Canada Special park board meeting on whether to immediately reopen Stanley Park to cars

05:05  18 june  2020
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COVID-19: Three Vancouver pitch-and-putt courses reopen

  COVID-19: Three Vancouver pitch-and-putt courses reopen Three popular pitch-and-putt courses are reopening in Vancouver. Pitch and putts located in Queen Elizabeth, Rupert and Stanley parks are reopening at 8 a.m. on Tuesday, June 9. All three were closed as part of the Vancouver Park Board’s response to COVID-19, in a bid to enforce physical distancing. Upon reopening, groups will need to abide by physical distancing signage posted in the queue and will need to wait their turn to enter the course. Only one group of golfers is allowed at a hole at any given time and the group must wait until the group ahead has cleared the tee area before they can proceed to the next hole.

VANCOUVER -- Vancouver Park Board commissioner John Coupar supported the closure of Stanley Park to Parks department staff have reportedly been working on reopening plans that would include reducing vehicle lanes There is one advocate for keeping cars out of Stanley Park permanently.

At 1001 acres, Stanley Park , located immediately north of downtown Vancouver, is one of the world's largest urban parks . Attracting more than 8 million visitors every year it's rated Largely surrounded by seawater, Stanley Park is famous for its 8 km seawall which you can walk, cycle or rollerblade around.

a man standing next to a tree: A man walks along the path around Lost Lagoon in Stanley Park on a beautiful sunny morning. © Jon Murray A man walks along the path around Lost Lagoon in Stanley Park on a beautiful sunny morning.

Both sides on the issue of whether Stanley Park should reopen to the way it was want to press pause, but they mean vastly different things by that.

If the park is to permanently reduce car traffic, and parking spots, once it does reopen to vehicles, it should be a careful and thought-out process after much consultation, park board commissioner John Coupar says. In the meantime, Stanley Park should be reopened immediately to the state it was pre-pandemic.

Stanley Park will soon reopen to cars, but lanes will be limited

  Stanley Park will soon reopen to cars, but lanes will be limited Vehicles will soon be allowed back in Stanley Park, but in a reduced capacity as the Vancouver Park Board and city staff study ways of reducing traffic in Vancouver's most famous park over the long term. A finalized summer traffic management plan will be revealed soon, according to the director of planning and park development. "I want to assure the park board that we are talking weeks in terms of the timeline to get vehicle access back into the park, but there are a number of challenges to overcome in terms of ensuring a safe and planned approach," said Dave Hutch. Disability advocates held a small protest at the park board offices in advance of Monday's meeting.

Stay-at-home or shelter-in-place orders are being lifted in some states and extended in others as the coronavirus pandemic continues to upend life. Here’s the latest on where states stand in their plans to reopen .

Park roads will be designated for cyclists, allowing for walkers and joggers to safely use the seawall. Nadia Stewart reports. To help ensure social distancing, the Vancouver Park Board is closing Stanley Park to vehicle traffic, with the exception of the viaduct.

But wait, what’s the hurry to do that before it’s safe to do so?, counters fellow commissioner and park board chairman Camil Dumont.

Coupar’s fellow NPA commissioner, Tricia Barker, joins him in wanting an immediate reopening; Dumont, his two fellow Green commissioners, and the two COPE commissioners, want to wait and examine whether car traffic on Park Drive should be restricted to one lane to make room for cyclists.

The matter appears before a special (virtual) park board meeting Thursday night, called by the NPA commissioners.

“Seniors and people with disabilities are just not able to take advantage of the park,” Coupar said. “It’s a 1,000-acre park, there’s a lot of room for social distancing in the park, it’s an ideal place for families to go and have a picnic over Father’s Day weekend … but right now only cyclists and people who can walk in (have access).”

Disney plans to reopen California theme parks in July

  Disney plans to reopen California theme parks in July ANAHEIM, Calif. — Disney is proposing to reopen its Southern California theme parks in mid-July after what will be a four-month closure due to the coronavirus, the company said on Wednesday. Disney Parks, Experiences and Products said in a statement that the goal is to reopen Disneyland and Disney California Adventure on July 17. A nearby Disney-themed shopping area would reopen on July 9. Advance reservations will be required for theme park visitors and capacity will be limited, the statement said.

Park roads will be designated for cyclists, allowing for walkers and joggers to safely use the seawall. Nadia Stewart reports. To help ensure social distancing, the Vancouver Park Board is closing Stanley Park to vehicle traffic, with the exception of the viaduct.

Stanley Park Drive and Pipeline Road near Lost Lagoon. Stanley Park Loop near the Miniature Train, and a short walk from the Vancouver Aquarium. If you are planning to drive to Stanley Park for the day, consider buying a daily parking pass. A daily parking pass lets you move your car and park at

He is not anti-bike, he said.

“This to me is about consultation. The logical thing to do is to open it up just the way it was. If you are going to make changes in the future take your time, talk to everybody, make it public.

“We have more consultations on a playground in the park than on this.”

All seven commissioners voted in favour of shutting down the park to car traffic on April 8 and banned bicycles from the seawall at the same time, while allowing cyclists on car-free Park Drive.

Cramming cyclists and pedestrians back onto the seawall is still not safe, Dumont said, and it would be unacceptable and inappropriate to do so at this point.

“We need to get cars back in there, but it doesn’t make sense to me to get the cars back in there even on a temporary basis in a way that will put cyclists back on the seawall and make that a much more crowded space,” he said.

“I’ll ask the same question: What’s the rush to get it back to the way it was before, in that we’re in this new paradigm of COVID safety?”

Businesses call for traffic resumption in Stanley Park, park board set to vote

  Businesses call for traffic resumption in Stanley Park, park board set to vote A coalition of businesses is urging the Vancouver Park Board to fully restore vehicle traffic to Stanley Park so struggling restaurants, shops and attractions can start taking in more customers. Stanley Park Stakeholders — a group of 14 businesses and societies — signed a letter directed at the park board calling for the immediate opening of roadways and the removal of traffic calming concrete blocks. Members say they rely on vehicle traffic for their survival. Among the signatories are representatives from the Teahouse, Ocean Wise, Stanley Park Brewing, and several tour companies. "They're all out of business," said Nigel Malkin, a spokesperson for the coalition.

Effective immediately , Gov. But a long chain of events has to happen for the disease to spread that way. The best way to protect yourself from coronavirus — whether it’s surface transmission or close human contact — is still social distancing, washing your hands, not touching your face and wearing

Hershey Park , located in Hershey, PA, is reopening to the public on July 3. July 1 and 2 will be reserved for season pass holders only. Like many other amusement parks , Hershey is requiring guests to make reservations, wear masks, and social distance while in the park .

A petition to have the park reopened to its pre-COVID state had 11,000 signatures by Wednesday evening.

The Capilano Group, which owns Prospect Point and the Pavilion, recently spent upwards of $5 million to make substantial upgrades. Along with The Teahouse, they remain shuttered.

“The park board, it seems with this closure, is kicking these longtime partners of ours while they’re down,” said Coupar. “They expected when things were safe the park would be open.”

Dumont said he’s concerned about all the partners the park board has in Stanley Park.

“My day job is growing food and I sell most of my food to chefs and restaurants,” he said. “This sucks from a restaurant’s perspective. I totally get it having no cars in the park, that’s a huge hit.”

And it’s why, he said, having vehicles return to the park at some point makes sense.

“But from there to saying it needs to be exactly the way it was pre-COVID, I think there’s a real big gap there,” Dumont said.

Dr. Bonnie Henry, meanwhile, on Tuesday gave her implicit backing to the five members of the park board who don’t necessarily want to go back to the way it was.

Canada closes cross-border park where families reunited

  Canada closes cross-border park where families reunited SURREY, B.C. — British Columbia has temporarily closed a park where American and Canadian friends and families have been able to reunite despite the closed U.S.-Canada border. Authorities said Thursday that Peace Arch Provincial Park in Surrey, British Columbia, had become too crowded, raising concerns about traffic and public safety during the coronavirus pandemic. The park is adjacent to Peace Arch Historical State Park in Washington state. Visitors from both sides can cross the border without showing passports or other forms of identification, as long as they remain in the park.

The Stanley Park Miniature Train Depot is located off Pipeline Road in Stanley Park , near the Vancouver Aquarium. You can ride the Miniature Train over the summer (late-June through early-September), or at special holiday events during the year, including the Halloween Ghost Train and

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“I actually think it’s a really good thing, not just for the pandemic, but it encourages active transportation, getting people out there moving,” she said. “Some of the things that have affected us most over the last few months have been that inability to get out and to experience things. So this is a way for more people to be able to use the park safely.

“And I would be in favour, personally, of keeping it that way.”

But that’s her personal opinion, Coupar said, “not a medical opinion. It’s not like she said there’s a health issue.”



Keep Stanley Park open for all petition

There is a petition, called Keep Stanley Park open for all, that as of mid-afternoon Wednesday had 11,000 signatures.

It reads in part: “Changes to access could mean that the able-bodied would be better served at the expense of anyone who can neither bike to the park or walk the considerable distance to popular destinations within the park. Why?

“Many families come to the pool and Third Beach laden with items which would be very difficult to bring by transit. Impossible? Maybe not, but these are all barriers for families and anyone who is not as able-bodied as cyclists.”

Fredericton plans to remove some Odell Park trails and add more to Killarney .
Cyclists in Fredericton could be losing some of their biking trails at the city's largest south side park, but gain more trails at a north side park instead. Final management plans for Killarney and Odell parks were presented to the city's community services committee meeting on Wednesday. The plans outline the future of the city's two major parks and how they will balance the need to preserve important ecological areas and provide enhanced recreational opportunities. "Obviously you won't be able to please 100 per cent of the population but we're really happy with those plans," said Coun. Henri Mallet, chair of the committee.

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