Canada Watermelon La Croix Is the Best/Worst Flavor of La Croix

02:03  19 september  2020
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Earlier this summer I encountered previously unfamiliar bricks in the wall of La Croix boxes at my corner bodega. There were pastel pink and green boxes adorned with the word Pastèque, and the smaller parenthetical (watermelon). Watermelon La Croix?

At that moment, I heard the words of a similar, French-Canadian icon, Céline Dion, echo in my brain: “Shall we go for it?” she asked.

“Yes, Céline,” I thought, “We shall.”

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When I got home I cracked open a can and took a sip. “Wait a second, I know this,” I said to myself before locking eyes with a now-corporeal Céline, “Yes, It’s all coming back to me now!” we cried out together.

The candy bowl on the bank teller’s desk, the pillowcase full of Halloween candy, that time I almost choked on one in the back seat of our Sienna. Yes, this tastes just like a Watermelon Jolly Rancher! Or...does it?


While most midwesterners have been pulling the lightly essenced La Croix (which rhymes with enjoy, according to the company) from their garage bonus fridges since the 1980s, the Wisconsin brand hit it big in 2015 as its multicolored, abstract expressionist packaging and “not-soda-ness” made it the millennial beverage du jour.

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This year, La Croix added two new flavors to their lineup: Limoncello and Pastèque (watermelon). The former tastes like lemon and vanilla, and reminds me somewhat of Carmex lip balm, but in a good way. The watermelon, meanwhile, has quickly become a new favorite. It’s punchy and a little sour, but not cloying. There is definitely a touch of Watermelon Jolly Rancher there, but like most La Croix flavors, it presents itself more as a memory on the tongue than a full blown flavor. Drinking watermelon La Croix is like staring at a watermelon-shaped neon sign; it is like tasting water harvested from a spring haunted by a watermelon ghost. It is an excellent drink for the still-hot days of fall.

Not everybody feels this way about watermelon La Croix. A friend of mine who is currently working her way through every La Croix flavor said it was the absolute worst she has ever tasted. My coworker Joe, meanwhile, shares my enthusiasm. Many have compared it to coconut, as one of the more divisive La Croix flavors on shelves.

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So, will you be among the watermelon La Croix lovers? Will you think it tastes too much like watermelon Jolly Rancher, or just Jolly Rancher enough? Will you find it crisp and refreshing, or cheaply artificial? Why does the company use the French word for Watermelon to name the flavor if they openly rebuke the French pronunciation of La Croix?

I can’t tell you those things, because my experience is not your experience. The truth to these questions is between you, the can of La Croix in your hand, and Céline Dion.

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Watermelon La Croix, 24 Pack

$12.00, Walmart

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Watermelon Jolly Ranchers, 160 pc.

$8.00, Amazon


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