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CanadaCatch of the day: Edmonton man finds dinosaur fossil in river valley while fishing

07:11  02 september  2019
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Catching Dinosaurs Fishing . yesterday we encountered a true dinosaur . After 4 years of searching and spending hundreds if not thousands of hours on the water we @typigpatrol and myself found our first alligator gar over the absolutely monster mark of 8 foot.

The dinosaur ’s undersea burial preserved its armor in exquisite detail. Its skull still bears tile-like plates and a gray patina of fossilized skins. Paleobiologist Jakob Vinther, an expert on animal coloration from the U.K.’s University of Bristol, has studied some of the world’s best fossils for signs of the

Catch of the day: Edmonton man finds dinosaur fossil in river valley while fishing© Myles Curry A hadrosaur fossil, more than a foot-long, was found by an Edmonton man along the North Saskatchewan River near Edmonton last month. Myles Curry went into the river valley to catch fish and he came out with a foot-long dinosaur bone.

Curry was hiking out of a secluded fishing spot along the North Saskatchewan River upstream from Devon, southwest of Edmonton, on Aug. 17.

As he clambered over a pair of large rocks, he looked down and saw an unusual object with a curved shape fully uncovered on the ground.

"I just had this voice in my head and I was like, you should go back and check that out," he said.

Curry figured it was a petrified wood branch, a notably large piece to add to his collection. He picked up what looked like two smaller chunks of the branch, rinsed them off in the river and tucked them into his pack.

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A father and son in southern Alberta came across quite the catch last summer as they were fishing in the Castle River . In August, the pair was standing in the river when they noticed the large rock with a dark patch. It was a fossil of a partial dinosaur skull, neck and chest.

Caldwell speculated similar remains may be deep under the ground all over the city, but will likely never be discovered. Yin Hsung, acting general supervisor of tunneling for the city, said the discovery will not slow down construction of the 1.2 km sewer line, which he described as being part of Edmonton 's

"It was a good find, but it didn't seem like anything totally remarkable," he said. "It just wasn't even in my frame of reference of potentially being a dinosaur."

Curry invited his neighbour, a fellow nature enthusiast, to take a look when he got back to Edmonton. But his neighbour quickly recognized the shape and texture as a likely dinosaur bone.

"I really wanted to believe them. It still just seemed like such an outrageous thing," he said.

Curry sent out an email to several Alberta museums with a description and pictures, hoping to verify his neighbour's theory.

Less than a day later, the curator of dinosaurs at the Royal Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller responded and confirmed it was a bone. It looked like a hadrosaur, he wrote, a duck-billed dinosaur that roamed throughout western North America millions of years ago.

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Where are YOUR nearest dinosaurs ? The incredible interactive map of every fossil found on ‘Many localities have just a single dinosaur fossil , but others are very rich bonebeds of thousands of ‘Basically, we use present- day locations to place fossils on a modern map, and then use geological

Additional fossils that have been found at the site or nearby include invertebrate burrows, fish , and The parallel orientation of many of the dinosaur trackways was among the first lines of evidence used to support As such, there is no legal access to the Connecticut River . Mountain biking is not allowed.

Curry has a reputation among friends and family for making unexpected nature finds, he said, but nothing as unexpected as a dinosaur fossil.

"It's unreal. It goes to show that anything can really show up," he said.

Private museum expedition

But the best part is, Curry says, the museum asked him to escort two staff back to the spot to look for more fossils.

When he returned on Friday with the crew, mud from the eroding cliffs on the river's edge covered the ground. If he hadn't decided to pick up the fossil the first time around, Curry figures it would have been lost in the next rainstorm.

Curry and the museum staff spent several hours searching the area.

"They were so great. They were indulging all my questions," he said. "Not to toot my own horn here but I found a couple fossils myself."

Curry was awestruck by how quickly the museum staff could identify what they found, right down to the species and the part of the body. He says the museum staff suspect a river may have once met the North Saskatchewan at the site, leading to a build up of fossils. As heavy rain eroded the river banks, fossils like the one Curry found were being unearthed for the first time.

Fisherman dies after going overboard with net near Port Alberni

Fisherman dies after going overboard with net near Port Alberni RCMP say rescuers tried to untangle the man from the net, a task complicated by the weight of the fish it had caught.

The Yukon River find was limited to the banks of the river , since Druckenmiller only had permits to look there -- a limitation, he noted, that would keep wannabe paleontologists from visiting the area to snag fossils of their own. Druckenmiller hopes to return to the area next summer to explore even

Today, their fossils lie jumbled together at a site in North Dakota. Robert DePalma. Astonishment, skepticism greet fossils claimed to record dinosaur -killing asteroid impact. The deposit may also provide some of the strongest evidence yet that nonbird dinosaurs were still thriving on impact day .

It was surreal to have a paleontologist explain the history behind the fossils he was holding in his hands, Curry said.

Catch of the day: Edmonton man finds dinosaur fossil in river valley while fishing© Myles Curry/CBC Curry's neighbour recognized the signs of bone marrow on the edges of the fossil.

"It really just shows how lucky we are here in Alberta. Lots of places you don't have the ability to tell these cool stories about the geology around us and there were these amazing creatures walking around literally where we were tens of millions of years ago," he said.

Social media buzz

The museum doesn't have any immediate plans to return to the spot, Curry said, but staff asked him to look out for any dinosaur fossils on future fishing trips. He still has the fossils, and is filing a claim with the province to become the legal owner.

Curry posted his story on Twitter, where it's racked up thousands of likes. Through the post, he connected with an elementary school teacher about bringing the fossils for a show-and-tell style presentation to the fourth graders.

"I think it'd be a great way to educate people on the amazingness of our river valley," he said of the fossils.

"We have a lot of adventure and a lot of history out there, so if I can keep them and share that story, I'd love to, but if [the museum] needs them for something else, I'm happy to give them up."

Curry, who spends much of his free-time fishing and hiking, said the fossil saga redoubled his support to establish protected provincial parks in the Woodbend-Big Island area and Bighorn country.

"We need to protect it and make it more accessible," he said.

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