Canada Potential explosion in mental illness could last years after pandemic: study

12:42  05 august  2020
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What can we as mental health professionals do to help alleviate this suffering? Dr. London is a practicing psychiatrist and has been a newspaper columnist for 35 years , specializing in and writing about short-term Cite this: Robert T. London. Is COVID-19 Leading to a Mental Illness Pandemic ?

A shadow pandemic of mental illness is emerging, but America's behavioral health system is unprepared, ill-equipped and already on the brink of Isolation and economic upheaval caused by the coronavirus pandemic are already resulting in a sharp spike in people seeking mental health help.

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OTTAWA — A new study suggests Canadians, especially women, will face a potentially explosive increase in mental illness for years after the COVID-19 pandemic is finally over.

Over the long term, the Deloitte study estimates that visits to emergency rooms for stress and anxiety-related disorders will increase one to three per cent from pre-pandemic rates.

Moreover, the study estimates that 6.3 million to 10.7 million Canadians will visit a doctor for mental health issues — a whopping 54 to 163 per cent increase over pre-pandemic levels.

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In this Special Feature, mental health advocates offer tips and guidance on how to cope with stress, anxiety, and loneliness during a pandemic . However, prolonged isolation can take its toll on mental health. In this Special Feature, mental well-being advocates share their top tips on what you can do

Months under lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic could have a ‘devastating’ impact on our mental health, a new study warns. Previous large-scale health issues have led to an increase in mental distress. Experts believe the worsening of mental illness could persist for years after the pandemic .

The consulting firm says governments should be funding mental health services, providers should be getting ready for the demand and insurance companies should look at revising coverage options.

The estimates are based on an analysis of what transpired in the years following the Fort McMurray wildfire in 2016, which forced the evacuation of 88,000 people and destroyed more than 2,400 homes in Alberta.

It's also based on an analysis of the long-term impact on Canadians of the "great recession" of 2008-09, a global economic crash that was nowhere near as deep or as long-lasting as the expected impact of the COVID-19 crisis.

The country is still gripped by the pandemic-induced health crisis and the resulting economic crisis but the study warns that "a third-order crisis" is simmering.

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Several new studies are deepening our understanding of infection and transmission in kids, but there’s still a lot we don’t know. In July alone, several studies of note were published, including new findings about infected children’s viral loads, lessons from large-scale contact tracing in South Korea, and

mental illness is set to become the “next major global health challenge” and “ pandemic of the Moreover, research findings are suggestive of potential transgenerational effects of both vaccines and Rather than acquiesce to the perpetuation of hair-splitting mental health diagnoses—and the

"This is a human crisis. Our previous research on the impact of natural disasters on humans shows that once the public health and economic crises have subsided, the human crisis will endure for months, if not years," Deloitte says.

The human crisis includes poorer educational outcomes, increased substance abuse and crime, as well as a hike in the incidence of mental illness. The study focuses strictly on mental health because there was not enough data available to analyze the other social impacts, said co-author Matt Laberge, Deloitte's senior economic advisory manager.

"We did expect obviously some human impacts from COVID-19, especially around mental health," Laberge said in an interview.

"But the sheer magnitude of them were pretty surprising to us."

Laberge said the statistics from Fort McMurray suggest that the mental health impact will linger for years.  Visits to mental health professionals and prescriptions for antidepressants shot up in the months following the May 2016 wildfire "and as of the most recent data of late 2018, there's no sign of coming back to the pre-disaster normal."

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"Both studies give potential options for keeping schools open and show the clear importance of adequate contact tracing and testing," British "There are no quick fixes to this terrible pandemic . However, it is becoming increasingly clear that governments around the world need to find solutions

With the right safeguards in place, technology can help fill a gap in mental health care. The United States faces a mental health epidemic. Nearly one in five American adults suffers from a form of mental illness . In a study of university students suffering from depression, those using Woebot

The message, Laberge said, is that once the pandemic-induced health and economic crises subside, "the third crisis of human impacts will still be with us for quite some time and people will need help."

He noted that factors the study did not analyze — such as the disruption in education opportunities and potential increase in substance abuse — could have a lifelong impact on some Canadians.

Particularly "heartbreaking" is the impact on women, he said.

Whereas the 2008-09 recession hit the goods-producing sector hardest, resulting in mostly men being thrown out of work, the COVID-19 pandemic has hit the retail and services sectors hardest, with women bearing the brunt of job losses.

The study says women — who were already disproportionately represented among low-income Canadians, especially single mothers — account for 68 per cent of the jobs lost due to the pandemic.

It notes that a Statistics Canada survey conducted in April and May found that women were more likely than men to report that their mental health was somewhat or much worse since the pandemic began in March (57 per cent versus 47 per cent). And they were more likely to report that their mental-health needs were not being met.

"Women are the epicentre of the human impact of COVID-19," the study concludes.

The study urges governments to mobilize school and daycare networks to identify people who need mental-health support and to direct them to available resources. It also urges mental health professionals to prepare their facilities to handle an influx of patients.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published Aug. 5, 2020.

Joan Bryden, The Canadian Press

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