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CanadaBrian Pallister held the starter's pistol in Manitoba — and it's no surprise he won the race

15:26  11 september  2019
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Tory leader pitches tax cuts, NDP woos Liberals ahead of Manitoba election day

Tory leader pitches tax cuts, NDP woos Liberals ahead of Manitoba election day WINNIPEG — Manitoba's political leaders made their final pitches to voters Monday — one day before an election that determines whether the Progressive Conservatives win a second mandate after three years of controversial cost control. Tory Leader Brian Pallister, who recently fulfilled a promise to reduce the provincial sales tax, said his party is the only one that would work toward a balanced budget and cut other taxes such as an education levy on homes and other properties. "If you want the education tax taken off your property, there's only one choice tomorrow," Pallister said Monday outside the legislature, surrounded by his candidates.

The 2016 Manitoba general election was held on April 19, 2016 to elect members to the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba , Canada. The New Democratic Party of Manitoba , led by Greg Selinger

A starting pistol or starter pistol is a blank handgun that is fired to start track and field races , as well as competitive swimming races at some meets.

When you call an election one year early, it's like running in a race where you hold the starter's pistol.

Finish anything but first, and you look foolish. Win, and you surprise nobody.

That's why Tuesday night's election victory by Manitoba's Progressive Conservatives felt more like a four-year contract extension for Premier Brian Pallister than it did a jubilant achievement.

There were cheers and selfies and bursts of confetti at Tory headquarters at Canad Inns Polo Park. People drank beer and ate cold cuts, as people tend to do in rectangular convention halls.

There was even a victory speech by Pallister, albeit an abbreviated one. It clocked in at seven minutes and 22 seconds, featured recycled campaign clichés and offered no hints as to what the PCs have planned for Manitoba, over and above what was promised by the party during the 29-day summer campaign.

Progressive Conservatives lead early in Manitoba election

Progressive Conservatives lead early in Manitoba election WINNIPEG — Brian Pallister's Progressive Conservatives jumped to an early lead Tuesday in the Manitoba election. Pallister is seeking a second consecutive mandate after his Tories ended 17 years of NDP government by winning 40 of 57 seats in 2016. Pallister dropped the writ more than a year ahead of the scheduled voting date, hoping to secure backing to continue his program of cost-cutting and tax reductions. It was a four-week summertime

“Our work is done, now it ' s up to the people of Manitoba to make their choice,” NDP Leader Wab Progressive Conservative Leader Brian Pallister was not available for interviews Tuesday morning. Pallister ' s Tories won 40 of 57 seats, the largest majority government in Manitoba in a century, in

WINNIPEG - Brian Pallister ' s Progressive Conservatives jumped to an early lead Tuesday in the Manitoba election. Now it ' s up to the people of Manitoba to make their choice,” Kinew said outside the legislature The Liberals hit the hustings with new leader Dougald Lamont, who won the St

In a sense, it was fitting to hear such a short address at the conclusion of a re-election campaign held only three years, four months and three weeks after Pallister's inaugural victory in 2016.

But the relatively subdued nature of the overall celebration was more a reflection of the premier himself. Brian Pallister is nothing if not strategic: He saw a relatively easy way to extend his party's mandate and he seized the opportunity. And when he achieved that objective, he didn't peacock around as if he had just fielded a punt deep in his own end and broke 12 tackles on his way to a touchdown.

Pallister's second victory was more like a series of short running plays, assisted by weak plays by the opposing team and culminating in a quarterback sneak from the one-yard line.

Pallister's PCs win 2nd majority government in Manitoba, CBC News projects

Pallister's PCs win 2nd majority government in Manitoba, CBC News projects Manitobans will soon learn whether the Progressive Conservatives will hold on to their majority government.

WINNIPEG — Brian Pallister and his Progressive Conservatives have won a renewed majority from Manitoba voters to continue a program of cost-cutting and It was a four-week summertime fight that offered few surprises and saw Pallister run a front-runner’ s campaign. He participated in only one

< Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister has told a Winnipeg newspaper that he used imprecise and possibly inflammatory language earlier this month when he told rural municipal politicians that tension surrounding night hunting is leading to a " race war." Pallister was meeting with officials in Virden on

The expected victory doesn't diminish the significance of what the Tories achieved in terms of simple numbers. Brian Pallister's PCs just followed up one of the greatest election victories (40 seats, tied for the most in Manitoba history) the province has ever seen with one of the greatest election victories (36 seats, tied for fourth) the province has ever seen.

Already, the Pallister Tories are one of the most successful governments in provincial history, on the basis of seat counts alone.

This is a leader who sought election in 2016 on a promise to engage in the unglamourous task of repealing a provincial-sales-tax hike and trying to balance the provincial books. This is also a leader who campaigned for re-election on a promise of additional tax relief, the most significant being a pledge to stop funding education through provincial property taxes by 2033, when someone other than Pallister will be Manitoba's premier.

Wab Kinew says Manitoba election shows NDP is on the road to recovery

Wab Kinew says Manitoba election shows NDP is on the road to recovery WINNIPEG — Wab Kinew says that despite another majority win by Manitoba's Progressive Conservatives, his New Democrats have increased their roster — a sign they are on the road to recovery after a historic defeat in the 2016 election. "It's with great humility that we accept the results of tonight," Kinew said to cheers from the crowd in his concession speech Tuesday night. "But I don't think we were defeated tonight. I think Manitobans sent a very, very strong message." The mood was sombre for most of the evening in a downtown Winnipeg entertainment centre where NDP supporters gathered to watch the results roll in.

It should stop. Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister speaks to the media questions after a speech at the Economic Club of Canada in Toronto on Jan. "So what are we doing? We're organizing to bring indigenous people together and say the same thing I just said to ya, 'cause it ' s becoming a race war

" It ' s such a decisive and overwhelming victory, the people have chosen a new direction and a positive tone in government Mr. Pallister is a financial analyst by training, but he has served in federal and provincial politics for two decades. Conservative revival in Manitoba should come as no surprise .

Pallister also promised in this election to end restrictions on Sunday and holiday shopping and reiterated previous plans to see through reviews of the provincial education system and Manitoba Hydro. He also pledged to spend more on health care, hire more nurses and employ more paramedics in announcements that served to blunt NDP criticism of the PC-led restructuring of Manitoba's health-care system.

What Manitobans decided on Tuesday is they're completely cool with the leadership of a financial manager who is content to perpetuate an image as a less-than-popular guy who nonetheless does the right thing.

The alternatives to Pallister proved even less appealing to Manitobans. No matter how many times NDP leader Wab Kinew uttered the words "health care," he could not convince voters he was capable of improving it.

By expanding his party's footprint in the Manitoba legislature from 12 to 18 seats, Kinew all but guaranteed he will survive a mandatory NDP leadership review.

The PCs may very well be pleased, as this will guarantee another election where their main opponent is a Kinew-led NDP. This also places Kinew along the same path as Gary Doer, who took four kicks at the electoral can before he delivered an election victory for the Manitoba New Democrats.

Manitoba parties make final push in 'critical' last weekend before election

Manitoba parties make final push in 'critical' last weekend before election It’s the final weekend before the Manitoba provincial election, a time which one political scientist says it is a critical time for parties to make a final push to get their message out, identify their voters and make sure those voters will show up on Sept. 10.

The NDP increased its seat count, but voters rewarded Pallister ' s early election call with a second Just as it will be in the federal campaign, voting in the Manitoba election on Tuesday was both an Brian Pallister shortened his first term as premier to less than three and a half years by calling an

It has also been documented that there are more accidents after time change. The sheer number of people impacted by DST all at once leads to some surprising associations, including a spike in heart attacks, increased numbers of work injuries, automobile accidents, suicides, and more in the days after.

Brian Pallister held the starter's pistol in Manitoba — and it's no surprise he won the race© James Turner/CBC Brian and Esther Pallister make their way to the winner's stage on Tuesday.

Liberal leader Dougald Lamont also failed to connect with many Manitobans, much the same way nearly three decades worth of Liberal leaders did before him. His party's central message seemed undecipherable; calling your team an alternative to the Tories and NDP is not enough to become that alternative.

The Manitoba Greens, meanwhile, can return to their penchant for not existing in between elections.

Instead of euphoria, Manitoba will awake this morning to another election. Unpopular Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau is seeking re-election in a field that includes an almost equally unpopular Tory leader, a relatively invisible NDP leader, a very-long-serving Green leader and an upstart party looking to make a mark.

After his Manitoba-election victory speech, Brian Pallister was asked whether he would campaign for federal Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer.

The premier didn't quite answer that question, either.

These are the incumbent Manitoba MLAs who were unseated in the election.
Manitobans welcomed a handful of rookie MLAs to their legislature on Tuesday, but also showed a few veterans the door. Brian Pallister's Progressive Conservatives secured a second term as a majority government, while the NDP made gains and the Liberals fell short of official party status. You can find full coverage of the 2019 election here. Colleen Mayer, PC incumbent in St. Vital Former Crown Services Minister Colleen Mayer lost out to rookie NDP candidate Jamie Moses in St. Vital, with Moses becoming one of the first black MLAs elected in the province.

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