Canada UCP members show overwhelming support for ideas to give Alberta more autonomy

07:01  01 december  2019
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< Alberta NDP’s has called for an investigation into what it calls collusion, rule breaking, and pay-to-play deals involving the United Conservative Opposition. The PACs can support parties but can’t engage in direct political activities, such as conducting and sharing polling information on voters.

“Obviously we support the idea that children should receive vaccines that are necessary to protect their health, but parents should not be surprised when they learn their child has been given a shot.” READ MORE : Debate over abortion clinic safe zones in Alberta sees UCP members walk out.

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CALGARY — Members of Alberta's United Conservative Party have shown overwhelming support for measures that would give the province more autonomy from Ottawa amid simmering separatist sentiment.

At its first annual general meeting since winning power this spring, the UCP held a special session on Saturday to discuss ways for Alberta to get what it calls a "fair deal" from the federal government.

Informal straw polls were taken on the idea of Alberta establishing its own tax collection agency, pension plan, police force, trade relationships and firearms watchdog. A panel weighing those ideas is to complete its report by March 31.

Canada is home to the largest rat-free part of the world

  Canada is home to the largest rat-free part of the world In this episode of Everything Should Be Better, Tristin Hopper explains how Alberta fights, and wins, an unending war on rats. Watch the video above, or read the transcript below. Here’s a map of the global range of the common rat. Notice anything? While the rest of the inhabitable world suffers under the dominion of King Rat, there’s a big pentagon of land in the middle of Canada where the rodents have been completely eradicated. That’s not a typo: For nearly 70 years, the province of Alberta has officially been rat-free. Rats still get in, but they never survive long enough to breed.

In many organizations, developing autonomy , mastery and purpose will likely involve a cultural shift. Autonomy – people are trusted and encouraged to take ownership of their own work and skill development. Mark article as Complete. Show Ratings Hide Ratings.

Other party members scrambled to say it’s not about the party not supporting young LGBTQ students – it was a vote on the paramountcy of parental rights. He said he was disappointed the policy resolution passed, but his group has received great support from members .

In a show of hands, members voted nearly unanimously for each measure.

"We are not seeking a special deal. We are simply seeking a fair deal," Premier Jason Kenney later told party members.

Kenney said he'd be taking that message to an upcoming meeting of premiers in Toronto and to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in Ottawa in a week and a half.

Finance Minister Travis Toews said the Alberta pension plan idea warrants a thorough investigation.

"Alberta is the youngest province by age in the country and because of our earnings level, we make a disproportionate net contribution to the Canada Pension Plan program every year," he said. "We believe this is a bona fide issue to give serious consideration to."

One member stepped up to the microphone to call the idea an "absolute slam dunk."

Alberta aiming to end 500 nursing jobs over 3 years; nurses call it 'betrayal'

  Alberta aiming to end 500 nursing jobs over 3 years; nurses call it 'betrayal' EDMONTON — Alberta's nurses union says the province's intention to eliminate 500 full-time nursing positions over the next three years has left them feeling betrayed. David Harrigan, a labour negotiator with the United Nurses of Alberta, says that means at least 750 nurses will be out of work once job-sharing is factored in. Harrigan notes Premier Jason Kenney ran on a platform of reducing spending but keeping front-line services intact. Harrigan says fewer nurses will translate into longer waits for care,  increased privatization and upfront costs to patients.

There are many definitions of autonomy , but the one I find useful is: " Autonomy is the power Being autonomous doesn’t give a person the right to work without supervision or collaborators. Doing so encourages employees to take risks, try new ideas and innovate. Remember that 3M’s most lucrative

On Tuesday morning, UCP Leader Jason Kenney said the party supports gay-straight alliances READ MORE : Eggen introduces legislation to ensure Alberta students who join GSAs aren’t outed. Eggen said the new law would also mandate all schools that get public dollars take more specific

"It would definitely give us some clout," another added.

Justice Minister Doug Schweitzer said the provincial police force idea appeals to him because officers should report to the communities they serve, not Ottawa.

He said he heard from many rural Albertans fed up with crime.

"They're tired of a justice system that's designed for downtown Toronto," Schweitzer said. "It's not designed for rural Alberta. We've heard that loud and clear."

He conceded there would be financial implications, as Ottawa currently foots 70 per cent of the bill for the RCMP.

"I just think that's part of a negotiation," he said.

One member raised concern about whether good officers working for the RCMP would take jobs with the new police force.

Earlier Saturday, hundreds braved the freezing cold outside the airport hotel where the UCP is holding its meeting to protest public sector cuts.

Candie Olsen, who receives financial support through the Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped program, said she felt the need to speak out even though it was a tough trek for her to get to the event.

NDP call for emergency debate following layoff announcements from Alberta Health Services

  NDP call for emergency debate following layoff announcements from Alberta Health Services On Saturday, the official Opposition says these job losses will be a direct violation of a promise that Kenney made on the campaign trail. "The premier stood in front of the TV cameras this past spring and signed a giant placard saying that he would not endanger healthcare in the province of Alberta."Jason Kenney lied to Albertans, he's breaking his promise," Shepherd said. READ MORE: UCP Leader Jason Kenney wants to explore private health-care options Shepherd is referencing a promise that has been circulating on social media that Premier Kenney made during the provincial election campaign.

+ Members of Alberta ’s United Conservative Party ( UCP ) said they left the House during second Members of the UCP said the debate over Bill 9 is merely a distraction from the bigger picture. Kenney shot down the idea that the UCP is not concerned about women’s safety and reiterated that

UCP Supports Happy Healthy Lives! Learn More . Congratulations to UCP of MetroBoston’s Chief Executive Officer, Todd Kates, Ph.D. recipient of the Kathy Maul Leadership Award as selected by his peers at UCP ’s Annual Meeting held this past March in Chicago. Ways To Give . Colophon.

Under the UCP's budget last month, payments under the program are no longer indexed to inflation.

Olsen said she lives off $1,685 a month and can't work.

"It's freezing cold. It's a long walk for me. I can't walk that far," she said.

"But I can't just sit idly because there's other people on AISH that physically couldn't get here. I was able to get here, so I need to add my voice and say 'No, you can't do this. It isn't OK.'"

University of Calgary undergraduate student Jemie Field said she was there to speak out against faculty layoffs and tuition increases.

"Honestly I have no idea what my future looks like at this point," Field said. "Depending on what the next couple of years bring, I don't even know if I'll be able to finish my degree."

Kenney said in his speech that there are no easy choices and his government seeks to get finances in order.

"But let us together choose the path of co-operation, not confrontation," he said.

"Let us remember that Albertans in the private sector have gone through years of adversity, and cannot pay more."

This report by The Canadian Press was first published Nov. 30, 2019.

Lauren Krugel, The Canadian Press

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