Canada The telework recommended by the government, the unions want a binding agreement

23:05  05 october  2020
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CRTC's undercover shoppers find fault with 1-in-5 interactions with wireless sellers

  CRTC's undercover shoppers find fault with 1-in-5 interactions with wireless sellers TORONTO — A "secret shopper" campaign on behalf of the CRTC found evidence of misleading or aggressive behaviour in about one-fifth of the interactions between its undercover shoppers and sales staff for six major wireless carriers. Canada's telecom regulator said the vast majority of interactions during its "secret shopper" investigation early this year were perceived as positive. However, it found that 20 per cent of shoppers felt they were given misleading information or faced aggressive sales practices — particularly if they had disabilities and or didn't use English or French as their first language.

Telework arrangements in the Federal Government may be full-time or part-time. Part-time schedules are more common. As with most aspects of the 2 Although entering into the telework arrangement is voluntary, once the employee is under such an arrangement, he or she may be required to telework

The Telework agreement provides the framework for work expectations and operational procedures between the supervisor and the employee. Each agency develops its own telework agreement based on the agency’s telework policy and any applicable collective bargaining agreement (s).

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While the government called this Monday, October 5 to telework "as much as possible" in the enhanced alert zones and maximum - Guadeloupe, Aix-Marseille, Paris and the inner suburbs in particular - the unions are still demanding a binding agreement on the subject, which the employers refuse.

Teleworking harms breaks and gossip, and it is a collective drama

"Many workstations allow remote work and rotations can be organized in order to limit the impact on the work group " , explained the Minister of Labor Elisabeth Borne during a meeting with the unions and the employers, calling for recourse "as much as possible" to telework in these areas, including Paris and the inner suburbs.

COVID-19 Update: 160 new cases, one new death | Five more Foothills patients, two visitors test positive | Calgary company fined for selling PPE at inflated prices

  COVID-19 Update: 160 new cases, one new death | Five more Foothills patients, two visitors test positive | Calgary company fined for selling PPE at inflated prices With news on COVID-19 happening rapidly, we’ve created this page to bring you our latest stories and information on the outbreak in and around Calgary. What’s happening now The province reported Tuesday 160 new cases on 16,187 tests and one additional death. There are 1,571 active cases in Alberta and 574 in Alberta Health Services’ Calgary zone. A Calgary company was fined $1,500 for selling PPE at marked-up prices during the pandemic. More Are your children enrolled in online learning programs? We’d like to hear your stories. Has it been a positive experience? Do you have concerns about how programs are going? Send us an email at reply@calgaryherald.

Contract, in US law, is an agreement that creates an obligation binding upon the parties. The essentials of a contract are as follows: (1) mutual assent; (2) Another class of obligations, sometimes referred to as contracts of record, are conclusive legal obligations created by the judgment or order of

The governments of the major industrial economies successfully pursued macroeconomic policies, in the search of 13. Tariffs and quotas have been largely covered by the WTO agreements .(T). 19. Governments also try to make it more difficult for capital to leave the country or encourage exports by

In a heightened and maximum alert zone, employers and employees must, as far as possible, resort to teletr ... https://t.co/n6o4KGnJRu

—Elisabeth_Borne (@Elisabeth BORNE)

“We must tip the balance a little further on the side of teleworking, but it is not something systematic, it is not containment, ”added the Ministry of Labor.

In the Paris region, 26% of clusters in the workplace

According to the Ile-de-France regional health agency, 203 sources of contamination were active in the Paris region on Monday, including 26% in the workplace.

The health protocol, updated on September 17 and which indicates that "teleworking remains a recommended mode of organization", has not changed. "No provision" in this protocol may require the employer to respond to a telework request, but if the position is eligible for telework, he must justify its refusal.

EU initiates legal action against Great Britain

 EU initiates legal action against Great Britain With its planned internal market law, the British government wants to keep control of Northern Ireland after Brexit. But that violates the agreement with the EU. © Johanna Geron / AP Photo / picture-alliance Provided by Deutsche Welle The British Single Market Act was passed on Tuesday by the House of Commons and is intended to nullify parts of the already valid withdrawal agreement.

Huge foreign loans are given to sovereign nations by the World Bank, IMF and the likes. But the conditions that come attached to these loans are seldom told by governments to their citizens. A recent case in Belarus has exposed the conditions laid by these agencies for loans being provided for

When unions want to increase union member wages or request other concessions from employers, they can do so through collective bargaining. Once a union is ratified by the government , it is considered a representative of the workers, regardless of whether all workers are actually part of the

Since September, "these recommendations for teleworking have been followed from afar," said Jérôme Vivenza, confederal secretary at the CGT, ensuring that companies invite employees to return to work "face-to-face".

No normative agreement in sight

While negotiations for a national inter-professional agreement (Ani) are due to start on November 3, the unions regret that the employers have dragged their feet since the spring to agree to open these discussions .

Among the subjects on the negotiating table, the unions wish to address the workload, the assumption of costs directly related to teleworking and disconnection, data protection, the issue of childcare when classes are closed, vulnerable people, gender equality, etc.

Do you want to work?

Not sure that the negotiations will lead to a consensus, because Medef has warned that it wants the text to be "neither normative", "nor prescriptive", to the chagrin of the unions. "We are not on the idea of ​​modifying the regulatory body," explains Eric Chevée, teleworking officer at CPME, the confederation of small and medium-sized enterprises.

"We have been asking for an Ani for months [a national inter-professional agreement]. The government must put pressure on the employers for a rapid normative agreement, while we are perhaps moving again towards a generalization of teleworking ", answers Cyril Chabanier, president of the CFTC.

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