and enthusiasm to be a mechanic.

"I would not want him as a mechanic in my shop," Harnish wrote.

R. Kelly Ordered Held Without Bail

R. Kelly Ordered Held Without Bail R. Kelly has been ordered held without bond at a hearing Tuesday in federal court in Chicago, according to the Chicago Sun Times. The singer entered a not-guilty plea. The hearing, which follows the singer being hit Friday with a total of 18 counts of serious sexual misconduct and other charges in Chicago and New York, was to determine whether Kelly should be released from custody the charges play out. Prosecutors argued that he should not be released. “This risk of obstruction is real. This risk is ongoing. This risk is heightened by the defendant’s fame and power,” one assistant U.S.

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DND ordered to pay $25K for 'pure and simple racial prejudice'© Brian MacKay/CBC After spending time at CFB Shearwater, Reeves was transferred to CFB Halifax in 2011.

At the hearing, Harnish said he regretted what he did.

In 2006, Reeves was the only black male accepted into Nova Scotia Community College's two-year heavy duty mechanic program.

In November 2009, he was offered an indeterminate appointment with DND as a vehicle technician apprentice with an annual salary of $52,000.

His letter of offer had a probationary clause that lasted the duration of his entire apprenticeship rather than the normal 12 months.

In October 2014, Reeves wrote a letter of complaint about his training and treatment at CFB Halifax. He was transferred there in 2011 after spending time at CFB Shearwater.

Reeves wrote that after he transferred, he didn't have a proper mentorship. He alleged he did the same job as his co-workers, but did not receive the same amount of pay.

'I had to watch my back'

"Some of my co-workers have told me that they have been coerced into signing a form against me or their employment or chance of advancement is in jeopardy ... I was told by one of my co-workers that I had to watch my back because they were trying to get rid of me," Reeves wrote in the letter.

In July 2015, after 5 ½ years on the job, the department ended Reeves's probation and fired him on four grounds, which included allegations that he failed to meet expectations, had multiple weak performance reviews and failed his Red Seal test.

B.C. man beaten at Kamloops nightclub claims RCMP ignored racial motives for attack

B.C. man beaten at Kamloops nightclub claims RCMP ignored racial motives for attack Johnathon Hall says he was attacked by two men in a Kamloops nightclub who hurled racial slurs at him before the fight.

Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice . Read in another language. Watch this page. Edit. Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice (SHARP) are anti- racist skinheads who oppose neo-fascists and other political racists , particularly if those racists identify themselves as skinheads.

Consideration is an English common law concept within the law of contract, and is a necessity for simple contracts (but not for special contracts by deed). The concept of consideration has been adopted by other common law jurisdictions, including the US.

At the hearing, Ted Godsell, the commanding officer of base logistics at the Halifax base, claimed Reeves was not receptive to senior people trying to work with him. Several reports had been made of the alleged disrespectful behaviour by Reeves. Godsell said he was not aware of co-workers being coerced to sign statements against Reeves.

"Mr. Godsell concluded from his analysis of the grievor's file that there were serious concerns about his ability to be an effective mechanic," the panel wrote.

Godsell did not investigate Reeves's complaint

"His failure of Block D and then the Red Seal exam added up to the reality that he could not be a mechanic. The record also included his disrespect of supervisors. All in all, his work behaviour was not suited to the military environment."

In cross-examination, Godsell confirmed DND did not investigate Reeves's complaint.

Reeves' performance reviews for 2010-2011, 2011-2012 and 2012-2013 showed he met most performance expectations, but needed to improve communication with his supervisors. One performance review was missing.

DND statement

In a statement to CBC News, DND said it couldn't speak about the Reeves case because of privacy reasons.

"However, the Department of National Defence (DND) and the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) does not condone or tolerate racism and discrimination in the Canadian Armed Forces. This is a fundamental principle of the DND and CF code of values and ethics," the statement said.

Douglas Hill, the Public Service Alliance of Canada grievance and adjudication officer that represented Reeves at the hearing, said he will not comment on the case until the 30-day appeal period ends.

However, he said in an email he was scheduled to meet with the employer on July 11 to discuss retroactive salary, reinstatement and other lost benefits over the last four years for Reeves.


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