Canada Virus: towards a "very long" pandemic, half a million cases in South Africa

09:25  02 august  2020
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Canada reports 415 new coronavirus cases, 11 new deaths as global infections rise

  Canada reports 415 new coronavirus cases, 11 new deaths as global infections rise The number of novel coronavirus cases in Canada hovered just below 114,600 on Monday, as the country recorded 415 new cases. According to provincial and territorial health authorities, 11 more people have also died as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. In Ontario, health authorities reported 119 new cases of the virus on Monday, and said one more person had died. Read more: 3 of 4 Americans want masks to be mandatory amid coronavirus pandemic: poll So far, 2,069,621 tests have been conducted in Ontario and 34,461 people have recovered from the virus.

The virus has surged most in states that were among the first to reopen, such as Florida, South Carolina They are the necessary consequence of allowing the pandemic to get out of control. In fact, the extra benefits have been keeping some 3 million employed because the money has gone

The Covid-19 pandemic is “far from over” in Asia, the World Health Organization has warned, as the The US has now recorded 3,415 deaths from the virus , with 165,000 confirmed cases , compared to China and South Korea have both delayed key national college entrance exams over growing fears of

  Virus: vers une © Provided by Le Point

South Africa , the country of the African continent most affected by the coronavirus, has crossed the barrier of half a million people infected, while the WHO warns that the planet must prepare for a "very long" pandemic.

South Africa alone has more than half of the cases of the new coronavirus on the African continent. It has 503,290 confirmed cases, Health Minister Zweli Mkhize said on Saturday. From 40,000 to 50,000 people could succumb to it by the end of the year in the country, according to official projections.

To date, more than 17.6 million people have been infected worldwide and more than 680,000 have died, including nearly 200,000 in the Latin America-Caribbean region alone, according to a report established on Saturday by the AFP .

Canada sees 343 new coronavirus cases as global infections top 18.4 million

  Canada sees 343 new coronavirus cases as global infections top 18.4 million Provincial and territorial health authorities also confirmed another 11 people have died as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. Read more: Canada sees 478 new coronavirus infections as world case count nears 17 million A number of the provinces reported several days worth of COVID-19 case data following the Civic Holiday long weekend. Health officials in Ontario said the province recorded 88 new cases of the virus on Monday and another 91 on Tuesday. Another four people have also died as a result of COVID-19 in Ontario, officials said. So far, the province has conducted more than 2.

Even if it were half as bad, are we there right now? So what I’d like to do is go to the next slide and talk about a couple of things today; I want to And so that’s really what can prompt a pandemic and that is a virus that is not been seen in the human population or has been not seen for a very long time and

Q: Will the 2020 Wuhan corona/SARS virus be as bad as the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic that infected 500,000 In short, COVID-19 is a * very * awkward virus which is fully capable of wreaking worldwide havoc on a It is estimated that in Italy the disease affected over 4 and a half million people, killing

United States have 154,319 deaths, followed by Brazil (93,563 deaths), Mexico (47,472 deaths) and United Kingdom (46,119 deaths).

"The risk posed by Covid-19 is very high", notes the WHO, which calls for a "national, regional and global" response.

The organization's emergency committee, meeting since Friday for the fourth time to reassess the pandemic, warned that "its duration was certainly going to be very long".

"Most people on the planet can be affected, even those who do not live in hard-hit areas," the organization warns.

"Distress message"

No continent appears spared.

In the Philippines, associations representing tens of thousands of doctors wrote an open letter in the form of a "distress message to the nation" in the face of a health system portrayed as "overwhelmed".

More than 18 million people infected with the virus

 More than 18 million people infected with the virus © Provided by Le Point More than 18 million people have been infected by the coronavirus since its appearance in China , and the pandemic continues to progress in the world, particularly in the United States and Latin America, and ravage the tourism sector. The rise in contagions has led in several countries to new restrictive measures, such as Melbourne, the second city of Australia , placed Sunday under curfew for six weeks.

We should have it very high.” Many of Trump’s aides reportedly believe that the president’s support of According to study findings, school closures may have led to a million fewer COVID-19 cases and We’ve learned a lot in the last few months by adjusting our lives to the pandemic rules.From

Suspected case A suspected case is someone who shows clinical signs and symptoms of having COVID-19, but has not been laboratory-tested. This is because of the long reporting chain that exists between a new case and its inclusion in national or international statistics. The steps in this chain are

"We are losing the battle against Covid-19", they alarm, stressing that an increasing number of caregivers are falling ill or quitting their jobs. Some overcrowded hospitals refuse to admit new patients, they warn.

According to the Ministry of Health, 34 health professionals died from Covid-19 in the Philippines. The total number of deaths stood at 2,039 on Saturday.

The United States recorded more than 60,000 new cases of coronavirus for the fifth day in a row Saturday, for a total of more than 4.6 million infections.

Mexico recorded Saturday for the second consecutive day a record of contaminations, with 9,556 new cases recorded in 24 hours, according to figures from the Federal Secretariat of Health.

In Europe, Norway has indicated that it fears a "new spread" of the virus following the detection of around thirty cases on a cruise ship.

And several new outbreaks were identified this week in the department of Mayenne in western France where the mask will be made mandatory from Monday in public places in 69 municipalities.

Canada records 4 coronavirus-related deaths — all from Ontario and Quebec

  Canada records 4 coronavirus-related deaths — all from Ontario and Quebec Ontario health officials announced one person had died from COVID-19 on Saturday, moving the province's death toll to 2,759, while 34,240 have recovered. Meanwhile, Quebec recorded three new deaths — although one of those deaths occurred prior to July 18, officials said. In Quebec, 58,414 people have been diagnosed with the virus while 5,666 have died. Over 1.1 million residents have been tested for COVID-19 while 50,703 have recovered. Overall, the country has seen 113,480 confirmed cases of the virus and 8,885 deaths. Just over 99,100 people living in Canada have recovered.

As more cases of the new coronavirus surface in the United States, federal health officials hope to speed up test results for the virus by distributing kits to public health laboratories around the country. “The protocol for the evacuation is a very long process.

Just in case , the CDC recommends that people with COVID-19 have Among reported COVID-19 cases in the U.S., about 4% have died, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. And not only is the flu potentially deadly, illness can last a very long time and cause disability and interruption

Since Saturday morning, passengers arriving from sixteen "at risk" countries in Paris airports must also present "proof of the result of a biological virological screening test carried out less than 72 hours before the flight" or failing that get tested at the airport.

Belgium on Saturday banned "non-essential trips" to the Spanish regions of Navarre, Aragon, Barcelona and Lérida in Catalonia, the Lake Geneva region in Switzerland (Vaud, Valais, Geneva) and the French department of Mayenne.

"Tactics of fear"

Measures to fight the pandemic are however far from unanimous.

In Berlin, some 20,000 "free thinkers" demonstrators, anti-vaccine activists, conspiracy activists and far-right sympathizers marched on Saturday to demand the abolition of restrictive measures to combat Covid-19, before being dispersed by the police lack of masks.

"We are the second wave", "Resistance" or even "the biggest conspiracy theory is the pandemic of the new coronavirus", they chanted.

"It's a pure fear tactic: I don't see any danger with the virus at all. I don't know other sick people. I have known a lot of sick people in March, skiers, vacationers, there Something was really happening in February, but now there are no more sick, "one of them told AFP.

Canada reports 147 new coronavirus cases as the country celebrates the Civic Holiday

  Canada reports 147 new coronavirus cases as the country celebrates the Civic Holiday Only a handful of provinces released new numbers on Monday, with many opting to wait until after the holiday to do so. Read more: Coronavirus: Public gatherings of up to 250 people now allowed in Quebec Ontario did not release any new COVID-19-related data on Monday, saying the province would provide and update on Tuesday after the long weekend. But the latest data released by the province on Sunday said Ontario has seen a total of 39,449 cases of the virus. And a total of 2,778 people in the province have died as a result of COVID-19 since the pandemic began.

In South Korea. You can see that they started with 28 cases on Feb 15 and with in a month they stopped This global pandemic won’t end unless we find a vaccine, which in the best- case scenario could take Looming Depression: Many will be in a serious depression for a very long period.

Japan's Okinawa declared a state of emergency after a record jump in cases on the island - many linked to US military forces stationed there. Meanwhile, Hong Kong opened a new makeshift hospital to house virus patients after cases rose to new highs.

"Ghost town"

The pandemic, accompanied by a deep economic and social crisis, also continues to disrupt entire areas of the daily life of populations in many countries.

In New York, the boom in food deliveries and the fear of using public transport have ignited the scooter market. "I decided to get on a scooter a few months ago during this crazy time," recalls Alan Taledia, now a Vespa owner.

As for Montreal, which usually receives about 11 million tourists per year, does not expect more than "a million maximum" and "90% of anticipated revenues" have vanished, according to Yves Lalumière, president of the Tourism association Montreal. It's "like a little ghost town," notes a restaurateur.

In Mecca, where the number of people authorized to take part in the pilgrimage this year has been drastically reduced, the idea of ​​a "green hajj" is gaining ground, believes Nouhad Awwad, an activist who collaborates in Greenpeace campaigns.

"By investing in sustainable development and adopting green practices, we can continue to live our traditions and perform our rituals while keeping our skies free of pollution and our streets free of waste," she believes.

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Coronavirus. "Maximum" alert in North Korea after a first suspected case of Covid-19 .
© KIM WON JIN / AFP Workers check bottles of new disinfectant products in Pyongyang on March 19, 2020. North Korea has declared "maximum emergency" after the discovery on its soil of a first "suspected" case of new coronavirus, and ordered the confinement of the city of Kaesong (south) where it was detected.

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