Canada Judge sides with woman fighting Montreal's order to euthanize dog

17:00  15 november  2019
17:00  15 november  2019 Source:   montrealgazette.com

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a man holding a dog: Marylou Trahan is seen with her dog, Zuri. © Photo courtesy of Marylou Trahan Marylou Trahan is seen with her dog, Zuri.

From the moment the city of Montreal ordered her dog euthanized for fatally biting another dog, all Marylou Trahan says she wanted was a chance to explain her pet’s behaviour.

After challenging the order in court, a judge has now given her that chance.

“When there’s a dog bite, you can’t just look at the bite itself. You need to consider the dog’s history and what led to it,” Trahan, who works as an animal health technician, said this week.

“My dog is anxious. Not dangerous.”

The city issued the euthanization order under its animal-control bylaw two summers ago . Per the city’s regulations, any dog that fatally bites another is categorized as dangerous and is to be euthanized within 48 hours.

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MONTREAL —A prominent Montreal lawyer was in court Thursday in an attempt to save a pit bull-type dog that attacked six people last summer from being put down. Anne-France Goldwater argued the section of the municipal bylaw that orders a dog to be euthanized once declared dangerous

In a ruling issued Nov. 1, Quebec Superior Court Judge Frédéric Bachand cancelled the euthanization order, which had been stayed during the proceedings, and sent the matter back to the city to be re-evaluated.

The judge added the clause that city authorities will now need to consider Trahan’s opinion on whether her dog is dangerous before deciding if a euthanization order is warranted.

The incident in question took place in Lachine in August 2018.

According to the decision, Trahan and a neighbour agreed to let their dogs play in an alley behind their homes. Trahan thought her dog, a German shepherd-husky mix named Zuri, would be playing with her neighbour’s husky.

She went inside to grab Zuri’s muzzle and, in the meantime, her neighbour opened her fence door. But instead of his husky, he had his 17-year-old miniature schnauzer. Zuri attacked the dog and it died soon after.

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Euthanizing your pet dog is a painful resolution and it is a desperate decision when there isn't a different choices are available. Individuals who stay alongside lack a stable support system that might assist make the process of moving on simpler.

District Judge Michael Hulewicz' s ruling that a service dog should be euthanized after allegedly killing a neighbor dog was met with outbursts in a courtroom of concerned residents. Please read the rules before joining the discussion. Judge rules service dog must be euthanized .

Trahan says Zuri, 6, has a history of anxiety. She was already taking precautions before the bite: The dog is followed by a veterinarian for its behaviour, always has a muzzle on in public, is never off-leash and is never walked by children alone.

But none of that was discussed when two city of Montreal employees met with Trahan after the bite, she says.

Meeting at her home, they asked her to fill out a statement about what happened. As soon as she was done writing, she says, they told her she would be receiving a euthanization order.

“Either the decision to euthanize was made before Ms. Trahan completed the form, or the city made that decision immediately after Ms. Trahan completed the form, and thus without taking the time to really consider her point of view,” Bachand ruled.

Trahan’s statement also doesn’t mention whether she believes Zuri is a dangerous dog or if a euthanization order would be justified, Bachand added, leading him to believe the city “did not invite Ms. Trahan to speak on these two issues.”

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— A dog that was ordered euthanized after a judge reversed his decision was put down Wednesday at the Aurora Animal Shelter. 2, when a neighbor’ s dog broke through Prim’ s fence and entered her backyard. Blu and the other dog began fighting . When the adult female next-door neighbor tried to

WAAY 31 spoke with the owners of four dogs who a judge ordered to be euthanized . Those owners, Brian and Melody Graden, told us they're not sure it was “It’ s been made to seem as though the bad is on this side of the fence," said Melody Graden. Melody says, since the day her friend and next-door

The city had argued that per its animal-control bylaw, it had no choice but to order Zuri euthanized after the bite. But Bachand wrote that by his reading of the bylaw, it isn’t clear whether that’s the case or if the city does have some leeway when dealing with a deadly bite.


Bachand noted the city’s animal-control bylaw came into effect after the “tragic incident” of 2016, alluding to the death of Christiane Vadnais, the Pointe-aux-Trembles woman killed by a neighbour’s dog in her backyard.

The judge positioned the case as a balancing act between two fundamental values that “have a broad social consensus”: public security and animal welfare. He ruled Trahan’s position better meets that balance.

The city of Montreal declined to comment for this report.

Trahan, 25, has since moved away from the city. She said she is relieved by the ruling and is open to having Zuri evaluated to determine the dog’s dangerousness, as long as her input is considered.

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Order from an Austin Municipal Court judge to have Neville, a dog at Austin Pets Alive, euthanized . (1) the dog was being used for the protection of a person or person' s property, the attack, bite, or mauling occurred in an enclosure in which the dog was being keptt and

A ghastly story, one that resembles the successful rescue of Michael Vick' s Pitbulls by Best Friends in Utah, were it not for a judge that has condemned 147 dogs to death, because of the crime of their owner; please contact this judge and tell him he is wrong

What she has always wanted the city to understand, she added, is that a dog’s behaviour can affect its actions. Just because it bites once, she said, doesn’t necessarily mean it will again.

She doesn’t believe Zuri will.



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