Canada Court challenge seeks to overturn federal gun ban

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Indigenous organization says it's taking Ottawa to court over 'discriminatory' COVID-19 aid

  Indigenous organization says it's taking Ottawa to court over 'discriminatory' COVID-19 aid An organization that represents off-reserve status and non-status First Nations people, Métis and southern Inuit is taking Ottawa to court over what it says is inadequate and "discriminatory" COVID-19 aid funding. The Congress of Aboriginal Peoples (CAP) is filing for a judicial review with the Federal Court on Wednesday over Ottawa's funding levels to the organization, which it argues were discriminatory under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, according to a statement from the organization.

Executive Order 13769 was signed by U.S. President Donald J. Trump on January 27, 2017, and quickly became the subject of legal challenges in the federal courts of the United States. The order sought to restrict travel from seven countries: Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen.

In March 2007, a federal appeals court overturned the city's ban , which keeps most private citizens from owning handguns and keeping them in their homes. It was the first time a federal appeals court ruled a gun law unconstitutional on Second Amendment grounds. City attorneys urged the high court

Cassandra Parker, 31, co-owner of a sporting goods shop in Prince George, B.C. is taking the federal government to court over sweeping new gun regulations. Cassandra Parker, 31, co-owner of a sporting goods shop in Prince George, B.C. is taking the federal government to court over sweeping new gun regulations.

The owner of a small family-run sporting goods store in Prince George B.C. is taking the federal government to court over sweeping new gun regulations enacted earlier this month in the wake of Canada’s worst mass shooting.

Cassandra Parker, co-owner of K.K.S. Tactical Supplies Ltd. filed the application for judicial review this week after retaining the services of Ottawa criminal defence lawyer Solomon Friedman, a noted firearms law expert and co-author of the Annotated Firearms Act.

Judges rapped for springing 'evidentiary trap' on sexual assault accused

  Judges rapped for springing 'evidentiary trap' on sexual assault accused TORONTO — Two men accused of sexual assault in separate cases must have new trials because the judges who convicted them found they had tailored their testimony in light of what they heard in court before testifying, Ontario's top court ruled on Thursday. In quashing the convictions, the Ontario Court of Appeal faulted both judges for undermining the bedrock principles of an accused to be in court and mount a vigorous defence. The result, it said, would mean new hearings in sensitive cases.

court on Wednesday to overturn a Federal Communications Commission (FCC) ruling that bans carriers Officer Song Liuping said the FCC’s ruling fails to solve “any cyber security challenges .” Last month, the FCC voted to ban carriers from using the .5 billion a year Universal Service Fund to

The Court , which has avoided major gun cases for seven years, on Monday declined to hear a challenge backed by the National Rifle Association to The court turned away an appeal by several Maryland residents, firearms dealers and the state NRA association, who argued that the ban violated

The application asks for a judicial review of the government’s prohibition of some 1,500 models of firearms — the order banned an estimated 100,000 guns that were previously owned legally — arguing that while the government is permitted to ban firearms of certain classifications, an exception exists under the criminal code for guns deemed “reasonable for use in Canada for hunting or sporting purposes.”

The May 1 cabinet order is “subject to review” by the court, Friedman argues in the application, and it “cannot stand” if the government’s decision is found to be “unreasonable, arbitrary or irrational.”


The application names the Attorney General of Canada, the RCMP and the registrar of firearms as respondents, and requests any future hearing on the matter to be held in Ottawa.

Reitmans seeks court protection from creditors under CCAA, plans restructuring

  Reitmans seeks court protection from creditors under CCAA, plans restructuring MONTREAL — Reitmans (Canada) Ltd. says it is seeking court protection from its creditors under the Companies' Creditors Arrangement Act to allow a restructuring of the retailer. The company says the application will be heard by the Quebec Superior Court today. It says the process will allow the company to implement a restructuring plan that addresses the impacts of COVID-19. The pandemic forced the closure of the retailers stores in a bid to slow the spread of the coronavirus but its e-commerce websites have remained open.

The Supreme Court on Monday left intact a federal law that requires the registration of some firearms, including silencers, and turned away a request to consider whether such firearm accessories are protected by the Second Amendment.

Federal court overturns D.C. handgun ban 2-1 ruling says Second Amendment is not limited to 'militia' needs Updated: 1 hour, 8 minutes ago WASHINGTON Bush administration has endorsed individual gun -ownership rights but the Supreme Court has never settled the issue. If the dispute makes it to

According to the application, Friedman intends to call evidence to demonstrate the firearms banned under the regulation (SOR/2020-96) “are reasonable for use in Canada for hunting or sporting purposes” and “do not pose a disproportionate risk to public safety.”

The government’s “opinion to the contrary is not supported by the evidence,” Friedman argues, “and is therefore unreasonable.”

The legal challenge will include evidence from public health and firearms policy researchers, sport shooting and hunting experts and firearms engineers, the application states, to contest the language of the ban and to contradict “assertions made by senior members of government, including the Prime Minister.”

The evidence will demonstrate, according to Friedman, that “virtually every statement” contained either within the order or in various public pronouncements “is either false, out-of-context or otherwise misleading.”

Payment for the Nazi era: Federal Social Court issues groundbreaking verdict on ghetto pensioners

 Payment for the Nazi era: Federal Social Court issues groundbreaking verdict on ghetto pensioners © SZ Photo A Jewish woman sells things from a suitcase on the street of the Lublin ghetto in 1939 People who worked in a ghetto during the Nazi era, may be entitled to a pension. The Kassel judges now generously interpreted the question of what exactly is meant by a ghetto. Federal Social Court pronounces groundbreaking judgment on ghetto pensioners The Federal Social Court (BSG) in Kassel again issued a groundbreaking judgment on the subject of ghetto pensioners on Wednesday.

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday dealt a blow to gun control advocates by opening the door for some convicted felons to challenge a federal ban on The justices let stand a lower court ’s ruling that uniformly denying felons whose crimes were not serious the right to own guns violated the U.S

Gun control advocates and gun rights advocates have referred to at least some of the features outlined in the federal Assault Weapon Ban of 1994 as cosmetic. In evaluating challenges to the ban under the Commerce Clause, the court first evaluated Congress's authority to regulate under the clause and

The application touches on several points raised by opposition critics in recent weeks: that the expanded restrictions do not stop the illegal flow of guns, instead banning firearms registered by law-abiding owners, and that the changes are unlikely to result in a “material public safety benefit.”

Opponents have also criticized the government’s decision to issue the ban by Order in Council rather than through Parliamentary debates. Friedman is also seeking a court order for the government to disclose “all information relied on in forming its decision.”

Contrary to the wording in the order, Friedman argues the affected firearms are regularly used for hunting in Canada, and argues the government recognized their “legitimate use” in its own pronouncement when it stated that: “some indigenous and sustenance hunters could be using previously non-restricted firearms for their hunting and may be unable to replace these firearms immediately.”

K.K.S. Tactical Supplies, the B.C. sporting goods store at the centre of the application, is set to suffer a “catastrophic loss,” according to the court filing, with much of its inventory “rendered worthless.”

"Challenge of Stars": Froome and Co. compete on the home trainer

 © provided by AFP Chris Froome can currently only ride virtually Four-time tour winner Chris Froome takes part in the virtual "Challenge of Stars" in the corona crisis to compete with the cycling competition. "It's great to be able to use technology to host an event like this at a time when we can't race and to provide entertainment for cycling fans," said Froome of the French news agency AFP. A total of 16 riders compete with each other using the BKOOL wheel simulator in knock-out mode.

The appeals court , the largest in the country and staffed primarily by appointments by Democrat Presidents Teixeira and his associates were backed in the suit by a host of gun rights organizations including the Calguns Foundation, the California Association of Federal Firearm Licensees and the

Yesterday the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit ruled that the federal ban on gun possession by anyone who has ever been "committed to a mental institution" violates the Second Amendment. This seems to be the first time a federal appeals court has overturned any of the disqualifications for gun

The government’s regulatory impact analysis statement “simply advises affected businesses to return the impacted firearms to the manufacturer.”

Parker’s business is no longer permitted to possess the prohibited firearms it already has in stock, and the guns “have now lost all value as they cannot be sold or used by licensed firearms owners,” the application states. “It is unknown whether or not Ms. Parker will be able to obtain any compensation for the firearms that have been paid for.”

The application also takes exception to the government’s reliance on the phase “assault-style firearms” in justifying its opinion on their legitimacy — the phrase appears 20 times in the government order, and the application notes the term is used interchangeably with the terms “tactical “ and “military-style” weapons.

But “assault-style firearm” is not an accepted definition, Friedman argues, either in legal terms or in technical specifications, and the phrase is not defined in the regulations or in the attached statement.

“No characteristics of ‘assault-style firearms’ are set out by the government,” the application states.

However, the phrase “assault rifle” does have a specific technical meaning — capable of firing in fully automatic mode, using an intermediate cartridge and a detachable magazine — but as the application notes, none of the firearms banned by SOR/2020-96 are capable of fully-automatic fire.

“None of them is an ‘assault rifle’,” Friedman argues, “within the commonly accepted definition of the phrase.”

Friedman argues there is no data to show the banned firearms are disproportionately used in criminal offences in Canada.

“In fact, the opposite is true,” Friedman argues, citing data showing the rate of homicide by firearm has been steadily declining in Canada, and homicide rates where a rifle or shotgun was used have been in sharper decline. In 1975, there were 180 homicides by rifle or shotgun, while in 2018 there were 56. Of the 651 homicides in Canada in 2018, 249 were by shooting.

The majority of “true crime” firearms offences, Friedman argues, involve guns that are smuggled into the country illegally and “in the hands of individuals who were never authorized to possess them in the first place,” Friedman states. “SOR/2020-96 will do nothing to address this.”



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