Canada Changes to air passengers’ rights are now in effect. Here’s what you should know

15:41  15 december  2019
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New compensation rules for delayed flights arrive Sunday. Here's what you need to know

  New compensation rules for delayed flights arrive Sunday. Here's what you need to know On Dec. 15, federal rules mandating compensation for delayed and cancelled flights finally take off. Here’s what you need to know about how the rules work and collecting compensation.On Dec. 15, new federal rules mandating compensation for delayed and cancelled flights will arrive in Canada.

Here are the rules that go into effect today, and what it means for passengers . Clear communication. The new rules will require that passengers are kept “One of the things Canadians told us is that it’ s not only important to have a clear and consistent set of right , but that it’ s important to know what the

Canadian air passenger bill of rights : What you need to know about rule changes . New airline passenger protections have passed for our neighbor to the north, offering increased Canadian air Some of these rules take effect now , but others – notably the rules focused on delays, cancellations

a group of people with luggage at an airport: The Greater Toronto Airport© THE CANADIAN PRESS/Mark Blinch The Greater Toronto Airport

The second phase of air passenger protections from the Federal government are now in effect in Canada -- just in time for holiday travel.

In mid-July, regulators enacted the first phase, which focused primarily on remedying travel mishaps like tarmac delays, lost baggage and overbooking.

Now, the second round of rules are in place. This phase includes regulations for compensation for delays and cancellations including re-booking and refunds, and outlines where children can be seated on planes.

The Air Passenger Protection Regulations set out minimum standards for all carriers to follow and requirements to help the public understand their rights, but rely on travellers filing complaints with airlines or, as a last resort, the Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA).

Customer headaches persist over Air Canada booking system ahead of travel season

  Customer headaches persist over Air Canada booking system ahead of travel season MONTREAL — More than three weeks after Air Canada launched a new booking system, customers continue to encounter headaches on the cusp of holiday travel season. The airline introduced the reservation system on Nov. 18, triggering a barrage of social media complaints from passengers who had difficulty accessing their booking information or reaching customer service agents Edmonton resident Ray Stuive tried to cancel an upcoming flight home from Las Vegas after Air Canada notified him that his trip would be rerouted through Montreal on an overnight layover, which would land him back in Edmonton about 20 hours later than planned.

Air Passenger Rights and Regulations People Should Know . While it’ s true that individual countries abide by their own laws, there are some key features of regional or international laws that serve as powerful tools to air passengers . These include, but are not limited to, EU legislation EC 261, various

Air Passenger Rights are complex, long, intimidating and, for the most part, unknown to most people. And the last thing we want is for you to have to crawl So, here ’ s a snapshot of the type of content you can expect in the future each time you connect to Know Your Rights . We’ll be teaching you about

If you, like many Canadians, will be travelling this holiday season, here's what you should know about the new rules.

Flight cancellations and delays

According to the Air Passenger Protection Regulations, if flight cancellations or delays are within the airline's control and not related to safety, the airline will be required to compensate inconvenienced passengers.

Delays resulting from weather or mechanical issues are exempted.

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The amount a passenger will be compensated is based on the length of the delay the passenger endured before they reached their destination, and depends on whether the flight in question was on a large or small airline.

Poll suggests travellers know little about air-passenger rights

  Poll suggests travellers know little about air-passenger rights OTTAWA — New polling results suggest many people boarding flights this holiday season don't know about the Liberal government's new regime outlining air passengers' rights. A Canadian Automobile Association-commissioned poll being made public today found that just over half of respondents said they hadn't heard or read anything about the rules aiming to protect flyers caught in travel nightmares. The Leger poll of 1,517 respondents was conducted between Nov. 27 and Dec. 4, but can't be assigned a margin of error because internet-based polls are not considered random samples.

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Canadian Transportation Agency’ s new rights for air passengers include being able to receive compensation if they’re bumped from a flight or if The CTA says on its website that customers with complaints should first contact their airline. When do more air passenger rights come into effect ?

Here's a breakdown of how the compensation works:

a close up of a sign© Provided by Global News

If a passenger's ticket is refunded, the small airlines must provide a minimum compensation of $125. Large carriers must provide passengers with a minimum of $400.

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Filing a complaint

According to the rules, passengers have a year to file a request with the airline for compensation.

Once the airline receives the request, they will have 30 days to provide the compensation or explain why they will not pay.

Previously, airlines have offered vouchers, rebates or other forms of compensation to inconvenienced passengers due to flight delays.

Under the new rules, airlines are still able to offer these alternatives, but they must be of higher value than the monetary compensation that is required, and can never expire.

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From flight delay compensation to overbooked planes, the following is a primer on basic air - passenger rights in the U. S . and Europe.

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And, under the new regulations, passengers must be given the option to receive monetary compensation for the delay and "always have the right to select what they prefer."

Standard of treatment

Also included in the bill are rules regarding a minimum "standards of treatment" that airlines must provide passengers.

The rules state that after a delay of more than two hours, the airline must provide food and drinks in "reasonable quantities" and a "means of communication" such a free WiFi.

If a passenger has to wait overnight, the airline must offer a hotel or comparable accommodation, and transportation to the location free of charge.

Re-booking and refunds

The new regulations also includes rules for re-booking and refunding passengers.

According to the bill, for all types of flight delays or cancellations, the airline operating the flight has to ensure passengers "complete their itinerary," and "reach their final destination."

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The rules say if a flight is delayed by three hours, the airline must re-book the passenger on its next available flight.

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Here ’ s what it means for you . Leave a comment. Share this item. Garneau outlines changes for phase 1 of air passenger bill of rights . The new regulations are meant to help air passengers like newlyweds Jadwat Saleh and Houda Halwani, who spoke to Global News at the Abbotsford

The air carrier should give this evidence to the relevant national enforcement body as well as to the passengers concerned in line with national provisions on If you miss a connecting flight travelling within the EU or outside the EU on a flight originating from an EU country, you should be entitled to

If the situation is within the airline's control, and if that next available flight would not leave within nine hours of the original departure time, a large airline must re-book the passenger on a flight operated by any airline.

If a delay or cancellation is within the airline's control, and the passenger chooses not to re-book because they no longer need to travel, they are entitled to a ticket refund and compensation.

In this case, a small airline would be required to pay a minimum of $125. Large airlines would be on the hook for a minimum of $400.

If the disruption is not within the airline's control and the airline's next available flight is not within 48 hours, the carrier is required to re-book the passenger on another airline.

Seating children

There are also rules which govern where children can sit on airplanes.

According to the regulations, airlines are now required to seat children under the age of 14 near their parent, guardian or tutor at no additional charge.

The rules say a child four-years-old or younger must be seated adjacent to their parent, guardian or tutor's seat.

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A child who is between the ages of five and 11 must be seated in the same row, separated by no more than one seat from their parent, guardian or tutor.

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Air passenger rights , which ones do I have? Millions of passengers used to be affected by different types of disruptions to This all changed when the European Parliament and Council created what is now known as Regulation EC 261/2004 in order When do my passenger rights come into effect ?

Passenger Rights . Millions of air passengers are entitled to compensations for flight delays Know your air passenger rights and claim what you 're owed. If your first flight is disrupted and causes you to miss your connection to your final destination as a knock-on effect , the same regulations apply.

If a child is 12 or 13-years-old, they must be seated no further than one row from their parent, guardian or tutor.

2-hour Air Canada flight to Yukon becomes 2-day international journey

  2-hour Air Canada flight to Yukon becomes 2-day international journey A two-hour flight from B.C. to Yukon turned into a frustrating two-day international tour for dozens of passengers this week. Air Canada's 88 passengers began their journey late Monday night, flying out of Vancouver. They were headed for Whitehorse, but ended up in Anchorage, Alaska, for a night, and then were flown back to Vancouver for another night. Some of the passengers finally arrived in Whitehorse early Wednesday afternoon — more than 36 hours late. Others were expected to arrive on a later flight on Wednesday.

Here ’ s what you need to know and what you can do. What about Passenger Rights in Canada? Why Should There Even Be Standards for Air Passenger Rights ? Establishing rights for air passengers pushes humanity in a more progressive direction, towards mutual respect and away from

Air passenger rights are changing all the time and your diligence can impact that in a big way! It’ s important to note that an airline is under no obligation to Deplane— What You Need to Know About the U. S . Regulations. With regards to domestic and international flights, what is the length of time an

Airlines are also required to have a policy regarding unaccompanied minors which would prohibit children under the age of five from travelling without a parent or "accompanying person" who is at least 16-years-old.

'Smoke and mirrors'

Airlines are required to follow the new regulations "as soon as they come into force." If an airline does not comply, it could be on the hook for $25,000 per incident.

According to the rules, if a passenger and airline are unable to settle a dispute, the individual can file a complaint directly to the CTA.

In an interview with Global News' Rob Breakenridge, air passenger rights advocate Gabor Lukacs said while the new regulations appear to be a positive thing, they are not "meaningful" changes and are just an example of "deception of the public by the government."

He says the rules are "shortchanging" passengers" and make it “very easy” for airlines not to pay inconvenienced customers.

“The new rules allow the airlines simply to say when you’re stranded — delayed/cancelled flights — that ‘oh it was due to weather, or it was because of maintenance issues’ and then refuse to pay.”

He says most of the common causes of flight delays are not covered by the new rules.

“The $1,000 is good for making headlines, but they forget to tell the public that the eligibility criteria are such that in most cases you will never meet it," Lukacs said, calling the regulations "smoke and mirrors."

"How [is] getting no compensation by a regulation is better than getting no compensation without regulations?" he said.

Lukacs said when it comes to enforcing regulations, lawmakers need to look at what is "practical."

He says Canada should adopt what he calls "gold standard" of passenger rights in place in Europe.

If a flight is cancelled in Europe, the airline must offer passengers a choice between a ticket refund, re-booking the final destination at the next available opportunity, or re-booking for a later date.

"I would love for Canada to simply adopt the European gold standard," he said. "I'm kind of perplexed why Canada needs to re-invent the wheel here."

—With a file from Rachael D'Amore and The Canadian Press

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Why some planes can land in Whitehorse in bad weather and others can'tJoe Sparling, Air North's president, said he couldn't comment on circumstances specific to Air Canada, but could provide an explanation of why his aircraft were able to land.

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