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Canada Canada elects Parliament in vote seen as threat to Trudeau

07:30  21 october  2019
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Trudeau says threat to his safety grows from online polarization and hate

  Trudeau says threat to his safety grows from online polarization and hate TORONTO — Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau says a security threat that forced him to wear a bullet-proof vest on Saturday is an unfortunate consequence of an online campaign of hate and lies that is polarizing politics both in Canada and around the world. Trudeau is also accusing the Conservatives of "reprehensible" conduct and "flat-out" lying to Canadians about the Liberals, but he is not blaming them for whatever threat prompted an increase security presence on his campaign.He says the blame for the threat — which neither he nor the RCMP will explain — lies at the feet of the person or people who made it.

With the campaign for Canada ’s Monday, October 21 federal election in its final days, opinion polls strongly Prime Minister Trudeau has responded to the tightening of the election race by amplifying his claims that It was the Chretien-Martin Liberal government, elected on the basis of denunciations of the It denounces “mass immigration” and “multi-culturalism” as threats to “western civilization.”

Canada election : can Trudeau excite young voters let down by broken promises? But if Canadians elected enough of its MPs, a minority Liberal government might be forced to rely on the party to pass legislation: this would provide powerful leverage in parliament to push for vital new social programs

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TORONTO (AP) — Canadians are electing a new Parliament on Monday after a tight election campaign that has raised the threat of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau being knocked from power after one term.

The 47-year-old Trudeau channeled the star power of his father, the liberal icon and late Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, when he won in 2015 but a combination of scandal and high expectations have damaged his prospects.

Trudeau accuses Tories of running 'one of the dirtiest, nastiest campaigns'

  Trudeau accuses Tories of running 'one of the dirtiest, nastiest campaigns' MONTREAL — Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau says the Conservatives are running one of the dirtiest, nastiest campaigns based on disinformation that Canada has ever seen. Trudeau went on to say that Canadians are saddened to see some parties running polarizing and negative campaigns using tactics imported from other countries. Over the weekend, a security threat forced Trudeau to wear a bulletproof vest at an event, and the next day he lamented the divisive nature of the campaign.He said the Conservatives are adopting the politics of fear and negativity, though he did not blame them for the security threat.

Canada ’s trade unions have spent millions of dollars on securing the re- election of Justin Trudeau and his big business Liberal Party in next Monday’s federal election . According to a CBC News analysis of Elections Canada financial reports, Unifor, the country’s largest industrial union, was the single

The 2019 Canadian federal election (formally the 43rd Canadian general election ) is scheduled to take place on October 21, 2019, to elect members of the House of Commons to the 43rd Canadian

Polls indicate Trudeau's Liberal Party could lose to the rival Conservatives, or perhaps win but still fail to get a majority of seats in Parliament and have to rely on an opposition party to remain in power.

Not in 84 years has a first-term Canadian prime minister with a parliamentary majority lost a bid for re-election.

Trudeau reasserted liberalism in 2015 after almost 10 years of Conservative Party government in Canada, but he is one of the few remaining progressive leaders in the world. He has been viewed as a beacon for liberals in the Trump era, even appearing on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine under the headline "Why Can't He Be Our President?"

Justin Trudeau© DON MACKINNON Justin Trudeau Perhaps sensing Trudeau is in trouble, Barack Obama made an unprecedented endorsement by a former American president in urging Canadians to re-elect Trudeau and saying the world needs his progressive leadership now.

In likely tight Canadian vote, deciding who governs could take weeks

  In likely tight Canadian vote, deciding who governs could take weeks In likely tight Canadian vote, deciding who governs could take weeksOTTAWA (Reuters) - Opinion polls suggest no party will gain a majority of seats in the Canadian election on Oct. 21. That leaves the two frontrunners - Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Conservative opposition leader Andrew Scheer - trying to govern with a minority. Six parties are contesting the election.

The 2015 Canadian federal election (formally the 42nd Canadian general election ) was held on October 19, 2015, to elect members to the House of Commons of the 42nd Canadian Parliament .

Trudeau under pressure as Canada heads to polls. He was once touted as the nation’s golden boy but tonight Canadian PM Justin Trudeau risks losing Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau , trying to retain power after scandals dimmed his image, on Friday said he was fighting for every vote in an

But old photos of Trudeau in blackface and brownface surfaced last month, casting doubt on his judgment.

Trudeau also was hurt by a scandal that erupted this year when his former attorney general said he pressured her to halt the prosecution of a Quebec company. Trudeau has said he was standing up for jobs, but the damage gave a boost to the Conservative Party led by Andrew Scheer.

No party is expected to get a majority of Parliament's 338 seats, so a shaky alliance may be needed to pass legislation.

If Conservatives should win the most seats — but not a majority — they would probably try to form a government with the backing of Quebec's separatist Bloc Quebecois party. Trudeau's Liberals would likely rely on the New Democrats to stay in power.

Scheer is a career politician described by those in his own party as bland, a possible antidote for those tired of Trudeau's flash. Scheer, 40, calls Trudeau a phony who can't even recall how many times he has worn blackface.

Green Leader Elizabeth May predicts minority government, warns against majority

  Green Leader Elizabeth May predicts minority government, warns against majority VICTORIA — Green Leader Elizabeth May says it appears Canadians are about to elect a minority government, which could make the environment the biggest winner. Minority Parliaments force parties to work together and the Greens can play leading roles in implementing environmental policies that fight climate change, she said Wednesday. "The point is right now we're looking at a minority Parliament," May said. "What you want is members of Parliament who know how to co-operate across party lines and deliver good results. A minority Parliament gives us the opportunity to actually deliver on what is needed.

This election will decide the fate of liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau , once called Canada ’s “anti-Trump,” who has Since the turn of the century, many countries once deemed immune have seen far-right parties Upon quitting the CPC, Bernier kept his seat in parliament , where he has represented

Montreal, Canada - Canada 's 43rd general election will take place on Monday in a poll seen largely as a referendum on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau , who has been rocked by recent scandals. The prime minister is not elected directly; instead, the winning party's leader will take up the top post.

Jason Kenney, Alberta's premier and a close friend of Scheer, calls the Conservative leader "an extremely normal Canadian" who is so nice he "can't fake being mean."

Scheer, however, has so relentlessly attacked Trudeau that Nik Nanos, a Canadian pollster, said he hasn't been himself.

"Scheer has been hostage to the message," Nanos said. "His campaign has made him into an attack machine."

Conservative supporters chanted "Lock him up! Lock him up!" at a rally Saturday after Scheer said he would investigate Trudeau's attorney general scandal — mirroring the Hillary Clinton "Lock her up!" chant popular at Donald Trump rallies. Scheer moved to calm the crowd and changed the chant to "Vote him out."

Trudeau embraced immigration at a time when the U.S. and other countries are closing their doors, and he legalized cannabis nationwide.

His efforts to strike a balance on the environment and the economy have been criticized by both the right and left. He brought in a carbon tax to fight climate change but rescued a stalled pipeline expansion project to get Alberta's oil to international markets.

His also negotiated a new free trade deal for Canada with the U.S. and Mexico amid threats by President Donald Trump to scrap it.

Scheer is promising to end the carbon tax and cut government spending, including foreign aid, by 25%.

"That money belongs to you, not to them," Scheer said.

Andrew Coyne: Our winner-take-all system turns too many voters into losers and leaders into gamblers .
You’d have thought he’d just won another majority. There was Justin Trudeau on election night, boasting of the “clear mandate” he had just been given. No mention that his party had been reduced to a minority, or that it had won a million fewer votes than it did the previous election — a quarter million fewer, in fact, than the Conservatives. At 33 per cent of the votes cast, it is, in fact, the weakest mandate any Canadian government has received in any election since Confederation.

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