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14:20  01 october  2020
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Bayern Munich already looking too good for the Bundesliga

  Bayern Munich already looking too good for the Bundesliga BERLIN — On the day the FIFA president warned about a lack of competition in club soccer, Bayern Munich started the German league by scoring a whopping eight goals. The Bavarian club routed Schalke 8-0 Friday and it could have been more but for a slew of missed chances. After half an hour, Bayern was up 3-0. By then, it was only a matter of how many the team would score. “The Bundesliga did not provide many arguments at the start that it should definitely continue to be watched — at least not when Bayern Munich is playing,” Berlin newspaper Der Tagesspiegel wrote. “The game was tediously boring.

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Despite the rising Corona numbers for the upcoming international football matches, unlike the games in September, FIFA is not planning a general waiver of the obligation to post for national players.

Die FIFA plant trotz der Corona-Pandemie keine generelle Aufhebung der Abstellungspflicht. © Ennio Leanza / KEYSTONE / dpa Despite the corona pandemic, FIFA is not planning a general lifting of the parking obligation.

As the German Press Agency learned from the world federation, a comprehensive protocol for the organization of the games in all confederations is to be published as a guideline instead.

In September, FIFA allowed clubs not to send players to their national teams. Most recently, Bundesliga representatives had expressed concern about the threat of quarantine regulations for their professionals after returning from Corona risk areas.

FIFA 21 ratings: database expanded to Top 1000

 FIFA 21 ratings: database expanded to Top 1000 At the start of the rating marathon before FIFA 21, EA SPORTS unveiled the 100 best players in the upcoming soccer simulation. Now the developer is following up with the Top 1000 and numerous previously unknown values ​​from players from Germany and the Bundesliga. © EA SPORTS The "Ratings Collective" for FIFA 21 now includes the 1000 best-rated players. EA SPORTS has published the values ​​of the best 1000 players in FIFA 21.

Fox News contributor speaks out on 'Hannity' after Senate fails to pass health care bill, talks investigation into former Democratic staffer.

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«For me it is absurd to send players into risk areas. It is up to FIFA to either postpone these games or to ensure that the players do not have to be quarantined when they return, ”said manager Stefan Reuter from FC Augsburg to the“ kicker ”.

sports director Michael Zorc from Borussia Dortmund had threatened last week that players would not be released if they "even miss a competitive game" after returning from their national teams. According to the latest FIFA decision, there would be no legal basis for this. Exceptions would have to be decided by national health authorities.

The 150-page FIFA protocol is basically the same as the tried and tested hygiene rules of the Bundesliga and the UEFA protocol. In contrast to September, when only Europe played, there are also World Cup qualifiers in South America in October, which means that this time a FIFA competition would be affected by the cancellation of the compulsory parking.

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