Canada Chris Selley: Megxit really is messing with giddy Canadians' heads

16:10  14 january  2020
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Matt Gurney: This isn't about Harry or Meghan. It's about Canadians being cheapskates

  Matt Gurney: This isn't about Harry or Meghan. It's about Canadians being cheapskates The prospect of “Megxit” — Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle stepping back from some or all of their official duties and relocating at least part-time to Canada — has revealed one of the ugliest elements of the Canadian national character. Our cheapness. It’s true, Canada. We’re a nation of cheapskates. There’s no hard estimate of what the cost to the Canadian taxpayer might be if the royal couple (and their young son) do indeed relocate to Canada. (Markle is here already; and visited a women’s shelter in Vancouver on Tuesday.) Nor is it clear what duties or roles, if any, they would hold while here, which would factor into the optics of any agreement to provide funds.

To all the journalists and people within the media like Eamonn Holmes who are complaining that Meghan Markle is leaving the UK, you're the fucking reason she's going. # Megxit is magnificent. Be free, beautiful butterfly. pic.twitter.com/2MxwbrcaW1.

One person wrote: “Theres really a negative hashtag about Meghan Markle called # megxit , and its the saddest bunch of jealous losers ive ever seen ” Another added: “Nothing but love for my Duchess.” And a Twitter user gushed: “The pregnancy glow is real !

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry are posing for a picture: Prince Harry and Meghan will be bringing some razzle dazzle to Canada, but for how long?© Steve Parsons - WPA Pool/Getty Images Prince Harry and Meghan will be bringing some razzle dazzle to Canada, but for how long?

North American media coverage of Harry and Meghan’s decision to quit the Firm has produced multiple head explosions here in Canada, to go along with the many reported in recent weeks at Buckingham Palace, Sandringham House and various other Royal properties. The prospect of the Sussexes decamping to Canada seems to have activated a sort of dormant monarchism in many of us, or at least an appreciation for the “modern-day fairy tale” — and that in turn has utterly incensed those who think monarchies are a grotesque anachronism and can’t understand why everyone else doesn’t agree with them.

Conservative MP Marilyn Gladu to run for party leadership, the first woman to enter the race

  Conservative MP Marilyn Gladu to run for party leadership, the first woman to enter the race OTTAWA — The Conservative leadership race has its first female candidate, as Ontario MP Marilyn Gladu has announced she plans to enter the contest.  “In order to win, we need to be able to expand the base,” she told the National Post on Thursday. “When I looked at it, I said to myself, this is something I can do. I am a strong, dynamic leader. I’ve got 32 years of global business experience, and I’ve been successful here in parliament. I think I can bring the right balance of fiscal responsibility and social compassion.

Chris Selley . September 24, 2019 8:01 PM EDT. BURNABY, B.C. — On Sunday, as the Liberal campaign headed back out on the road with post-blackface Justin Trudeau What was that costume?” “I have been open with Canadians , and I will continue to be open with Canadians ,” Trudeau replied

' Megxit ': Last week, the Sussexes announced they were stepping down from 'senior' royal duties and plan to live between the UK and America. Pictured: Meghan and Harry on January 7.

Twitter was at its lunatic best late last week after the National Post published the results of a Dart and Maru/Blue Voice Canada poll finding that 60 per cent of Canadians approved of the idea of Harry being appointed governor general. A surprising number of apparently real people seemed totally unfamiliar with the very idea of polling: they hadn’t been consulted, they complained, thus the poll was a fake. Others concluded that a reputable pollster had cooked up the findings, at Postmedia’s bidding, as some sort of monarchist plot.

And some very valid concerns were raised about the idea too — not least whether people understand what the governor general is for. Because the idea of setting up a 35-year-old British helicopter pilot and philanthropist at Rideau Hall simply by dint of his DNA, and because he decided to move here, would be a sharp, bizarre turn away from convention and trend.

John Ivison: Harper's spectre hangs over Tory leadership race, but the man himself remains above the fray

  John Ivison: Harper's spectre hangs over Tory leadership race, but the man himself remains above the fray He haunts the Conservative Party still. The news that Stephen Harper has resigned from the board of the Conservative Fund, which is responsible for the party’s finances, was trending on social media on Wednesday afternoon, overshadowing speculation about candidates running in the party’s leadership race. The fact that Maclean’s attributed the resignation to the former prime minister’s desire to spike the guns of Jean Charest just added spice to the story. Harper and the former Quebec premier have history.

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Harry would be the first appointee not to have been raised in Canada since 1946, and the first Royal since 1911. He would be the youngest since 1878. There is no evidence he speaks French. Taking expert advice doesn’t seem to be his thing just at the moment. On the bright side, he’s affable and great with people, and has a keen eye for good causes. But 60 per cent? Yikes.

Mind you, if Canadians are confused about the Crown, they seem no less so about themselves and their country. When the New York Times decided to report on how Canadians were viewing the prospect of Harry and Meghan moving to Canada, the reaction was even more furious.

Hugh Grant Shares His Views On Megxit: ‘I’m Rather On Harry’s Side’

  Hugh Grant Shares His Views On Megxit: ‘I’m Rather On Harry’s Side’ As drama surrounds Britain’s royal family after the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s shock announcement they’re planning to step away from their royal duties, opinions about “Megxit” are all over the map. One person who is firmly supporting Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is Hugh Grant, who shared his opinion during a conversation with “RadioOne person who is firmly supporting Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is Hugh Grant, who shared his opinion during a conversation with "Radio Andy" on SiriusXM.

Her message was clear that she will not stand in the couple's way but it is with a heavy heart that she has agreed. In one sentence alone, her sadness about this incendiary situation shone through. 'Although we would have preferred them to remain full-time working members of the Royal Family

Chris Selley : Canada ’s major zoos are turning into places trying to inspire concern for endangered species, nudging visitors All the more reason, then, for zoos that are much more than menageries to educate the public about their role. “A lot of people don’t really see the conservation that zoos do, not

“Many Canadians are giddy at the prospect that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle could be moving to Canada, injecting some razzle dazzle to the sprawling, bone-chillingly cold country,” was how the Times sold the piece on Twitter. Montreal native Dan Bilefsky’s story was a perfectly decent and factual rundown of what is, undeniably, a major water-cooler subject. Its basic premise, as articulated by Carleton University monarchy expert Philippe Lagassé, was that “it’s a big source of national pride that the royal couple would want to be here. It makes Canadians feel better about themselves.”

All of the above is demonstrably true. Canada is big, empty and cold. Its natural beauty can match any nation’s, but when it comes to “big culture” — museums, galleries, orchestras — none of its cities are remotely as interesting as their analogues in the United States, never mind in the old world. And some Canadians are, indeed, giddy about the duke and duchess relocating. Type “Harry Meghan Canada fairy tale” into your favourite search engine if you doubt me. Or just check out the country’s most-read newspaper, where a cringeworthy editorial pleaded: “It’s just got to be Canada.”

Could ‘Megxit’ Be a Royal Fairy Tale for Canada?

  Could ‘Megxit’ Be a Royal Fairy Tale for Canada? MONTREAL — Some have suggested they could become king and queen of Canada. Tim Hortons, the quintessentially Canadian coffee chain, offered them “free coffee for life.” Others recommended Ottawa, the nation’s sleepy capital, as a possible home, noting that, if they squinted hard enough, they could pretend the Parliament buildings were palaces. Prince Harry and his wife, the former Meghan Markle, also known as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, electrified the world this week with their announcement that they planned to step back from official royal duties and live part-time in North America.

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Chris Selley . October 23, 2015 9:15 AM EDT. Laurier needed both Ontario Protestants and Quebec Catholics onside, heading into the 1896 campaign. The fact is, many Canadians voted to be rid of Harper, full stop; “sunny ways” might sate them for many years to come.

“This country has so many wonderful things to offer. But, let’s face it, we’re a bit short in the glamour department,” the Toronto Star implored. “A bit of the Sussexes, even part time, could be just what we need.”

That’s pretty gross, but there’s no point yelling at the Times for reporting on our mania. Many yelled anyway, including a remarkable number of Canadian journalists who felt the piece fundamentally embarrassing. Others just had some fun mocking the term “razzle dazzle” — which is a bit 19th century, admittedly. But then, so is 60 per cent of Canadians supporting the appointment of the Queen’s non-Canadian-citizen grandson as her representative in Ottawa.

It’s tough to know what this all means for the Canadian monarchy, which at some point in the relatively near future will have to face life after Elizabeth II: Are Canadians genuinely interested and engaged with its future, or are they just following this like celebrity news? But you certainly can’t say it’s irrelevant. Without meaning to, Harry and Meghan basically unleashed every superiority complex, inferiority complex and every other complex between that lurks within the chattering-class Canadian psyche.

It has been a heck of a show, but it could be just a preview. The British media are reporting that Meghan really has her eyes on moving to Los Angeles, after Donald Trump has vacated the White House. If you think the prospect of the Sussexes moving to Canada got Canadians riled up, imagine dealing with us after they blow this sprawling, bone-chillingly cold country for some American razzle dazzle. You’ll need a seatbelt and goggles.

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Creator of popular conservative Ontario Proud page joins Erin O'Toole campaign team .
OTTAWA — Erin O’Toole has signalled he will make aggressive digital messaging a feature of his bid for the Conservative leadership with the appointment of Jeff Ballingall, founder of Ontario Proud and other influential Facebook pages, to oversee his digital strategy. Ballingall has made a name for himself over the past few years in pioneering the use of Facebook to spread conservative messaging, often through viral posts that don’t require any ad spending. The Ontario Proud page remains his best known effort, with nearly half a million followers, but he also runs Canada Proud (192,000 followers) and B.C. Proud (82,000 followers).

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