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CanadaWhy isn't CBC News calling Justin Trudeau prime minister? Your Week 1 election questions

12:11  16 september  2019
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Federal election campaign to officially kick off Wednesday

Federal election campaign to officially kick off Wednesday Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will officially kick off the federal election campaign with a visit to Rideau Hall at 10 a.m. ET Wednesday, Liberal sources have told CBC News. Trudeau will formally ask Gov.-Gen. Julie Payette to dissolve Parliament, setting the stage for Canada's 43rd general election on Oct. 21. The Liberals are seeking a second four-year mandate, citing the party's accomplishments on child poverty, job creation and Indigenous relations while beating back criticism over the SNC-Lavalin ethics breach.

The Prime Minister will be absent from numerous debates, a very different Party leaders square off at 1 st federal election debate, without Trudeau - Продолжительность: 4:26 CBC News : The National 32 311 How Trudeau 's SNC-Lavalin ethics violation could affect the election | Power & Politics

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau discusses the economy, trade, foreign policy and the 2019 federal election in a wide-ranging interview with The National's Rosemary Barton. Airing six days a week , the show delivers news , feature documentaries and analysis from some of Canada's leading journalists.

Why isn't CBC News calling Justin Trudeau prime minister? Your Week 1 election questions© Justin Tang/The Canadian Press Yes, Justin Trudeau is still prime minister. But in all CBC News election stories, he's now called Liberal leader, and you wanted to know why. It's one of the most common questions you had on Week 1 of the campaign. Now the campaign is officially underway, many are just starting to think about the weeks ahead and how to vote. We've been fielding many questions about all aspects of the election, from parliamentary procedure to voting restrictions.

Each week until election day, we'll be rounding up your questions and answering the most common in articles like this. Here are some we got during Week 1.

Town hall with Chrystia Freeland cut short by protesters

  Town hall with Chrystia Freeland cut short by protesters TORONTO — A town hall with Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland held by the National Council of Canadian Muslims was cut short Sunday after protesters calling her a "war monger" repeatedly interrupted the event in Toronto. Protesters held up signs raising issues such as Venezuelan independence while another at one point held up a sign that read: "Save Yemeni Children." "If you're for democracy, why do you condone the sale of weapons of mass destruction to Saudi Arabia," said one unidentified man.

Justin Trudeau , Prime Minister of Canada, is confronted by protesters/hecklers and proves to the world that he is unable to control his own town hall question and answer session. I go through the heckler/protester town hall scene and point out all the outrageous parts things Trudeau said as well

Conservative MPs led a chorus of questions about the ethics commissioner's investigation into Prime Minister Justin Trudeau To read CBC OPINION on Through regional and national programming on multiple platforms, including CBC Television, CBC News Network, CBC Radio, CBCNews .ca, mobile

Why aren't you calling Justin Trudeau the prime minister?

You may have noticed CBC News referring to Justin Trudeau as Liberal leader. Yes, he's still prime minister. However, now that the election has been called, incumbents who are running for re-election are referred to by their party affiliation only. According to the CBC Language Guide, this is done to "avoid even the perception of giving incumbents an advantage."

There are exceptions, though. The political titles are allowed if it is a non-election story, where they are acting in their official role. Right here, though, it's Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau.

With Parliament dissolved, what happens if there's a national emergency?

With Parliament dissolved, it can't be recalled. Until the election ends and a new government is sworn in, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau and his cabinet ministers "hold full and complete authority," according to the Library of Parliament. They would be the ones dealing with any emergency.

Justin Trudeau's 2019 Net Worth Hasn't Changed Much Since He Was Elected

  Justin Trudeau's 2019 Net Worth Hasn't Changed Much Since He Was Elected He received a lot of inheritance before becoming Prime Minister. On top of his inheritance, Trudeau also created a public speaking business that earned around $450,000 on his best year. He also was involved in other companies, where he receives royalties for about $10,000 a year. While Trudeau revealed that he 'won the lottery' by being able to live a wealthy lifestyle, he states that he is grateful for what he has.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau delivered a commencement speech at the ceremony for New York University graduates at Yankee Stadium. The Canadian prime

He may be the hottest Prime Minister on Earth, but Justin Trudeau is so much more than just a Here are 18 reasons why Trudeau , the new youthful face of Canadian politics, has the world head Trudeau jokes about India trip at press gallery dinner - Продолжительность: 4:45 CBC News 198

If that emergency requires spending money, they could do so through using the Governor General's Special Warrants, which cover expenses "urgently required for the public good." Any decisions would be guided by existing rules.

The Liberals are encouraged to act with restraint, though. An emergency is one thing, but they shouldn't be spending money on policy or new appointments. There are no penalties if they do that, but as the Library of Parliament warns, "the possibility of political sanction in the form of a defeat at the polls would have to be taken into account."

I'm moving between now and the election. Where will I vote?

It depends where you consider your home riding to be.

If it's your new home (and you are on the voter list), you can update your address here — but you should do it soon. That way, your voter information card can be sent to your new address. You can use it along with one other form of ID to vote. This is perhaps the easiest way to vote if you just moved, as you likely won't have time to update your address on any of your other IDs just yet; the election is soon —on Oct. 21 — after all!

Trudeau’s behaviour doesn’t serve the Canadian people

  Trudeau’s behaviour doesn’t serve the Canadian people Trudeau scandal shows the narcissist beneath it all, Menon, Sept. 22 Vinay Menon hit the nail on the head with his commentary on Justin Trudeau’s reaction to his blackface indiscretion. Gaslighting is a favourite tool of manipulative narcissistic people and there has been no end to the number of times Trudeau has done this. He twisted his groping incident into how people can “experience things differently,” guilt-trippingly yelled at Afro-Canadian MP Celina Caesar-Chavannes for resigning from the Liberal caucus after “all” he had supposedly “done” for her as if she had no merit on her own, and arranged a wrestling match with Sen.

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer rose in the House of Commons after Justin Trudeau had just Two days earlier, Bill Morneau had called Deputy Leader of the Conservative Party Lisa Raitt a Why Justin Trudeau , Canada Prime Minister , Is Actually A Wimp - Продолжительность: 10:09 Derek

The federal election is officially a go. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made the announcement on Wednesday in Ottawa shortly after a meeting with Trudeau , Leader of the Liberal Party, will have five and a half weeks to convince Canadians to give his government a second chance when they head to

If you still consider your old address your home riding (but don't want to drive back), you can do it by mail you can sign up to get a kit sent now. You can also go to any Elections Canada office and vote there.

How does a person in hospital vote?

You may actually be able to vote via mobile polling station in the hospital. Elections Canada plans to travel to 5,202 different places where seniors or people with disabilities live, including hospitals. In some cases, poll staffers will actually go room to room in hospitals with a ballot box.

Elections Canada suggests contacting your hospital to see if voting will be offered there. Thesame type of identification rules apply as if you were to go to a regular polling station. There are several hospital items you can use as one of your forms of identification though, including hospital cards, hospital ID wristbands and labels from your prescriptions. You can use one of these along with an additional ID from this list, which has your address.

How do I vote if I'm a shut-in?

If you can't leave your house or make it to a polling station, you can get your ballot kit sent to you in the mail you can apply for it now.

Man in photo with Trudeau not offended by costume; says 'it's not a big thing"

  Man in photo with Trudeau not offended by costume; says 'it's not a big thing SURREY, B.C. — A man who was photographed with Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau in brownface said he doesn't view the costume he was wearing at a theme party in 2001 as racist. Sunny Khurana said his two children attended West Point Grey Academy in Vancouver, where Trudeau taught, and the school had a "very high standard." "There was no tolerance for anyone who mistreated anyone or for any racism," he said in an interview on Thursday at his Indian clothing store, Guru Bazaar, in Surrey, B.C. Three photos have come out of Trudeau in brown- and blackface.

In his UN speech, Canada's prime minister talked about Indigenous reconciliation, climate Through regional and national programming on multiple platforms, including CBC Television, CBC News Trudeau questioned by veterans on pensions, Omar Kahdr - Продолжительность: 10:05

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau delivers his first address to the United nations General Assembly. Through regional and national programming on multiple platforms, including CBC Television, CBC News Network, CBC Radio, CBCNews .ca, mobile and on-demand, CBC News and its internationally

In certain cases, an election officer may come to your house to let you vote. This is allowed if:

  • You can't read.
  • Your disability prevents you from using the mail ballot.
  • Your disability prevents you from getting to an Elections Canada office.

Elections Canada considers the home visit a last resort, if all other options have been exhausted. If you meet the criteria, you can contact your returning officer to request to vote at home.

Why isn't CBC News calling Justin Trudeau prime minister? Your Week 1 election questions© Justin Tang/The Canadian Press Now that Parliament's been dissolved by the Governor General, it can't be recalled before the election on Oct. 21.

How long has vouching been in place? How many people use it?

Vouching is being reinstated this election. It's the practice of getting someone to vouch for your right to vote if you don't have valid ID. That person must be able to prove their identity and address.

It was offered as an option in past elections but was nixed as part of the Conservatives' Elections Act changes in 2014, so it wasn't available in the 2015 election. The Liberals made their own changes to the Elections Act last year, bringing back vouching.

In 2011, about 120,000 people used vouching in order to vote. That's around 0.8 per cent of all voters.

If I take my ballot and just hand it back, does it count as a protest vote?

We've been spotting — and correcting — some confusion on this. No, this would be considered a spoiled vote and wouldn't even be put in the ballot box. Elections Canada makes a note, but no numbers are released publicly.

If you were to go into the election booth, vote for no one and then put the ballot in the ballot box, that would be counted as a rejected ballot. The number of rejected ballots is included in Election Canada's final vote count; there were 120,515 rejected in 2015. However, it can't be considered a protest vote because many types of ballots are counted as rejected, including ones with no votes, ones with multiple votes and ones that are improperly marked.

"There is no mechanism to track people who want to protest their vote," says Matthew McKenna, who works in media relations for Elections Canada.

In Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario provincial elections, you can actually decline your ballot, which gives a better indication of those voting in protest. The option isn't available federally.

Have a question you don't see here? Send Haydn an email at [email protected]. He'll try to get you an answer — or include it in a future article.

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