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13:02  25 may  2020
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Rob Vanstone: COVID-19 numbers provide raw reality check

  Rob Vanstone: COVID-19 numbers provide raw reality check Rob Vanstone: COVID-19 numbers provide raw reality checkEditor’s note: The opinions in this article are the author’s, as published by our content partner, and do not necessarily represent the views of MSN or Microsoft.

In Venezuela , a crumbling economy and the collapse of even basic state infrastructure means water comes irregularly — and drinking it is an increasingly risky So The New York Times commissioned researchers from the Universidad Central de Venezuela to recreate the water quality study they had

A daily struggle has become the new normal for Venezuelans . More than 75 people have died since the unrest began in the spring. On Tuesday, a police helicopter launched a daring attack on the Venezuelan Supreme Court -- a dramatic escalation of the months-long crisis engulfing Maduro's

Plus d'eau, d'essence, de télé... le quotidien dramatique des Vénézuéliens © Pixabay No more water, gasoline, TV ... the dramatic daily life of Venezuelans Already hit hard l 'hyperinflation, Venezuelans today face the devastating effects of the global health and economic crisis.

Venezuela has surely never so little deserved its nickname of "Land of Grace", as the daily life of its inhabitants approaches the Stations of the Cross. Teodoro queues for gas, Yulimar waits for drinking water and Giovanny returns from satellite TV. Faced with worsening shortages, Venezuelans must be patient, they who "never thought" of going through such a crisis, in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. His obligatory protective mask was put on hold and outrage broke out. "I have been lining up since midnight and I hope to fill up tomorrow," heats up Teodoro Lamonte. Teodoro, 50, braved the confinement decreed by socialist president Nicolas Maduro to curb the spread of the coronavirus. He parked his car on the side of an urban highway in Caracas, in the middle of a line of dozens of vehicles. All await the hypothetical refueling from the nearest service station.

Laurent Gerra: His tackle with artists during confinement!

 Laurent Gerra: His tackle with artists during confinement! When Laurent Gerra tackles the behavior of certain artists on social networks during the Covid-19 crisis, that's what it looks like! © Abaca Laurent Gerra: His tackle for artists during confinement! Laurent Gerra has never been known to have his tongue in his pocket ! In an interview with Télé Magazine, the favorite imitator of the French was inevitably asked about the health crisis that has hit the whole world in recent weeks.

Thousands of desperate Venezuelans are trying to enter Colombia in a bid to escape the hunger and soaring crime rate caused by the spiralling economic Massive numbers of Venezuelans have been driven from their homes by a dire financial crisis that has seen many struggling to feed themselves.

What is the importance of water in our lives ? How water is the most useful natural resource on earth? On the entire earth, water is a most important thing. Every living organism needs water for survival. Apart from this, water is needed in industrial units, production units, and agricultural sector.

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The establishment of containment in mid-March coincided with the start of one of the worst fuel shortages in Venezuela, the country with the largest oil reserves in the world. Oil, "we have it! It seems that there are five billion barrels underground. But there is no gasoline", fulminates Teodoro. In Caracas, the liter sells for up to three dollars on the black market. An astronomical price in light of the almost free petrol at the pump provided by the state monopoly. But Venezuela's production has collapsed: it fell to 622,000 barrels a day today, one fifth of its volume from ten years ago, according to OPEC figures.

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Warning signs of N.S. mass shooter's paranoia, guns, prior abuse noted in warrant

  Warning signs of N.S. mass shooter's paranoia, guns, prior abuse noted in warrant Warning signs of N.S. mass shooter's paranoia, guns, prior abuse noted in warrantOne person described Gabriel Wortman as having guns at his denturist clinic in Dartmouth and in a warehouse in Portapique and as being "paranoid" about the COVID-19 pandemic, saying he'd experienced a mental breakdown.

Bystanders attempt to bring man to hospital after being injured in gas line in Venezuela . The footage shows them loading the man into a car and people trying to save his life . The man reportedly died.

MARACAIBO, Venezuela — Zimbabwe’s collapse under Robert Mugabe. The fall of the Soviet Union. Cuba’s disastrous unraveling in the 1990s. Together with the American ban on trading Venezuelan bonds, the administration has made it harder for Venezuela to import any goods, including food and

Nicolas Maduro blames this debacle on American sanctions. Analysts and the opposition around Juan Guaido believe that corruption and lack of investment are at the root of the problem. In the meantime, five oil tankers from Iran, an ally of Nicolas Maduro, are expected to bring a breath of fresh air in the coming days. According to press reports, the fleet carries 1.5 million barrels of fuel. But the ships are at the center of a new surge of tension between the Islamic Republic and the United States. Tehran has warned of "consequences" if Washington prevents delivery of gasoline to Venezuela.

Osvaldo Rodriguez, 22, is also lining up for petrol, but he doubts that the fuels from Iran are "for us". So for whom? "For them", he says, without going into "their" identity. And, he warns, if gasoline "is sold at the same price as abroad, nobody will be able to afford it. Here, the minimum wage is 4.6 dollars" per month.

Beware of this misleading infographic on the carbon footprint and the cost of bottled water

 Beware of this misleading infographic on the carbon footprint and the cost of bottled water The document is based on Canadian data © M.LIBERT / 20 MINUTES A bottled water bottling line at Saint-Amand-les-Eaux (North) in March 2011 (illustration photo) FAKE OFF - The document is based on Canadian data Is the quality of bottled water really tested "every at six ”? In any case, this is what a viral infographic on Facebook claims.

So, how much water should we be drinking on a daily basis? If you drink more water than you need to, sweating is one of the ways the body will try to rid itself of the excess. Smash, the TV show which starred Katharine McPhee, is going to Broadway as a musical production with Steven Cole Sprouse does not think The Suite Life of Zack and Cody should be rebooted because it could 'demolish' the

Roughly three quarters of Venezuelans have lost an average of 8.7kg in weight due to the country's economic crisis. Venezuela 's economic slide tipped into crisis Venezuela 's crippling economic crisis means that eating meat is a luxury for many . 'For animal protein, which is such an important issue, a

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A little further on, in Bello Monte, a middle-class district, people line up for drinking water. Yulimar Espinosa, 40, takes his pain patiently in front of the shop which offers water to 30,000 bolivars, about 15 cents, the 20 liter can. "You should avoid drinking tap water because there are no drugs" in case of poisoning, she says. Yulimar is a computer scientist and his salary is just enough to boil the pot. "I never thought I would live like that. Our quality of life has collapsed," she breathes. Because Venezuela has lived better days, thanks to oil precisely. Alas, the fall of the prices and the American sanctions passed by there. Its GDP contracted by half in six years and hyperinflation reached + 9,585% in 2019.

Added to this is the political crisis. For more than a year, Juan Guaido has been trying to oust Nicolas Maduro, calling him a "usurper" because of the "fraudulent" presidential election of 2018. The opponent is supported by almost sixty countries which recognize him as president by interim, including the United States. Final upheaval in the standoff between Washington and Nicolas Maduro: the pay-per-view satellite television group DirecTV, owned by the American AT&T, stopped broadcasting in Venezuela last week due to American sanctions. A disaster for the 6.5 million Venezuelan subscribers. Among them, Giovanny Sanchez, meat merchant in Caracas. In his neighborhood, "there is no park" so that his two children can work out. In full containment, the dozens of DirecTV channels allowed them to "have fun, watch a movie and resume their homework," says Giovanny.

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Now the screen remains black. Giovanny found the parade by connecting his receiver to the internet to access certain channels via streaming. But not all Venezuelans can do the same. According to the NGO Freedom House, only 60% of them had internet access in 2018, connections are often weak and unstable.

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Stu Mundel, Famed L.A. TV Helicopter Police-Chase Reporter, Jumps to Fox’s KTTV .
Stu Mundel, perhaps the most well-known of L.A.’s TV helicopter reporters — specifically for his frequent coverage of police car chases and brush fires across Southern California — is boarding a new chopper. Mundel has exited his longtime perch at the CBS-owned KCBS/KCAL duopoly for a new gig at crosstown rival KTTV “Fox 11.” KCBS/KCALKCBS/KCAL confirmed the departure, and Fox 11 plans to make a larger announcement when he officially starts in June.

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