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A sick child couldn’t leave his house. So strangers came to his window by the dozens to entertain him.

A sick child couldn’t leave his house. So strangers came to his window by the dozens to entertain him. Quinn Waters, who is recovering from a brain tumor and has a compromised immune system, has watched at his window as hundreds of strangers have come by to turn his front lawn into a stage of sorts since June. While he and his parents, Jarlath and Tara Waters, watch at the window, people from miles around have stopped by to sing, dance, read stories, play instruments, perform card tricks, even walk on their hands — all to boost Quinn's spirits until he is healthy enough to leave the house. Most recently, a group of cyclists decided to take a detour to Weymouth.

Prince Charming is a fairy tale stock character who comes to the rescue of a damsel in distress and must engage in a quest to liberate her from an evil spell. This classification suits most heroes of a number of traditional folk tales, including "Snow White", "Sleeping Beauty", and "Cinderella"

David, more commonly known as Prince Charming (and with an alias of Prince James), is one of the main characters of Once Upon a Time. A prince with the blood of a pauper, David was born into a family of shepherds, unaware that he had a twin brother who was adopted by the King.

When Prince Charming came to Calgary 100 years ago The friendliness of southern Alberta made quite an impression on the Prince of Wales, the future King Edward VIII, during his visit 100 years ago. Glenbow Image NB-16-10

From his August arrival to his October departure, Edward, Prince of Wales, made a great impression across the entire Dominion of Canada in 1919. After the carnage of the Great War in Europe, “people sought something clean, honest, hopeful,” Fred Griffin of the Toronto Star later recalled. The prince’s visit to southern Alberta 100 years ago this weekend was no less thrilling.

On Sunday morning, Sept. 14, the Prince of Wales stepped out of The Killarney, the palatial private rail car lent for the royal tour by Lord Shaughnessy, former CPR president, to begin his Calgary tour. Upon arrival from Edmonton, he attended the service at the Anglican Pro-Cathedral Church of the Redeemer, then the luncheon in his honour at the Calgary Golf and Country Club. The garden party at the Lougheed House, Sir James’s sandstone mansion, directly opposite The Ranchmen’s Club at the corner of 13th Avenue and 7th Street S.W, followed. Outside the grounds, a huge crowd waited to cheer the prince.

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The Prince Charming trope as used in popular culture. Ground zero for all Princely Tropes, or what comes to mind when we think of a prince . The term Prince Charming actually originates from an 1889 translation of Le roi Charmant, the Charming King, and then a year later the phrase " Prince

She rose to power, brought her natal Gu, played in the entire business and entertainment circle, and became the national prince charming in the hearts of women. It was just that she accidentally seduced the diamond man who was ranked first on the diamond list She was doomed just like that! One day.

The weather that afternoon co-operated brilliantly, with warm sunshine, allowing the hundred carefully selected guests to circulate on the lawns then “at the very best of season.” A string orchestra played in the marquee in the centre of the west lawn, where staff served tea. The Albertan newspaper provided a verbal picture: “Masses of vivid flowers against the borders of green trees and foliage were an effective background for pretty light colored summer frocks worn by the women”.

That evening at The Ranchmen’s Club, Sir James, a member of the federal cabinet, sat on the prince’s immediate right at the dinner which began at Calgary’s most prestigious social club at 8 p.m. (Only men could belong as women were excluded as full members until 1993.)

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The senator proposed the toast to the King, to which the prince responded. What the royal visitor and Calgary’s only knight discussed at the head table remains unknown. Calgary, a city of about 60,000, had just been shaken by labour unrest. In the late spring, Calgary experienced the third-largest labour stoppage ever in Western Canada, a month-long sympathy strike in support of the Winnipeg General Strike. High unemployment and postwar inflation, low wages and working conditions had all contributed to the outbreak in Winnipeg of the largest labour strike in Canadian history.

Instead of reviewing the condition of Western Canada’s working class, the prince and the senator more likely discussed contemporary British and Imperial issues. One name probably popped up, that of the only person they both knew who belonged to both the British House of Commons and The Ranchmen’s Club: William Dudley Ward.

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From breakthrough to beat down, it could be 'ugly' for Justin Trudeau's Liberals in Alberta In 2015, for the first time in nearly half a century, Calgarians elected two Liberal MPs. But you can mark it down as a blip in history, according to a Calgary political scientist. "This [was] with a popular, charismatic Liberal leader and an unpopular Conservative incumbent," said Mount Royal University's Duane Bratt, who was reflecting back on the fall of 2015. "Those things are all gone now," he said. Kent Hehr won his Calgary Centre seat by 750 votes. Darshan Kang won the northeast riding of Calgary Skyview by a much wider margin of more than 2,700 votes.

Prince Charming book. Read 3,056 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Meet Daisy Winters. She's an offbeat sixteen- year -old Floridian with mermaid-red hair, a part time job at a bootleg Walmart, and a perfect older sister who's nearly engaged to the Crown Prince of Scotland.

For three hundred years and more, the fathers had told it to their sons. I do not know, whether it is history, or only legend. But the story says that it Everybody talked only about the new baby, Edward Tudor, Prince of Wales. He lay in silks and did not know that he made the people of England so happy.

The prince knew Ward as Britain’s vice-chamberlain, the member of the House of Commons responsible for writing a summary of the Commons’ proceedings for the monarch every day Parliament sat. The vice-chamberlain also had overall responsibility for the running of the Royal Household — he was, for example, summoned for duty at garden parties at Buckingham Palace. Dudley Ward belonged to an ancient English family and had attended Eton and Trinity College, Cambridge.

Since 1906, Ward represented Southampton for the Liberals in the House of Commons. In Parliament, he knew well the rising Liberal politician Winston Churchill, to whom he sent a congratulatory letter after his marriage in 1908. It was before his own marriage to Winifred, or Freda, Birkin in London in 1913.

Dudley Ward regularly visited Canada. In 1911 he purchased one of the senator’s properties on 8th Avenue and it became the Ward Block. The Ranchmen’s Club elected him a non-resident privileged member in May 1912.

The evening at the club later turned quite raucous. Col. Harold Henderson, an aide to the governor general, explained to His Excellency, the Duke of Devonshire, in Ottawa that although the Alberta government had enforced Prohibition for three years, it allowed liquor at the function. Godfrey Thomas, the prince’s private secretary, confirmed this detail. The former British diplomat later wrote Queen Mary, the prince’s mother, about the Calgary dinner at which an Alberta Supreme Court justice tottered to his feet, singing: “Another little drink couldn’t do us any harm.”

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Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer holds rally in Calgary Skyview Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer made a campaign stop in Calgary Monday evening, rallying supporters in the Calgary Skyview riding with a speech promising to repeal the carbon tax, champion Canada’s energy sector and cut taxes. “Job number one for a Conservative government will be called an Act to Repeal the Carbon Tax,” Scheer said to applause from the crowd. “We’re going to repeal Bill C-69. And we’re going to start the process to get an energy corridor in this country, so that western Canadian energy can flow to eastern Canadian markets so that once and for all we can get off foreign oil and become energy independent in this country.

When asked if he should end the festivities, the colonel directed the club president to look closely at the heir to the throne, who was “by no means the least vociferous of those who were singing.” The evening concluded with an incredible display of high spirits. George Peet, who had preceded Calgary lawyer Pat Bergeron as club president, led the attack. Peet had come to Canada from Ireland at age 21 in the early 1890s. After a few false starts (prospecting, coal and insurance, CPR work), he opened a successful real estate business in Calgary with William Toole.

The prince never forgot what followed. Thirty-five years later he described the roaring campfire in a letter sent April 13, 1954, to his friend Alick Newton in Calgary. Newton had mentioned that old George had died in December: “I was sorry to hear about poor old George Peet; he was a great character and the Ranchmens’ Club won’t be the same without him. I will never forget his lighting a fire on the floor in one of the rooms after the dinner the Club gave me in 1919, around which we all stumbled painlessly.”

Signatures of those involved in the grand finale survive. Bob Newboldt, an original member of the club, who ranched at Indus, east of Calgary, near where the Bow River meets the Highwood, attended the dinner. Unusual dress for him, Bob came in white tie. His father had served in the British Army throughout the Empire, in his final post as the governor of the Isle of St. Helena, in the middle of the Atlantic.

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At the end of the post-dinner war dance, Newboldt made a special request. The rancher asked all those still present to autograph the front of his shirt. He took it off and etched his brand on the fabric with a scratchy pen, “DIO,” the abbreviated form of, “Dammit I’m Off.” Others followed. Sen. Lougheed’s signature does not appear. He had left early. Nearly 40 years later, Bob’s widow donated the treasured object, with woven label at the back of the neck, “MADE IN ENGLAND BY LLOYD ATTREE & SMITH FOR THE CALGARY CLOTHING CO,” to Calgary’s Glenbow Museum, and it is now housed at The Ranchmen’s Club where the dinner itself was held a hundred years ago today.

What did His Royal Highness think of his evening at The Ranchmen’s Club? A letter he wrote immediately upon his return to his third-floor suite at the Palliser Hotel provides the answer. The handsome young man, idolized by many young Canadian women as “Prince Charming,” already had a mistress, the woman he termed, “his precious beloved little Madonna.” In his love note of 12:30 a.m. , the future king reviewed the rowdy evening behind him. “They are a fine crowd of Westerners, but God they drink & they don’t let dryness worry them much; it was stiff cocktails & Scotch tonight followed by dirty songs & guess I was lucky to be able to escape before midnight …” He ended the note affectionately, then addressed it, to “Mrs. Freda Dudley Ward,” the wife of William Dudley Ward.

Next morning began for the prince with a huge military parade at the Stampede grounds, with veterans, cadets and boy scouts. The Herald caught the spirit of the moment: “His radiant smile, infectious good-humour, genuine enjoyment, together with the perfect weather and loyal hearts, combine to make a day always to be remembered in Calgary’s history.” A citizens’ lunch followed at the Palliser, then Edward travelled 50 kilometres by train to the south, to High River.

Mitchell, Calgary Stampeders continue their mastery of the Toronto Argonauts

  Mitchell, Calgary Stampeders continue their mastery of the Toronto Argonauts Bo Levi Mitchell threw for 346 yards and a TD as the Calgary Stampeders beat Toronto 23-16 on Friday night to continue their mastery of the Argonauts. Mitchell finished 33-of-48 passing with two interceptions to improve to 11-0 all-time versus Toronto (2-10). And Calgary (9-4) earned its 12th straight regular-season win over the Argos and seventh consecutive road victory here.

(Tomorrow, at the Museum of the Highwood and High River Visitors Information Centre, a commemorative tea will be held to mark the 100th anniversary of his High River stop.)

The famous Bar U Ranch 20 kilometres further south beckoned. The royal party arrived by car before nightfall.

In the foothills of the Rockies, His Royal Highness met George Lane, one of Alberta’s most respected cattle kings and a co-founder of the Calgary Stampede. That night Lane entertained the prince with ranching stories of wild horses and storms in the foothills. The next morning, on Sept. 16, Edward riding in the saddle beside the American-born rancher witnessed a roundup and the branding of some Bar U cattle. In the Bar U’s guest book, he wrote before his departure: “I spent 24 hours at the ranch, I wish it could have been 24 years.”

At 6 p.m. the prince was rushed back to Calgary for the big Military Ball, 1,200 guests at the newly completed red brick fortress, the Mewata Armoury. At 3 a.m., the prince then boarded his train headed westward to Banff to meet the Stoney Nakoda First Nation, to be adopted as “Chief Morning Star.” The royal tour continued to Vancouver and Victoria, then back across the mountains, the prairies and the Canadian Shield to Ottawa where it began.

The prince at the official luncheon in Winnipeg announced that he had bought a ranch in southern Alberta next to Pekisko Creek. Simon Evans’s delightful book, Prince Charming Goes West: The Story of the EP Ranch (Calgary: University of Calgary Press, 1993) recounts his four decades of ownership of the Edward Prince Ranch and his five visits there (1923, 1924, 1927, 1941 and briefly in 1950).

As Edward VIII, the prince acceded to the British throne after the death of his father, King George V. Within a year, the new king’s decision to marry Wallis Simpson, a twice-divorced woman from Baltimore, caused a constitutional crisis that led to his abdication in late 1936. He married Wallis Simpson and went into exile as the Duke of Windsor. Although the duke and duchess did visit the ranch twice, the original enthusiasm of the young prince for the southern Alberta foothills did not return, and in 1962 he sold the EP.

Don Smith is professor emeritus of history at the University of Calgary.

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