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02:50  23 may  2020
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Taiwanese people regret their non-contribution to the fight against the coronavirus at WHO

 Taiwanese people regret their non-contribution to the fight against the coronavirus at WHO © REUTERS / Ann Wang A commercial street in Taipei, March 12, 2020. (Illustration) While the World Health Assembly is ends this Tuesday 19 May in Geneva, a country could not give its voice to the debates. It was Taiwan, the archipelago claimed by Beijing, that finally asked its diplomatic allies not to raise the question of its participation in the WHO to give priority to the fight against the epidemic.

The United States on Thursday urged China to respect Hong Kong 's autonomy, warning that its proposed national security law for the city would be Pro-democracy leaders and activists warned that the move would mark the end of Hong Kong as they know it, a fear voiced in months of massive and

Taiwan 's ruling party has warned citizens against traveling to Hong Kong or mainland China , saying the situation is "severe," after a Taiwanese businessman was detained following a visit to the protest-wracked city.

Against the background of the economic crisis linked to the coronavirus, China hardened its tone on Friday against Hong Kong, by announcing its intention to impose on this territory the very controversial law on the national security, which caused monster protests in 2019 in this autonomous Chinese territory.

Speaking at the opening of the annual session of the National People's Congress (ANP), the Chinese Parliament, Prime Minister Li Keqiang delivered a speech that sounded like a challenge to the Western world, and to the United States in particular.

"Major success" against the Covid-19, but growth forecasts abandoned

Trudeau says Canada concerned about China’s proposed new law for Hong Kong

  Trudeau says Canada concerned about China’s proposed new law for Hong Kong Trudeau said Canada has long called for de-escalation of tensions between Beijing and the semi-autonomous territory.“We are concerned with the situation in Hong Kong," he said. "We have 300,000 Canadians who live in Hong Hong, and that's one of the reasons why we want to ensure that the one country, two systems approach continues for Hong Kong.

Taiwan urged China on Friday to "sincerely start a dialogue" with people in Hong Kong after China Taiwan will be more determined to defend democracy and freedom, and China 's "one country, two systems" proposal to rule the democratic island goes against those principles, Alex Huang, the

Taiwan urged China on Friday to "sincerely start a dialogue" with people in Hong Kong after China proposed new national security legislation for the China regards Taiwan as one of its provinces and has offered the system to it as well, although all the major political parties have rejected it.

The Chinese leader began by announcing his country's victory over the coronavirus pandemic, while Beijing was strongly criticized by the United States and other countries for its lack of transparency in the management of the epidemic, which spread around the world from the Chinese city of Wuhan. The coronavirus has so far killed more than 300,000 people worldwide, including more than 95,000 in the United States, but less than 5,000 in China, and has caused a global economic recession.

"We have achieved a major strategic success in our response to Covid-19," said the Chinese Premier. On the economic front, on the other hand, Beijing has given up for the first time making growth forecasts for 2020, after a plunge of 6.8% of its GDP in the 1st quarter on an annual basis ...

Winnipeg Hong Kong community protests security law proposed by China

  Winnipeg Hong Kong community protests security law proposed by China Some protestors were willing to speak with media under the condition their full, legal names not be used out of fear of the Chinese Communist Party and for their families' safety in Hong Kong.Widespread protests in the city of 7.4 million people have lasted nearly a year, following a now-axed proposal that would have allowed the extradition of Hong Kong citizens to mainland China for alleged criminal activity.

HONG KONG — Across the border from Hong Kong , the Chinese Communist Party screams its presence with banners and slogans on nearly every street. Yet in the former British colony, where China ’s ruling party confronts what it calls a “life and death” struggle against a turbulent protest

China Moves to Tighten Its Control of Hong Kong . New security laws would allow Beijing to take The freedoms that have distinguished Hong Kong from the mainland, like an unfettered judiciary But the proposal raised the possibility that the Beijing government would damage the “one country, two

"Promoting reunification" of China with Taiwan

Li Keqiang then announced his intention to impose on Hong Kong the national security law which would restrict freedoms in this autonomous Chinese territory. Then he went on to promote reunification with Taiwan, which Beijing considers to be an integral part of China. The term "peaceful" usually used in official speeches to describe a reunification was this time omitted by the Chinese leader ...

China "will resolutely oppose and discourage any separatist activity aimed at the independence of Taiwan", he added. "We will encourage (the islanders) to join us in opposing the independence of Taiwan and promoting the reunification of China," he added.

Anti-secession law will be imposed on Hong Kong

Regarding Hong Kong, the Chinese Premier said that "we will establish and perfect the legal system and law enforcement mechanisms for the protection of state security in the special administrative regions and we will endorse their government with constitutional responsibility. "

Coronavirus pandemic drives home why Canada needs to loosen ties with China: former ambassador

  Coronavirus pandemic drives home why Canada needs to loosen ties with China: former ambassador China is using the pandemic as a distraction to demolish the final freedoms remaining in Hong Kong, former Canadian ambassador David Mulroney says.At the same time, David Mulroney warns the regime is using global focus on the pandemic to "demolish" its one country, two systems deal on the governance of Hong Kong.

China 's proposed new legislation for Hong Kong requires the territory to quickly finish enacting national security “Beijing is attempting to silence Hong Kongers’ critical voices with force and fear Taiwan ’s Mainland Affairs Council urged Beijing on Friday not to lead Hong Kong into “bigger turmoil”

Taiwan (Republic of China ) was formally the UN recognised China until 1971 when they were replaced by PRC as the UN Though not recognised by UN the Taiwanese government still have jusrisdiction over its territory with a fully democratic Hong Kong is a city in China . Taiwan is a province of China .

Concretely, this means that Beijing plans to impose the national security law itself, as authorized by the constitution, after the Hong Kong executive was forced to abandon last year, following huge protests on the streets of Hong Kong. This law aims to prohibit secessionist, subversive and terrorist activities as well as foreign interference in this Chinese territory supposed to benefit from a special status of autonomy.

Washington threatens Beijing with reprisals

In Hong Kong, the Hang Seng stock index plunged 5.6% on Friday, after these announcements which could lead to the departure of capital from Hong Kong. In Washington, US President Donald Trump has said that the United States would react "very strongly" if Beijing imposed this law.

"Any initiative to impose a national security law that does not reflect the will of the Hong Kong people would be highly destabilizing" and would generate "firm condemnation" from the United States and the international community, the department said. American state in a statement.

Friday evening, the US Department of Commerce announced that it had added 33 Chinese companies and institutions to its blacklist, accusing them of contributing to human rights violations.

Marvel to Rerelease 'Avengers', 'Iron Man 3' in Hong Kong

  Marvel to Rerelease 'Avengers', 'Iron Man 3' in Hong Kong Cinema companies in the city are looking to entice people back with iconic blockbusters of the recent past after virus-related lockdowns were lifted.Marvel is set to rerelease The Avengers and Iron Man 3 in Hong Kong cinemas from May 28 until June 10 as the industry attempts to lure back wary customers after virus-related lockdowns were lifted earlier this month. Although only two titles have been announced so far, The Hollywood Reporter understands more Marvel films could be rereleased in the coming months.

China submitted a proposal to enact new Hong Kong security legislation during the opening day of the National People's Congress on Friday. The proposed "enforcement mechanisms," which are expected to ban treason, subversion and sedition, have faced significant backlash from the US, Taiwan and

Demonstrators in Hong Kong have repeatedly protested against what they see as a gradual erosion of the territory's autonomy by the communist lead A mainland source told the South China Morning Post that Beijing had decided Hong Kong would not be able to pass its own security law and the NPC

Special economic status granted to Hong Kong by Washington questioned

According to the 'Wall Street Journal', American senators are preparing a bipartisan law which would sanction the Chinese officials and entities involved in the implementation of these measures in Hong Kong . The text also provides for penalizing banks that do business with these entities and people. The United States also leaves hanging the threat of a revision of the special economic status which it grants to Hong Kong, which worried the investors.

On November 27, 2019, Donald Trump had promulgated a text adopted by Congress' ("2019 Act on human rights and democracy in Hong Kong") which threatens to suspend this special economic status. This status allows this territory to be exempt from restrictions and customs duties that apply to mainland China.

Sino-American trade tensions rekindled

The coronavirus crisis has rekindled tensions between Washington and Beijing, Donald Trump holding China responsible for the spread of the pandemic in the world, which Beijing has hidden and mismanaged, according to the president American.

For its part, China would seek to renegotiate some of its commitments made as part of the Phase 1 trade agreement, signed on January 15, which provides that the country will buy $ 200 billion in additional American products in the years to come up. Trump administration refuses renegotiation and threatens China with sanctions and new tariffs if it evades its obligations

  La Chine hausse le ton face à Hong Kong et Taïwan © Reuters

Donald Trump sanctions China by revoking the special status of Hong Kong .
© REUTERS / Jonathan Ernst Donald Trump on Friday May 29 in the garden of the White House in Washington. In the United States, as announced, Donald Trump announced new sanctions against China accusing him once again of being responsible for the thousands of deaths of the Covid-19. He also announced the revocation of Hong Kong’s special status to the United States after Beijing’s controversial national security law was passed.

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