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Ontario Liberals struggle to attract members: 'The party that we knew no longer exists'

  Ontario Liberals struggle to attract members: 'The party that we knew no longer exists' By Clara Pasieka Days before a key deadline that will help find a “saviour” for the Ontario Liberals, the party is a husk of its former self. The party is believed to have only 10,000 members now, down from the 44,000 on the rolls when Kathleen Wynne and Sandra Pupatello faced off for the leadership six years ago. In March, delegates at a Liberal convention will select a new leader and those delegates will be chosen by members of the party. “However bad you think it is, it’s worse,” said leadership hopeful Alvin Tedjo. “There are ridings in this province where we have one member. There’s another riding where we have two members.

Doug Ford starts this segment with asking Kathleen Wynne when she lost her way during #CityVote: The Debate.

Andrea Horwath, Kathleen Wynne and Doug Ford were asked after the debate how they plan to “She got into politics for the right reason, but I truly believe she’ s lost her way,” said the PC leader. “Unfortunately, under Kathleen Wynne , our schools have been turned into social laboratories and our

Kathleen Wynne et al. in a white shirt: Photo of Premier Kathleen Wynne taken on April 18, 2018 in Toronto, Ont.© Provided by cbc.ca Photo of Premier Kathleen Wynne taken on April 18, 2018 in Toronto, Ont. The official portrait of Ontario's 25th premier, Kathleen Wynne, will be unveiled Monday evening by the man who knocked her out of the job, Premier Doug Ford.

The ceremony is the latest in a tradition — dating back more than a century — to hang life-sized paintings of past premiers and speakers in the halls of the provincial legislature.

Wynne's portrait will make Ontario history as the first of a woman.

"It's really important to me that young girls see themselves reflected," Wynne said in an interview at Queen's Park. "Every time I see a group of school kids coming through I want  to say to them, 'And there's going to be a woman on the walls soon.'"

Doug Ford government spent $4 million on anti-carbon tax ads

  Doug Ford government spent $4 million on anti-carbon tax ads The Ford government's advertising campaign attacking the federal Liberals' carbon pricing system cost Ontario taxpayers $4 million, the province's auditor general revealed.The television ad showed nickels spilling out of a gas pump, a heating vent and a man's wallet, accompanied by a voice saying, "The federal government is charging you a carbon tax.

Someone should remind Doug Ford that he vanquished the New Democrats. And vapourized the Liberals. Six months later, this might be a good time to ask: Why The churlishness started on election night, when Ford broke with tradition by big-footing Kathleen Wynne — talking over her on TV before

Kathleen Wynne , whose Liberals face an election this spring, said the concept of wider retail access to recreational marijuana would upset parents who want strict controls in place "I think there would be a recklessness to doing what Doug Ford is suggesting." Earlier: Wynne slams Ford ' s sex ed comments.

Premiers' portraits are only commissioned after they leave office and are always unveiled by the current premier. For Wynne, that means a political rival presides over the ceremony.

"I am quite sure it's going to be a gracious event, that we will rise above that partisanship," said Wynne.

"Doug Ford and I don't agree on anything, really. But he is the premier, and it's the position that's important," she said. "It doesn't matter the party stripe, we all have a responsibility to the people of Ontario, and that's what the position is about."

Wynne chose Toronto artist Linda Kooluris Dobbs to paint her portrait. The artist painted David Peterson in the 1990s in a manner that broke the mold for Ontario premiers.

In his official portrait, Peterson isn't wearing a suit jacket, his tie is loosened, his sleeves are rolled up and personal mementos are on display. All previous portraits show premiers looking formal, with nondescript backgrounds.

ANALYSIS: Premier Doug Ford’s new leaf

  ANALYSIS: Premier Doug Ford’s new leaf After starting 2019 as a disruptor, Premier Doug Ford now appears to be striving for the middle of the road. So as Santa mulls whether it will be coal or candy for the premier, perhaps the choice isn’t just between naughty or nice. The truth, at least in the latter part of 2019, is Ford was... nicer.

With only a few days left in the race, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne has now publicly admitted that she will lose the election. She has also urged Ontarians to vote for their local Liberal MPPs, in an effort to prevent a Progressive Conservative or NDP majority government. “If your concern is that.

Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne , right, and Progressive Conservative Leader Doug Ford take part in an "So do you," Wynne replied. "When does the clock start?" Ford asked debate host and CityNews journalist When Ford eventually continued his statement, he told Wynne he believes she got into

"I always loved David Peterson's portrait," said Wynne. "I wanted a realistic portrayal. I wanted someone who could capture my expression, and I hope people think she has."

Only a handful of people have seen the portrait ahead of its unveiling: including the framer, the curator of the province's art collection, and Wynne.

Mike Harris wearing a suit and tie: Former premier Mike Harris's portrait hangs outside the cabinet meeting room. When it was unveiled, he thanked artist Istvan Nyikos for making him look younger and slimmer. © Provided by cbc.ca Former premier Mike Harris's portrait hangs outside the cabinet meeting room. When it was unveiled, he thanked artist Istvan Nyikos for making him look younger and slimmer.

Wynne says she is happy with the portrait, although she describes the experience of seeing herself in a life-size oil painting as bizarre.

"It is a strange thing but I'm trying to approach it as the position," Wynne said. "The position is important to our democratic system and a record of that position and who has filled that position is important."

Dobbs painted Wynne from a selection of photos taken earlier this year and spent from May until September working on it full-time.

The plan to rescue Doug Ford’s unpopular premiership

  The plan to rescue Doug Ford’s unpopular premiership A big part of that plan is 'No more Mr. Mean Guy': stop picking fights and play well with others—including the Prime MinisterEditor’s note: The opinions in this article are the author’s, as published by our content partner, and do not necessarily represent the views of MSN or Microsoft.

Premier Kathleen Wynne launched a stunning broadside against the PC leader on Wednesday, three weeks before the official I guarantee you that it will get worse before it gets better,” she said. Read more: Opinion | Martin Regg Cohn: How the Trump-Clinton campaign became a Ford - Wynne rematch.

Former Ontario premier Kathleen Wynne says her successor Doug Ford ' s plan to use the notwithstanding clause to pass controversial That' s how former Ontario premier Kathleen Wynne described her main rival last April, weeks before her Liberal government got demolished by Ford ' s

Wynne chose several items of symbolic value for the artist to include in the portrait. Among them are gifts she received from Indigenous people during her time as premier, as well as her running shoes.

In an interview, Dobbs revealed a few more tidbits about the portrait.

a group of people standing in front of a mirror posing for the camera: Kathleen Wynne's portrait will join those of the 24 premiers who preceded her, including Frank Miller, left, David Peterson and Bob Rae. © Provided by cbc.ca Kathleen Wynne's portrait will join those of the 24 premiers who preceded her, including Frank Miller, left, David Peterson and Bob Rae.

Wynne is standing, wearing a dress, with a scarf and shoes that Dobbs describes as elegant. She said the artwork is overall very bright, with a lot of light, soft pastel colours contrasting against a wood backdrop, and "very feminine."

When Wynne first saw the finished portrait, she told Dobbs that it looks just the way she sees herself.

"Her face lit up with the biggest smile and she said, 'Oh my, the detail. It's all I could have ever hoped for in a portrait,'" Dobbs said. "For me, it's so important that I enter inside of a person's soul and pull them out into the work. To have had her say that meant I did get it."

Wynne is not wearing the glasses that she wore until a few years ago, but she is holding them, said Dobbs. Included in the background are photos of Wynne's family, including her grandchildren and her wife Jane Rounthwaite.

Official portrait of former premier Kathleen Wynne unveiled during ceremony

  Official portrait of former premier Kathleen Wynne unveiled during ceremony TORONTO — Kathleen Wynne may no longer be the Premier of Ontario, but she said she hopes her newly lasting presence in the halls of the legislature will inspire more young women to enter politics. Wynne's comments came as her official portrait was unveiled Monday evening in a ceremony at the building where she led a Liberal government for more than five years. A crowd of dignitaries including politicians from across the political spectrum, supporters and family members attended the unveiling ceremony, an honour bestowed on all past premiers.

Premier Kathleen Wynne to bypass Mayor Rob Ford and meet Tuesday with his deputy, Norm Kelly, infuriating the mayor’ s brother. “It’ s a get -to-know-you meeting,” said a source in the premier’ s office, noting Wynne is a Toronto MPP from Don Valley West. “She wants to show solidarity with the city of

Warning that Doug Ford is “even more disturbing to people than we might have thought,” Kathleen Wynne has stepped up her plea to voters to Two days after conceding that she won’t be premier after Thursday’ s election because the Liberals are doomed, Wynne returned to Queen’ s Park to

The provincial government pays for each premier's portrait and retains ownership through the Archives of Ontario. Wynne's cost $50,000, said an official with for the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services.

Facts about the portraits of recent Ontario premiers

  • Progressive Conservative premiers Bill Davis and Mike Harris as well as Liberal premier Dalton McGuinty all chose the same artist for their portrait: Collingwood-based Istvan Nyikos.
  • David Peterson's portrait includes a photo of Peterson with his wife Shelley and their children on a fireplace mantle.
  • Bob Rae's portrait shows an early-1990s laptop computer open on his desk. Rae said that it was because his administration launched the computer era at Queen's Park and that he helped draft the Charlottetown constitutional accord on such a laptop.
  • The foreground of Ernie Eves's portrait shows a pile of bound volumes, including five budgets he delivered as finance minister and his children's university yearbooks.

Doug Ford reacts to Andrew Scheer's abrupt resignation .
Doug Ford reacts to Andrew Scheer's abrupt resignationHere's the statement Ford's office issued to reporters: "I wish Andrew Scheer all the best as he undertakes this new chapter in his life, and thank him for his service as the head of her Majesty's Loyal Opposition and leader of the Conservative Party. I also want to take this opportunity to give my best wishes to Mr. Scheer's wife Jill and their five children.

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