Canada EXCLUSIVE. Coronavirus: what the health crisis has changed in Ile-de-France

02:15  07 june  2020
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Camaïeu placed in receivership

 Camaïeu placed in receivership The ready-to-wear company Camaïeu, specialist in women's clothing which employs 3,900 employees in France including 450 at the head office in Roubaix (North), was placed in receivership on Tuesday.

Live statistics and coronavirus news tracking the number of confirmed cases, recovered patients, tests, and death toll due to the COVID-19 coronavirus from Wuhan, China. Coronavirus counter with new cases, deaths, and number of tests per 1 Million population.

+ Île - de - France . France has one of Europe’s more robust economies and a vaunted universal health care system, but the virus has put both under serious strain. France has centralized official coronavirus -related information and documents — like the waivers needed for personal outings — on

Une grande enquête auprès de 3.000 Franciliens tire les premiers enseignements de la pandémie. Télétravail et télémédecine sont plébiscités alors que les transports en commun risquent d'être délaissés. © Mehdi Taamallah / NurPhoto / AFP

A major survey of 3,000 Ile-de-France residents is learning the first lessons from the pandemic. Telework and telemedicine are acclaimed while public transport may be neglected.

How did Ile-de-France residents experience confinement? What about deconfinement? How do they envisage "life after" in the Region most affected by the epidemic? So many questions which were the subject of a vast study launched by the Paris Region Institute *, and unveiled today in the JDD. Some 60 questions were asked of more than 3,000 inhabitants; the investigation began on May 5 in full containment, and ended on May 19, eight days after the start of deconfinement **. "The aim of this study is to anticipate possible changes in behavior among Ile-de-France residents, starting today and beyond," said Fouad Awada, director general of the Institut Paris Région. Here are the first lessons.

Coronavirus in France: 31 new deaths in hospitals, 28,802 in total since March 1

 Coronavirus in France: 31 new deaths in hospitals, 28,802 in total since March 1 According to the latest assessment from the Directorate General of Health published this Sunday, the death toll of coronavirus victims continues to increase but its progress is still slowing . © LP / Guillaume Georges Le Parisien If the coronavirus still kills, the progression of the epidemic continues to slow down in France. This Sunday, 31 new deaths are to be deplored in hospitals in France. This brings to 28,802 the number of deaths of covid-19 in France since March 1.

VOA Learning English. 7 April ·. The new coronavirus crisis has launched a very large, unplanned experiment with online learning in the United States. And it has created problems for schoolchildren with limited internet or no internet service. School officials and governments in many areas are trying

A coronavirus called SARS-CoV-2 is the origin of a lung disease called COVID-19 ( coronavirus disease 2019), which caused a global health crisis in The most important key figures provide you with a compact summary of the topic of " Coronavirus (COVID-19) in France " and take you straight to

The general perception of withdrawal into self

This is the first surprise of this survey: 83% of Ile-de-France residents declare having "experienced confinement", including 19% "very well". Residents who found this unprecedented experience positive are mainly among teleworkers (88%) and two-person households (86%). "Some of these figures go against conventional wisdom, they twist the neck to a vision of the Ile-de-France sometimes caricatured," decrypts Martin Omhovère, director of the habitat and society department at the Paris Region Institute.

"A third of Ile-de-France residents live in individual houses", recalls the geographer and town planner. The fact remains that the 17% who have experienced confinement badly, including 4% very badly, live "in small apartments, without balcony or garden, with cherubs less than 2 years old," specifies Fouad Awada.

Crisis and mortgage: rates rose sharply in May

 Crisis and mortgage: rates rose sharply in May © Pattanaphong Khuankaew / IStock.com The average rate of mortgage loans rose sharply in France in May, banks tightening their conditions in the face of the economic crisis of the coronavirus The rate mortgage lending rose sharply in France in May, as banks tightened their conditions in the face of the coronavirus economic crisis, the benchmark monthly study showed on Wednesday. Last month, mortgage loan rates granted by the competitive sector averaged 1.25%, details in a press release the Créd

Note: The change in cases shows the change in the average number of newly reported cases over the previous 14 days. Areas with an increasing number Coronavirus cases have been reported in more than 9,800 nursing homes and other long-term care facilities, according to data collected by The New

Could coronavirus have been circulating in Europe in late 2019, many weeks before it was officially recognised and declared a threat there? That is the suggestion being made after a French doctor has revealed that he treated a patient in Paris with all of the symptoms of coronavirus just after Christmas.

Envy for that matter, a sham

The survey confirms that 11% of Ile-de-France residents stayed outside their main residence during confinement. It is mainly the 18-24 year olds (20%) who left. "Parisian housing is smaller and overcrowded," notes the CEO. But beware again of the caricature, warns Martin Omhovère: "The agglomeration counts a lot of students and young working people living alone who return home in the provinces as soon as there is an extended weekend, a fortiori during confinement . "

Likewise, the geographer wishes to put into perspective the figure of 31% of Ile-de-France residents who would like to move: "This percentage is exactly the same as in previous years! Quite simply because the population is much younger here than elsewhere in France, many will continue their residential journey, then later return to their region of origin. "

Telework accepted on a long-term basis

During confinement, 60% of working people in Ile-de-France had an unchanged professional activity, 7% were on short-time working. Telework has become the rule for 39% of working people, compared to 3% in 2018-2019. "The experience has been lived rather positively, it should continue, in lesser proportions certainly, but lastingly," said Fouad Awada, who adds that "it will have an impact on commercial real estate".

France to transform surplus wine into hand sanitiser

  France to transform surplus wine into hand sanitiser France to transform surplus wine into hand sanitiserWine sales and exports, particularly to the US, plunged at the height of the coronavirus crisis, leaving winemakers with millions of litres of unsold wine.

Exclusive : Public Health England document seen by Guardian says four in five ‘expected’ to contract virus. The coronavirus epidemic in the UK will last until next spring and could lead to 7.9 million The document, seen by the Guardian, is the first time health chiefs tackling the virus have admitted

In less than three weeks, the coronavirus has overloaded the health care system all over northern Italy. It has turned the hard hit Lombardy region into a grim glimpse of what awaits countries if they cannot slow the spread of the virus and ‘‘flatten the curve’’ of new cases — allowing the sick to be

Revolution in travel

One in six Ile-de-France residents plans to change their mobility behavior after the epidemic. Problem: 24% of public transport users, or almost a quarter, plan to use them less. "It's considerable!" Exclaims the boss of the Institut Paris Région. This means that the sharing of public space on the surface, between cars, bikes and pedestrians, will become an even more significant issue. " The desire for change is also important among cyclists (22%) - who plan to use their bikes more - and pedestrians (12%).

As for motorists and drivers of motorized two-wheelers, only 7.5% and 10% respectively want to change.

Purchasing habits transformed

Almost a third of respondents (28%) had products purchased on e-commerce sites delivered to their homes during confinement. And 37% used "more than before" this type of consumption. Result: 60% of Ile-de-France residents say they will change their buying habits - 39% "sustainably", 22% "temporarily" - once the epidemic has passed. Among these, nine out of ten now intend to favor local food products and manufactured products "made in France". "We are in the process of entering a new era," says Fouad Awada.

Coronavirus: 13 deaths in 24 hours, weakest balance since mid-March in hospital in France

 Coronavirus: 13 deaths in 24 hours, weakest balance since mid-March in hospital in France © AFP France has recorded 13 new deaths in hospitals linked to the coronavirus epidemic in the last 24 hours, ie The lowest daily report since March 14, before confinement, according to a report published on Sunday on the government website. A total of 29,155 people died. France has recorded 13 new deaths in hospitals linked to the epidemic of coronavirus in the last 24 hours, the lowest daily assessment since March 14, before confinement, according to the government website Sunday .

Health authorities have previously said the real number is higher. California has been held up as a model for its response to the coronavirus , locking down earlier To fund the unprecedented package, parliament had approved new borrowing, marking a sea change in German economic policy

As the coronavirus pandemic brings the global economy to an astonishing halt, the world’s most vulnerable countries are suffering intensifying harm. Businesses faced with the disappearance of sales are laying off workers. Households short of income are skimping on food.

Desires for outdoor leisure

At the time of deconfinement, 70% of residents plan to change at least one of their habits in terms of leisure, sports or cultural activities. Among those that Ile-de-France residents wish to practice "more than before": walking in a natural environment (33%), outdoor sports (24%), frequenting parks and gardens (21%), walking in an urban environment (20%). "These expectations will have to be taken into consideration in the planning of future districts and especially in the adaptation of the existing city", observes Martin Omhovère.

Conversely, the activities that respondents say they want to practice "less than before" are: shopping (29%), frequenting fairs and shows (21%), that of bars and restaurants (20%), that of cinemas and indoor theaters (17%).

Telemedicine in full swing

The use of medical teleconsultation is considered by 41% of respondents, excluding confinement. Three-quarters of those who have experienced it say they are ready to repeat the experience. The CEO of the Paris Region Institute mentions a "meteoric rise" and a "decisive promise for doctors".

Disrupted priorities

When asked "what should be the priorities for action by the public authorities after confinement?", The people of Ile-de-France answer (three possible answers): the health system (31%), the relocation of industrial activities in France (13%), purchasing power (9%), climate change (9%), the fight against unemployment (8%) and poverty (7%). Proof that the crisis has changed not only habits and behavior, but also expectations.

* Former Institute of Planning and Town Planning (IAU) of Ile-de-France.

** Methodology: Médiamétrie interviewed a sample of 3,028 individuals, representative of the population of Ile-de-France according to the quota method.

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