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Canada Is Beijing sticking its nose into the election campaign in Markham?

14:50  20 october  2019
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Kicked out of the party, but not out of politics: Ex-Liberal Jane Philpott holding her own as independent

  Kicked out of the party, but not out of politics: Ex-Liberal Jane Philpott holding her own as independent MARKHAM, Ont. — It was perhaps no coincidence that Liberal leader Justin Trudeau was campaigning Wednesday in the riding once held by former trusted, high-profile Cabinet minister Jane Philpott. Philpott, the former Liberal Treasury Board president, was turfed by Trudeau from the party after she publicly said she had no confidence in the prime minister’s handling of the SNC-Lavalin affair. Now Philpott, well-known and well-liked in the Markham-Stouffville riding, is standing as an independent and is more than holding her own.

Marcus Kolga: For the sake of democracy, voters in the Markham -Unionville riding should ask their local candidates about their positions on human rights in China.

Those who had campaigned against Beijing ’s election plan, including the leaders of last year’s huge street demonstrations, were hardly rejoicing. Pro- Beijing politicians said the Chinese government, having seen its preferred plan rejected, would not move to set more generous terms.

Justin Trudeau, Michael Chan, John McCallum are posing for a picture: L-R: Liberal leader Justin Trudreau (2nd from left), MP Michael Chan, MP John McCallum drop in at the Pacific Mall in Markham-Unionville during the Chinese New Year on Feb. 19, 2015. (Adam Scotti/Liberal Party of Canada)© Used with permission of / © St. Joseph Communications. L-R: Liberal leader Justin Trudreau (2nd from left), MP Michael Chan, MP John McCallum drop in at the Pacific Mall in Markham-Unionville during the Chinese New Year on Feb. 19, 2015. (Adam Scotti/Liberal Party of Canada)

Marcus Kolga is a writer, documentary filmmaker, human right activist, foreign influence analyst and a resident of Unionville. He is a senior fellow at the Macdonald-Laurier Institute’s Centre for Advancing Canada’s Interests Abroad.

The suburban Toronto community of Markham has become ground zero for Chinese government influence operations in Canada, which aims to manipulate and subvert Canadian debate on both domestic and foreign policy that intersects with Chinese interests.

Surrey sign ban forces election candidates to shift campaign strategy

  Surrey sign ban forces election candidates to shift campaign strategy Surrey sign ban forces election candidates to shift campaign strategyPlanting signs on public property was banned in Surrey after the 2018 civic election campaign, when a long list of candidates led to numerous candidate boards piling up around the city, including at road intersections where drivers reported having trouble seeing past them.

We recommend updating your browser to its most recent version at your earliest convenience. This is the most candidates the City of Markham has received during a municipal election since it started Candidates cannot spend or raise funds for their election campaign until their nomination has been

HONG KONG — China’s legislature laid down strict limits on Sunday to proposed voting reforms in Hong Kong, pushing back against months of rallies calling for free, democratic elections . The decision by the National People’s Congress Standing Committee drew battle lines in what pro-democracy

Markham, one of Canada’s most ethnically diverse cities, is home to 100,000 Chinese community members who have become the focus of domestic and foreign disinformation efforts in this election. Recent reports have exposed efforts to target this community with false narratives about illegal immigration and government plans to legalize hard drugs, which have been promoted in Chinese-language local Conservative campaign material, Facebook ads and on the popular Chinese social media platform WeChat.

The community is also deeply divided among those who support greater freedom and democracy for Hong Kong and those who—through coercion, economic necessity or fealty—support the Chinese Communist Party and regime.

No holiday for campaigning leaders on Thanksgiving weekend, but pace slows

  No holiday for campaigning leaders on Thanksgiving weekend, but pace slows OTTAWA — After a frenetic Friday following the final debate of the federal election campaign, the party leaders are taking the Saturday of the holiday weekend a little easier. Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer is making a morning announcement in Burnaby, B.C., possibly the most heavily campaigned-on place in the country since the election call in September. Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau was in the Vancouver suburbs yesterday but is spending most of today flying back east, for a rally in the Toronto suburb of Mississauga. NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh is firing up volunteers and doing some "mainstreeting" in swing ridings in and around Toronto.

Current Governor Deval Patrick has defended the program despite the fact that premiums have vastly increased for that state's citizens and the constant drain Patrick used David Axelrod as his campaign manager, as did Barack Obama. Now Axelrod has perhaps become the power behind the throne in

Four years after that declaration, the data is in: China is winning, at record pace. In particular, cities have cut concentrations of fine particulates in the air The speed of the anti-pollution drive has raised important questions about its human costs. But if China sustains these reductions, recent research by

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This split was most recently evidenced, when pro-regime forces organized an anti-Hong Kong democracy rally in Markham in August to counter pro-democracy groups who have rallied in support of demonstrators in Hong Kong. Of note, the anti-Hong Kong rally was attended by a former influential Ontario cabinet minister, and Markham-Unionville MPP, Michael Chan.

Chan was named in an explosive 2015 Globe and Mail article about Chinese regime influence in Canadian politics. The report claimed that CSIS, Canada’s intelligence agency, briefed Ontario officials about Chan, who according to them “had developed too close a relationship with China’s consulate in Toronto, raising fears the minister was susceptible to interference from Beijing that could put Canada’s national interests at risk.”

In swing riding, ex-Liberal Jane Philpott hopes to defy odds and win as Independent

  In swing riding, ex-Liberal Jane Philpott hopes to defy odds and win as Independent Jane Philpott, who gained political fame for resigning as Liberal cabinet minister over the SNC-Lavalin affair, is hoping to defy the odds and win re-election in her Markham-Stouffville riding as an Independent MP. But will she retain her support of the past, or end up splitting the vote?"They're running against me," says the incumbent Independent MP.

BEIJING — With coding skills, a foreign degree, fluent English and an apartment barely big enough for his espresso maker and two cats, Si Ruomu thought he was Beijing is a cultural, technological and commercial capital as well as a political one, and the tenements on its outskirts are home to tens of

The US has its election irregularities and sticks its nose into the Venezuelan election as it sees South America as its backyard. About ten people were killed in a weekend of rioting in Venezuela as opposition activists flooded the streets protesting against the election of a new assembly.

Chan denied the allegations, writing in an open letter that the claims were “offensive and totally false.” He later slapped the Globe and Mail and leading Canadian China expert, Charles Burton, with a lawsuit.

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At the August pro-Beijing rally in Markham, Chan reportedly spoke in support of the Hong Kong government’s tactics against pro-democracy protestors, when he declared that “we support Hong Kong’s police strictly handling unrest, Hong Kong’s government carefully defending the rule of law, China’s government carefully observing Hong Kong”.

In addition to its crackdown in Hong Kong, Beijing has also faced international criticism for its mass violations of human rights in the Western Chinese region of Xinjiang, where authorities have detained and imprisoned one million ethnic Uyghurs in concentration camps, where they are reportedly subjected to slave labour for Chinese entrepreneurs. Among them is Canadian-Uyghur, Huseyin Celil who has suffered in Chinese prisons since 2006.

Hong Kong Canadians question alleged pro-Beijing backing for prominent Liberal candidate

  Hong Kong Canadians question alleged pro-Beijing backing for prominent Liberal candidate Members of the group Torontonians Stand With Hong Kong say they are concerned Mary Ng could hold the same pro-Beijing positions as those allegedly held by Michael Chan Chan, who previously served in the provincial Liberal governments of Dalton McGuinty and Kathleen Wynne. In June, Ng announced on her Chinese-language WeChat account that Chan was a co-chair for her campaign.In a 2015 report, the Globe and Mail alleged CSIS had formally warned Ontario’s Liberal government in 2010 that Chan was unusually close to the Chinese consulate in Toronto and that he could be at risk of influence from officials in Beijing.

Beijing ’s reach into Australia goes far beyond groups like the student association. Its interference in Australian society is becoming increasingly bolder. Fear is among Beijing ’s most potent weapons in silencing Chinese-Australians. Like me, other Chinese-Australian critics of Beijing are targets of

Image. Vast swaths of Daxing, a district in southern Beijing , are reminiscent of war zones, with entire city blocks demolished.CreditBryan Denton for The New York Times. BEIJING — At night on the edges of Beijing , the migrant workers who keep China’s capital city fed, cleaned

With one of the largest Chinese constituencies in Canada, it is remarkable that these issues (including the detention and torture of two Canadians, Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig as part of Beijing’s Huawei hostage-diplomacy) have been largely dismissed by local federal election candidates.

At a local election debate last week, candidates were asked about whether they supported Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement and if they condemned the ethnic cleansing of Uyghurs taking place in Xinjiang. Both Liberal candidate Alan Ho, and incumbent Conservative MP Bob Saroya, stated their support for human rights and free speech. Unlike their own party leaders, however, they failed to condemn the brutal violent crackdown on peaceful demonstrators by the Hong Kong and Beijing governments. Instead, both Saroya and Ho echoed Beijing’s warnings against Canadian interference in Hong Kong affairs.

“We have to make sure that we are not interfering with some of those governments,” warned Saroya. Ho sidestepped criticizing Hong Kong police brutality, telling the audience instead that “we need to focus on the real issues that Hong Kong faces under [a] ‘one country, two systems’ model. Like education, jobs, that kind of thing.”

Ho, never veering far from the script in a binder laid out in front of him, criticized Saroya for accepting a fully paid trip to China by the Communist Party in 2018.

A by-the-numbers look at the federal election campaign, and voting day

  A by-the-numbers look at the federal election campaign, and voting day OTTAWA — After a campaign that started on Sept. 11, voters head to the polls Monday to mark their ballots in Canada's 43rd general election. Here are some numbers to capture the scope of the campaign: 338: Number of federal ridings 170: Seats needed for a majority government. 177: Seats Liberals held at dissolution. 95: Seats Conservatives held at dissolution. 39: Seats the New Democratic Party held at dissolution. 10: Seats the Bloc Quebecois338: Number of federal ridings

The Indian general election of 2014 were held to constitute the 16th Lok Sabha in India. Voting took place in all 543 parliamentary constituencies of India to elect members of parliament in the Lok Sabha. The result of this election was declared on 16 May.

2018 Election Results. China is seeing signs of success in its fight against smog as pollution levels slump dramatically in the capital region Beijing . It will probably rise by 15 percent this year as Beijing sticks to its anti-coal guns and spurs development of gas infrastructure, Beveridge wrote.

Gloria Fung, President of Canada-Hong Kong Link, a non-profit Hong Kong diaspora advocacy group, is deeply concerned about undue foreign influence and of Canadian organizations that are linked to the Chinese government. Of those MPs who accept Communist Party funded travel to China, she warns that “there are no such things as free trips—you have to pay them back later.” Her organization is calling for legislation that would curb foreign influence and expansion of Canadian Magnitsky sanctions to target those authorities who are responsible for violent crackdown in Hong Kong.

When Mr. Ho appeared at my door while canvassing last week, I used the opportunity to ask him about his own travel to China and his position on China’s human rights abuses.

“Seven years ago, when I brought to Markham the world’s longest [dancing] dragon, I went to China three times, all at my own expense,” he told me.

When I asked him about mass Chinese human rights abuses against one million Uyghurs in Xinjiang, Mr. Ho suggested that it could be “fake news,” despite countless reports confirming it by western international human rights organizations and mainstream media. Mr. Ho told me that we should “be careful about a lot of messages, because a lot of people are spreading fake news, wrong messages, even here,” he explained.

Surprised by the number of Uyghurs reportedly in the Chinese camps, Ho exclaimed, “a million people? How big is that camp? A million people? A million people is half of Toronto’s population. How could they do that?”

The unfulfilled promise of Jane Philpott

  The unfulfilled promise of Jane Philpott After enduring a loss, Jane Philpott wanted to be brave. If not for herself, for the young women who looked up to her.Jane Philpott deserved better.

Yet the disdain predates the election of Trump, who is roundly despised here for his unapologetic anti-European Union views. To increase imports of Volkswagens into the U.S., the company tried to cheat emission Its huge economy understandably makes Berlin influential in the European Union.

Elections , which commenced its term of office on 1 February 2012, is composed of 1,044 members elected from 35 subsectors, 60 members nominated by the of party politics into the chief executive race, and the effect of his candidature (and potential success in getting elected ) for the DAB in the

Mr. Ho’s campaign stated later, in an email, that he had misunderstood the pronunciation of the word “Uyghur,” and therefore didn’t understand the initial question. Yet the Ho campaign failed to condemn the Chinese government for its campaign against the Uyghurs. Mr. Saroya never responded to requests for interviews.

Local Green Party candidate, Elvin Kao, did write on Facebook that he supports imposing “export controls on military, social surveillance, and crowd-control-related technology” as well as Magnitsky sanctions against those authorities “who are responsible for violation of human rights, rule of law and autonomy in Hong Kong,” positions which are shared by the NDP in response to a questionnaire sent out by a coalition of pro-democracy Hong Kong advocacy groups.

As truth and facts fall victim to candidates who pander to groups aligned with Beijing, the erosion of our democracy may not fall far behind. Every Canadian voter can help protect it, by asking local candidates about their positions on human rights in China, and Canada’s policy towards them. By doing so, we remind those candidates that core Canadian values of human rights, democracy, freedom and rule-of-law do matter, and that we expect our political representatives to respect and defend them.


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Marni Soupcoff: What Jane Philpott's loss tells us about the shallowness of voters .
Amid all the disappointments of this week’s election results, and they were perversely unifying results in the sense that they offered something disappointing for everyone, the saddest was that Jane Philpott lost her seat. And it wasn’t even close — the former health minister, who was running as an independent, came in third in the contest in her Markham-Stouffville riding. It is not a coincidence that Philpott was one of the small handful of candidates who have displayed exceptional integrity. It’s precisely because she took a principled stand that she lost.

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