Canada Chris Selley on Trudeau's 'Donutgate': Five people complaining on Twitter does not make a scandal

09:05  23 january  2020
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If anything rational can explain Trudeau ’ s odd performance at a Monday-morning press conference “I am continuing to be open with Canadians about the mistake I made ,” Trudeau responded. The racist history of blackface makes it wrong in any situation in any circumstance. I did not know that then and

It isn’t that when caught Justin Trudeau and his people lied about it (“the allegations are false”); that when they were done lying about it stonewalled, deflected and obfuscated; that they repeatedly smeared, or encouraged others to smear, both the former attorney general and the former Treasury

a person standing in front of a cake: Justin Trudeau picked up some pricey donuts this week and ignited a very minuscule amount of outrage.© Twitter Justin Trudeau picked up some pricey donuts this week and ignited a very minuscule amount of outrage.

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There is no “Donutgate.” It is not a thing. At a rough guess, perhaps five real people care that Justin Trudeau went to an upmarket instead of mass-market donut shop in Winnipeg to pick up treats for the Liberal cabinet retreat. Five people does not make “scandal,” “outrage” or “controversy.” Not even close. Donutgate is just a few stupid tweets from people who might not even exist, compiled into the flimsiest brand of clickbait.

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What does this mean for his chances of winning? A contrite Justin Trudeau admitted that he never He said that Mr Trudeau has built up enough goodwill over the last four years as a vocal supporter of a "I will say this to all of you, I don't believe that anybody has ever lived their lives without making

Trudeau ’ s first cabinet featured some very impressive resumes from a wide variety of people — but it Liberals waved such complaints away like mosquitoes: Can’t you people just enjoy a landmark But Trudeau can hardly complain . His party banged on forever about how disrespectful it was for the

It is passing interesting, though, how many people seem to want Donutgate to be real, and what they think it means.

In a strong early bid for 2020’s Most Torontonian Opinion, a Toronto Star columnist decided that the non-existent controversy “points to our country’s obsession with the idea of a national identity, and perhaps an anxiety about the reality that we may not have one outside of our relationship to a foreign restaurant chain.”

“Perhaps it needs repeating,” she huffed: “Tim Hortons does not define us.”

This is more true than she seems to know. Because Donutgate’s inventors are all based in southern or eastern Ontario, Tim’s was acclaimed without discussion as the mass-market donut not chosen. But the traditional choice in Winnipeg would have been Robin’s, which once asserted total donut dominance over Northern Ontario and points west. Thunder Bay-born Robin’s, unlike Tim’s, is still Canadian owned. And it could use the help.

John Ivison: Harper's spectre hangs over Tory leadership race, but the man himself remains above the fray

  John Ivison: Harper's spectre hangs over Tory leadership race, but the man himself remains above the fray He haunts the Conservative Party still. The news that Stephen Harper has resigned from the board of the Conservative Fund, which is responsible for the party’s finances, was trending on social media on Wednesday afternoon, overshadowing speculation about candidates running in the party’s leadership race. The fact that Maclean’s attributed the resignation to the former prime minister’s desire to spike the guns of Jean Charest just added spice to the story. Harper and the former Quebec premier have history.

Последние твиты от Justin Trudeau (@JustinTrudeau). Father, husband, 23rd Prime Minister of Canada. Account run by PM & staff. Papa, mari, 23e premier ministre du Canada. Compte géré par le PM et son personnel.

Donutgate continues to live on Twitter “What made Pizzagate get bigger over time was that it was promoted by journalists outside the Metaxas says it helps that so far no “trusted agent” has picked up the Donutgate story, and the fact it sounds so much like Pizzagate—something that most people now

“Other outlets use screens to advertise their latest products while adapting and expanding their menus to reflect the latest … trends,” Andrew Braga wrote in the Winnipeg Free Press in 2015, noting the closure of yet another Robin’s location. “Robin’s is still hawking more or less the same products it has been for years.”

Gosh, you mean, like … coffee and donuts? No poutine, meatless burgers, Belgian waffle breakfast sandwiches, French toast breakfast sandwiches, chicken nuggets, potato wedges, “coffee you can eat,” “artisan-style” grilled cheese sandwiches, “omelette bites,” muffins with goo inside or any of the other mostly pre-fabricated and rethermed grotesqueries Tim Hortons has been flogging in recent years?

If Trudeau was going to go slumming for donuts in the Peg, surely there was only one real choice.

Bev Oda smiling for the camera:  Conservative cabinet minister and big spender, Bev Oda in 2011.© Pat McGrath/Postmedia/File Conservative cabinet minister and big spender, Bev Oda in 2011.

Donutgate fit with another narrative as well: The idea that Canadians are cheapskates. Not to single out my National Post colleague Matt Gurney, but away we go: On Twitter, he used the Donutgate non-phenomenon to support a previous column in which he argued Canadians should be happy to pay the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s security expenses. His complaints about Canadians’ alleged cheapness were wide-ranging: “Political careers have been derailed by breakfast tabs. The prime minister’s official residence was allowed to become literally uninhabitable because government after government feared the political backlash of spending any money on it,” Gurney fumed. “The Air Force’s fleet of VIP transport jets are headed in the same direction, largely for the same reason.”

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Share this story. Chris Selley : On safe injection sites, why can't conservatives just let people not Those two volunteers are most likely to erect their tent where the need to stop people from dying is When Trudeau was asked whether he was 'not ruling out that this was intentional,' the prime minister

Another Fake Book by two third rate Washington Post reporters, has already proven to be inaccurately reported, to their great embarrassment, all for the purpose of demeaning and belittling a President who is getting great things done for our Country, at a record clip. Thank you!

First of all, Bev Oda’s $16 infamous orange juice wasn’t what got her fired — it was simply, for whatever reason, the perfect symbol of the wretched excess that did: While attending a conference in London, she refused to stay at a perfectly upscale hotel where everyone else was staying, and instead set herself up at the garishly opulent Savoy at more than twice the price — in part, it was reported, because it allowed smoking.

In her inimitable way, Oda had learned a lesson: A year earlier she billed taxpayers for a $250 penalty for smoking in a hotel room in Washington, and it was poorly received. Alas, she had learned nothing from her previous limousine-related controversies: In London she hired herself a car and driver, for $1,000 a day, to navigate the treacherous 1,800 metres between the two hotels.

In short: Oda’s were legitimately outrageous expenditures that Canadians quite rightly should have been annoyed about.

a tree covered in snow:  The official fixer-upper on 24 Sussex Drive in Ottawa on Nov. 20, 2018.© Julie Oliver/Postmedia/File The official fixer-upper on 24 Sussex Drive in Ottawa on Nov. 20, 2018.

Second of all, while allowing 24 Sussex Drive to fall into uninhabitability has been objectively ridiculous, I don’t blame Canadians. I blame the most pernicious force in federal politics: Received wisdom. “Can’t fix up the joint or Canadians will go mad,” says received wisdom. “Just look what happened to Trudeau and Mulroney.”

Liberals will introduce bill to ratify new NAFTA next week: Trudeau

  Liberals will introduce bill to ratify new NAFTA next week: Trudeau Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says ratifying the deal is a top priority for his minority government.Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spoke in a press conference from Winnipeg, Man., where the Liberal cabinet has been meeting over recent days.

Two weeks out from election day, the six major federal leaders traded blows in the campaign’ s only English language debate to feature Liberal leader Justin Trudeau . Conservative leader Andrew Scheer called Trudeau a “phoney” who doesn’t deserve to govern Canada

Trudeau ’ s accuser is said to be a former student at West Point Grey Academy and the daughter of a wealthy Canadian businessman. The Office of the Prime Minister directed us to put our questions to the Liberal Party, from whom we did not receive a response.

Pierre Trudeau built a swimming pool, funded by secret donors. Asbestos removal and a water-tight roof is not a swimming pool, and we don’t do secret donors any more. Brian Mulroney’s renos, meanwhile, had the whiff of conspicuous consumption — and worse, he got cute by using tax-deductible party donations to pay for most of them.

The projected cost of fixing up 24 Sussex is now legitimately outrageous: $15 million, at last check. But if it goes toward a reasonably upscale house, and not Caligula’s pleasure barge, then Canadians will be fine with it. Same with the jets (though if British Airways is good enough for Boris Johnson’s Christmas vacation, I still don’t see why Air Canada or Westjet can’t be good enough for the Canadian PM’s).

Thirdly, being careful with money isn’t a bad thing. To the extent Canadians are zealously protective of their tax dollars, it is mostly a good thing, and no doubt has something to do with our relatively healthy national accounts. Sometimes, certainly, that miserliness can go too far — but not as far as a box of fancy donuts, at least not for more than, at a guess, five people. Everyone else, stop talking about it.

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In post-election Justin Trudeau, with his minority government and salt-and-pepper beard, some observers have detected a new sort of seriousness. If he’s capable of sustained seriousness, it would certainly make sense for him to try it on: no one wants him photobombing their weddings anymore, and God knows the world is heaping problems at his door. There is more than enough serious business to occupy him and his ministers, of whom it’s promised we will see more.

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