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Psychologists have defined seven phases of love and only very few make it to the last step

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What is love anyway? Scientists and psychologists have been trying to answer this question for thousands of years, but they cannot really find an answer. In the 1980s, the American psychologist Robert Sternberg developed the so-called "3-component theory" of love. These include emotional intimacy, passion and commitment. In his opinion, these things are the most important components of love. But now psychologists have worked out this theory a little after relationship models and thus also love have changed over the decades. Now it's about these seven steps that make love.

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1. Approach

The first step of love is when two people hardly know each other, but somehow feel drawn to each other. At this stage it is not even clear whether the chemistry is right, whether you have the same ideas or whether you can even imagine a relationship with the other. This phase arises, for example, after the first or second date. It is the most critical phase that many people cannot get past.

2. Finding pleasure in each other

When the pressure of the first date drops, you can be more who you are and also get to know the other's first quirks, phase two has been reached. One recognizes common interests, views and whether the intimacy arouses so much passion that it can lead to love.

3. Empty love

This phase involves a lot of commitment, but no intimacy and passion. It usually occurs after about two years of relationship, when the freshly in love phase is over, you are very familiar with each other, but your sex life slowly stagnates. This is a major turning point that couples need to work for the relationship to get through this phase. Here it is important to spend more (quality) time together again and to rekindle the fire.

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4. Deluded love 1 Commitment and passion come first here, but there is still no intimacy. The difference to empty love: Despite the difficult phase that lies behind you (empty love), both partners are increasingly thinking about the future. Wedding and family planning takes place in this phase. Psychologists believe that couples who have made it into this phase have a high potential to stay together for a long time. 1 5. Romantic love 1 The alternative to empty love is romantic love. It contains a lot of intimacy and both partners feel very attracted (sexually) to one another. While they are very familiar and have stable relationships, they are unwilling to make serious commitments such as marriage and child planning. Relationships of this kind are often broken at this status if only one of the partners wants to take the next step. 1 6. Amicable love 1 This kind of love consists of commitment and intimacy. Both partners love each other, are very familiar with each other, but rather have a friendly relationship. However, this is much stronger than an ordinary friendship. What is missing here, however, is passion. This type of love arises especially when you have been with your partner for a long time. If the model works for both partners that's great, but here it often happens that something is missing. Here therapy can help to find each other again.

1 7. Perfect love 1 This love consists of all three components: passion, emotional intimacy and commitment. Very few couples make it to this point, because for this love to work, a number of factors have to come together. For example, trust, self-love, contentment and freedom are things that should be given to both partners in perfect love. When you are ready, there is a very good chance that you and your partner will be happy forever or that you will be able to master any crisis well. Do you love him or are you just in love?

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