Canada B.C.’s distracted driving law could be adjusted after another ticket tossed out by court

08:40  15 february  2020
08:40  15 february  2020 Source:   globalnews.ca

Police seized 91 vehicles from repeat distracted drivers in 2019: SGI

  Police seized 91 vehicles from repeat distracted drivers in 2019: SGI There were 91 separate vehicles impounded in 2019 due to repeat offenders who decided to keep using their phone behind the wheel, according to Tyler McMurchy, manager of media relations for SGI. Police said in a tweet on Monday that an officer in the traffic unit handed out a ticket worth $2,100 to the scofflaw, in addition to a 7-day vehicle impoundment. The previous four tickets were all for $280, adding up to a $1,120 total in 2019.New, stricter rules for distracted driving also went into effect on Saturday, two days before the $2,100 penalty was handed down.

B . C . senior’ s distracted driving ticket tossed . Delgado said he was particularly frustrated because the phone was hooked up properly through the Bluetooth Lawyer Kyla Lee with Acumen Law said if Delgado’ s account of the situation is accurate, he has a good chance of having the ticket thrown out .

Distracted driving is driving while performing any activity which could potentially distract a driver from the primary task of operating a vehicle. Some states punish distracted driving through general laws which do not specify which exact activities are forbidden, but instead set general parameters.

a close up of a person driving a car: RCMP say too many people are still confused about what constitutes distracted driving.© File / Global News RCMP say too many people are still confused about what constitutes distracted driving.

The latest distracted driving ticket to get tossed out by a B.C. judge could lead to adjustments to the law itself, the province's public safety minister says.

The decision handed down in Victoria provincial court Tuesday concerned a Victoria woman who was fined for having her phone sitting on her lap while stopped at a red light in December 2018 in Esquimalt.

The police officer who issued the ticket noted the phone's screen was not illuminated at the time and the woman was not touching the phone, which was connected to a charging cable.

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Illinois distracted driving laws and the costs and other consequences of a cellphone or texting ticket . Illinois has two statutes that cover distracted driving . The first statute bans talking on a cellphone entirely for underage drivers and in certain places for all drivers .

Georgia’ s distracted driving laws are stricter than Florida’ s in multiple ways. Novice drivers – drivers under the age of 18 – and bus drivers are not Currently, police officers can only issue a ticket for distracted driving after they have pulled over the driver for another primary offense, like speeding.

READ MORE: New driver ticketed for having phone in plain sight wins B.C. Supreme Court appeal

The woman was pulled over when the officer noticed she was glancing down at her lap "a few times," according to the written decision. The woman testified the phone had been next to her right thigh on the driver's seat.

The officer had argued that charging a phone was a function of the phone, meaning it was in use, and that having the phone in the woman's lap counted as "holding" the device.

Under the Motor Vehicle Act, "use" of an electronic device while driving means "holding the device in a position in which it may be used" and "operating one or more of the device's functions."

But the judge ruled both "function" and "holding" are not defined words within the Act, and could only rely on their dictionary definitions — or, in the case of "holding," look at synonyms included in the Act, such as "grasp."

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EDMONTON — A British Columbia man caught driving with his phone in his hand was acquitted after he successfully argued that he was just holding it. While the excuse of “I was just holding it” hasn’t typically been successful in the courts

Dealt with as a distracted driving issue; New Hampshire enacted a comprehensive distracted driving law . Utah’ s law defines careless driving as committing a moving violation (other than speeding)\nwhile distracted by use of a handheld cell phone or other activities not related to driving .

READ MORE: Police apologize, cancel B.C. senior’s distracted driving fine for cellphone in cup holder

"Resting a device on the lap simply as a resting place, as opposed to the ability to grasp it is not a meaning of hold in its grammatical and ordinary sense," the judge noted.

As for the argument that charging the phone was a "function" of the device, the judge also refused to accept it.

"I find on the evidence that the phone was plugged in to the vehicle and being charged and no more," the decision reads.

"I find it difficult to accept that for any device (e.g. radio, TV) that relies on energy to operate, plugging it in to an energy source is, on its ordinary meaning, operating one of its functions."

Law has created confusion for years

The acquittal is the latest in a string of rulings that have seen judges take issue with how the Act's section on distracted driving, now 10 years old, is worded.

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The new distracted driving law signed by Gov. Jay Inslee goes into effect July 23. This part of the law only applies if an officer catches a driver being distracted while committing a standard traffic Ticketing by WSP begins January. Other police agencies could ticket drivers starting Sunday.

Home Violations & Safety Driving Distractions Distracted Driving Laws . Distracted Driving Laws . Be the Solution—Not a Statistic. One Distraction Can Steal Your Reaction. Drivers under 18 years old are NOT allowed to use a cell phone while driving for any reason other than an emergency.

In December 2019, a judge tossed out the case of a new driver who was ticketed despite having his phone — which wasn't being touched or used and had a dark screen when officers approached — mounted to the dash.

In March of that year, another driver won his appeal of a ticket for having his phone in plain sight after getting caught with the device wedged into the seat cushion of the passenger seat.

READ MORE: Phones should be mounted and not in cup holders, B.C.’s public safety minister says

Police have also had to walk back tickets themselves after public backlash. In October 2019, Vancouver police apologized and cancelled a ticket given to a Richmond senior who was slapped with a $368 distracted driving fine for having her cellphone in her cup holder.

Grant Gottgetreij, a former road safety officer who worked for RCMP and police departments in West Vancouver and New Westminster, says the law itself is poorly worded and is too open to interpretation from police and the courts.

"We would write tickets for people that had the electronic device in their hands," he explained. "But then we started writing as well for if it was on their lap, or if it was under their leg."

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Distracted driving is driving while doing another activity that takes your attention away from driving . These projects increased police enforcement of distracted driving laws and increased awareness of distracted driving using radio advertisements, news stories, and similar media.

Besides using electronic gadgets, distractions can also include adjusting a radio, eating and drinking, reading, grooming, and interacting with passengers. Drivers are distracted by things other than cellphones, so prohibiting phone use will not eliminate distracted driving .

Police continue to issue tickets on questionable grounds while admitted they're caught in a grey area. The most recent example came on New Year's Eve, when a Saanich driver was fined for switching a song on her mounted phone. The woman has vowed to fight the charge.

READ MORE: Cup holder strikes again: 2nd B.C. driver slapped with distracted driving ticket

Public Safety Minister Mike Farnworth, who has said phones should always be mounted to the dash for drivers to avoid tickets, now says he is reviewing this latest ruling and how it could be applied to the way the law is written.

"We take [court rulings] seriously," he said. "It's looked at within my ministry or the Attorney General's ministry in terms of, 'OK, what does this really mean, and do we need to make changes to implement it?'"

READ MORE: B.C. judge rules having phone wedged in the car seat is not ‘distracted driving’

In the meantime, Kyla Lee, a defence lawyer who specializes in traffic cases, says the new ruling sets a precedent that can be cited in future cases.

"Anybody who's received a ticket for having their phone in their lap should be looking at disputing that ticket," she said.

"If you've been convicted, you ought to appeal."

—With files from Paul Johnson and Jon Azpiri

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