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10:50  13 august  2020
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antitrust authority nods deal: Amazon joins Deliveroo, the startup

 antitrust authority nods deal: Amazon joins Deliveroo, the startup © Deliveroo Amazon can participate in Deliveroo. Amazon is allowed to take over 16 percent of the London delivery startup Deliveroo. Should the e-commerce group buy additional shares, however, this could trigger a further investigation, according to the responsible UK antitrust authority. In mid-May 2019, Amazon led a $ 575 million Series G round of financing by London-based delivery startup Deliveroo. With the deal, the US retail group was to receive 16 percent of Deliveroo.

EARLIER is useful for nested calculations where you want to use a certain value as an input and produce calculations based on that input. In Microsoft Excel, you can do such calculations only within the context of the current row; however, in DAX you can store the value of the input and then make

Wirecard claimed on Thursday that auditor Ernst & Young couldn’t confirm the location of the missing cash that was supposed to be held at two Asian The confusion deepened on Friday when BDO Unibank Inc., the Philippines’ largest bank by assets, and the Bank of the Philippine Islands, said on

A DAX logo is pictured at the trading floor of the stock exchange in Frankfurt © Reuters / RALPH ORLOWSKI A DAX logo is pictured at the trading floor of the stock exchange in Frankfurt

Frankfurt (Reuters) - After the billions in the balance sheet scandal, the insolvent payment processor flies Wirecard from the German leading index Dax next week.

In a survey by Deutsche Börse, a majority of market participants voted for a change in the rules that would lead to the ban of the group that went bankrupt at the end of June, as announced by Deutsche Börse. Wirecard is now leaving the highest German stock exchange league after trading closes on August 21. In all likelihood, the restaurant delivery service Delivery Hero, which, unlike its competitor Symrise, meets the criteria in the relevant ranking list, will move up. The Delivery Hero shares gained more than three percent in early trading on Thursday. Deutsche Börse does not want to announce until next Wednesday evening who will follow Wirecard in the Dax.

This is where Amazon's largest delivery fleet of e-cars

 This is where Amazon's largest delivery fleet of e-cars is being built

It revealed that Commerzbank — Germany's second-largest lender and a founding member of the prestigious DAX club three decades ago — will have to concede its place to fintech company Wirecard . Commerzbank has been an ailing bank for years. It had to be bailed out by the taxpayer during the

Wirecard can't rule out 'considerable fraud' as billions go missing. The news followed revelations earlier on Thursday (18 June) that auditors could not find some €1.9bn (£1.7bn The trustee has announced to Wirecard AG that he will clarify the facts of the matter with the two banks managing

According to the previously applicable index rules, Wirecard would not have been excluded from the Dax until September 21 - because of the bankruptcy, but also because of the stock market value that had fallen to 200 million euros. The pressure from market participants to react faster, however, increased. The stock exchange therefore proposed a rule change in mid-July, which has now been approved by investors. In the future, companies will be temporarily eliminated from the Dax selection indices (including MDax, SDax and TecDax) after filing for bankruptcy. Previously, this was only planned for the next regular check, which is due every three months.

Unless something unforeseen happens, Delivery Hero will follow the payment provider and be part of the Dax from August 24th. The decisive factors for this are the market value of the free float and the trading volume. On the relevant ranking of the stock exchange from July, Delivery Hero ranks 27th in terms of market value and 33rd in terms of trading turnover. Delivery Hero can hardly be considered a reflection of the German economy that the Dax is supposed to represent. The company is based in Berlin, but it had sold its German business to competitor Just Eat Takeaway ("Lieferando"). However, a few years ago the stock exchange took away all leeway for the Dax composition from the working group for stock indices.

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Wirecard filed for insolvency on Thursday owing creditors almost billion after disclosing a 1.9 billion euro (.1 billion) hole in its accounts that its auditor EY said "The role of the finance ministry must be examined, as reports of irregularities have been coming in for quite some time", said conservative

Wirecard shares, which were suspended ahead of an earlier announcement that it would seek creditor protection, crashed 80% when trading resumed. EY, one of the world's "Big Four" accountancy and consulting firms, faces a wave of litigation in a debacle that has drawn comparisons with Arthur

Delivery Hero is on the move in over 40 countries around the world and plans to also be active in Japan in the current quarter. Although the group is benefiting from the increasing demand for food deliveries in the Corona crisis, the company is still making losses in its operational business due to the costs of the expansion course.

Independently of the lightning survey, the stock exchange is working on a reform of the Dax rules, which the market participants should then vote on again. So far, the index provider has kept a low profile on the content.

Video: Almost 13,000 points in the Dax, car values ​​increase (dpa-AFX)

Almost 13,000 points in the Dax, car values ​​add to   Wirecard fliegt früher aus dem Dax - Delivery Hero rückt wohl nach dpa-AFX Watch more videos Watch next Analyser to go: Jefferies macht bei LEG den Anfang

Analyzer to go: Jefferies starts at LEG

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Aktie im Fokus: Bertrandt wagt wegen Corona weiterhin keine Prognose

share in focus: Bertrandt still does not venture a forecast because of Corona

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Elektroindustrie lädt sich wieder auf, Akkus aber noch nicht ganz voll

Electrical industry is recharging, but batteries are not yet fully charged

Olaf Scholz at "Maischberger": "I urgently want to go to the Chancellery"

 Olaf Scholz at © ARD The chances of becoming Chancellor seem to inspire Olaf Scholz at the moment. When it comes to questions about the left, the SPD chancellor candidate lets through doubts - he plays away those about Wirecard. With "Maischberger" Scholz shows that it could be difficult for other parties to show him. "I really want to go to the Chancellery" The change in Olaf Scholz over the past year is astonishing.

Earlier this month, before the most recent revelations of accounting malpractice, law firm Wolfgang For the time being at least, Wirecard remains a constituent member of the DAX 30 , Germany’s Crypto.com told CoinDesk on Friday it was moving to a new provider just hours after the Financial

Wirecard , which is authorised by the FCA to issue e-money and provide payment services, must also say on its website that it is no longer permitted to If you were one of the millions of Netflix users who binged “Outer Banks” during the first few months of quarantine this Spring, then you know that its star

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60 Sekunden Wirtschaft am 10.08.2020

60 seconds of economy on August 10, 2020

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Unklarheit über US-Konjunkturpaket

Unclear US economic stimulus package

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Neue Impulse sind mau, Dax trotzdem mit Gewinn erwartet

New impulses are poor, Dax still expects a profit

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Dax schafft es mit erfreulichen US-Jobdaten ins Plus

Dax makes it into the plus with positive US job data

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Analyser to go: Hauck & Aufhäuser hält bei Vonovia das Stop-Schild hoch

Analyzer to go: Hauck & Aufhäuser holds the stop sign at Vonovia high

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Aktie im Fokus: Telekom dank US-Tochter T-Mobile an Dax-Spitze

Share in focus: Tele kom thanks to US subsidiary T-Mobile at the top of the Dax

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Deutsche Exporte heftig eingebrochen

German exports slumped sharply

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60 Sekunden Wirtschaft am 07.08.2020

60 seconds of economy on 08/07/2020

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Warten vor den US-Arbeitslosenzahlen, Dax-Werte reagieren auf Analysen

Waiting for the US unemployment figures, Dax values ​​react to analyzes

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Dax mit Verlusten erwartet, Chinas Exporte stark gestiegen

Dax expected with losses, China's exports rose sharply

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Dax fährt Achterbahn - Zahlenflut in der Berichtssaison

Dax rides a roller coaster - flood of numbers in the reporting season

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Analyser to go: Kepler Cheuvreux hebt Wacker Chemie gleich doppelt

Analyzer to go: Kepler Cheuvreux raises Wacker Chemie twice

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Aktie im Fokus: Siemens nach Quartalszahlen auf Sechsmonatshoch

share in focus: Siemens at six-month high after quarterly figures

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0 Analyzer to go: Jefferies makes the start at LEG Der Despite the corona crisis, LEG Immobilien shares performed well. Too good, says a Jefferies analyst. He is the only one to lower his thumb over the papers, but raise the price target. dpa-AFX share in focus: Bertrandt still does not dare to make a forecast due to Corona The development service provider Bertrandt does not see itself in a position to make an annual forecast due to the consequences of the Corona crisis for its customers in the automotive and aviation industries. After a solid start, the Bertrand share turned into the red in the SDax. Analyser to go: Jefferies macht bei LEG den Anfang dpa-AFX dpa-AFX-Logo Electrical industry is recharging, but batteries are not yet fully charged The electrical industry in Germany has not yet reached the level of a year ago, but June went quite well. The main reason for this are domestic orders. Aktie im Fokus: Bertrandt wagt wegen Corona weiterhin keine Prognose dpa-AFX

Delivery Hero shares in the red: Delivery Hero replaces Wirecard in the DAX .

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