Canada No need to toughen up the law on squats, we must fight against poor housing

15:55  18 october  2020
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Squatting in the United States describes the legal and practical aspects of squatting (the unauthorized use of real estate) in the United States of America. Squatting laws vary from state to state and city to city.

The majority of squatting is residential in nature. Squatting tends to occur when a poor and homeless population makes use of In many of the world's poorer countries, there are extensive slums or shanty towns, typically built on the Deprivation-based – homeless people squatting for housing need .

Dans un campement de rue de membres de la communauté sud-américaine, après leur expulsion d'un squat, à Saint-Ouen le 6 août 2019. © Denis ALLARD In a street camp of members of the South American community, after their eviction from a squat, in Saint-Ouen le August 6, 2019. A few days before the final adoption of the bill, new so-called “anti-squat” provisions could lead to even more injustice for homeless people who are forced to “squat” for lack of available housing for them.

Grandstand. The issue of squats comes back to the media from time to time, either with regard to the occupation of vacant buildings by the homeless, or to illegal occupations of "other people's homes". In September, a debate was launched following the occupation of a second home in Théoule-sur-Mer. A few other high profile cases in the following days stirred up the controversy and led the rapporteur of the Asap law (acceleration and simplification of public action) to present an amendment against the squatting of second homes with the support of the government.

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Squatting in England and Wales usually refers to a person who is not the owner, taking possession of land or an empty house . People squat for a variety of reasons which include needing a home, protest, poverty, and recreation. Many squats are residential, some are also opened as social centres.

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No one would have found fault with it if it had only been a question of better protecting the home of others, including their secondary residence, and of strengthening the prefect's obligation to act, that is to say say activate an expulsion procedure in a few days and without judgment to resolve these very rare situations.

The vast majority of homeless people live in vacant premises. How can we blame them when the public authorities leave tens of thousands of people in the street despite their legal obligations, that the housing crisis continues to worsen with at least 250,000 people homeless and that INSEE has identified 3.1 million vacant dwellings?

So-called "anti-squat" provisions

However, a few days before the final adoption of the bill - some very dangerous amendments to which have been rejected - we remain seriously concerned about three aspects of these new "anti-squat" provisions. squat ”, as they may apply to occupants of vacant dwellings and premises.

Iveson says $17.3-million federal housing investment puts Edmonton on the right track to end homelessness

  Iveson says $17.3-million federal housing investment puts Edmonton on the right track to end homelessness Edmonton will receive $17.3 million from the federal government in the coming weeks to urgently provide 74 units of permanent, supportive housing for homeless residents. Funding will flow from the national $1-billion Rapid Housing Initiative announced in September to quickly open 3,000 units of housing across the country. The money will be used to construct modular units or acquire available hotels or apartments for conversion into housing. Announcing further program details Tuesday morning, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said $500 million will be split between municipalities directly and the other half allocated through an application-based process for specific

Start studying Against the law : Sentences. Learn vocabulary, terms and more with flashcards, games and other study tools. Everyone should have the right to a fair trial. Каждый должен иметь права для честного судебного процесса. If you break the law , you deserve to be punished.

Other laws are prescriptive – they prescribe how people ought to behave. In all societies, relations between people are regulated by prescriptive laws . Some of them are customs – that is, informal rules of social and moral behaviour. Some are rules we accept if we belong to particular social institutions

The text adds a vague notion specifying that administrative or extrajudicial expulsion, that is to say without judgment and by decision of the prefect, can be used in the event of entry and maintenance in the home of others, " even when it is not his main residence ”. This formulation can lead to excessive interpretations and be diverted to the benefit of owners of vacant housing, unscrupulous landlords who rent out their housing "in the black" or sleep merchants who present their tenants as squatters to obtain an expeditious eviction.

These terms must therefore be strictly framed in order to limit as much as possible these extrajudicial expulsions, a real setback to democracy. Indeed, the absence of the judge in this procedure calls into question the fundamental rights of the occupants who will not be able to make their case heard before the eviction. The necessary instructions should also be given to the prosecution of the perpetrators of illegal evictions of their tenants, crimes that are much more frequent and too often overlooked.

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He needs to visit a lawyer to get a contract for all of his employees to sign. The company didn't deliver them on the agreed date, so Mr Flynn lost money because he couldn't open his restaurant that day. Mr Flynn needs to see a lawyer about asking the delivery company to give him the money he lost.

He needs to visit a lawyer to get a contract for all of his employees to sign. 2. Mrs Robson is thinking about what she wants to happen to her house and The law of tort says that everyone has a civil duty to be careful and not to hurt or harm another person. Lawyers call this civil duty ‘the duty of care’.

The text also allows "any person acting in the interest and on behalf" of the owner to ask the prefect for eviction without judgment and without delay. This formulation, again vague, allows a person who is neither the owner nor the usufructuary, nor the occupant in good faith, to act in the name of their interest even though they do not have chose to initiate this accelerated procedure. We ask for the withdrawal of these two formulations, which are dangerous because they are too vague during the joint committee on October 21.

Criminal sanctions tripled

Finally, we are extremely concerned about the tripling of criminal sanctions targeting squatters, because it opens up the possibility, by decision of the public prosecutor's office, of arresting all occupants of vacant premises while waiting to refer them to immediate appearance before the criminal court. This measure reflects the very aggressive climate towards the untitled occupants that surrounded this debate: over-media coverage of certainly worrying but marginal cases, calls for the criminalization of squatters in the National Assembly by certain deputies ...

15 Canadian cities to share $500M for rapid housing amid coronavirus: feds

  15 Canadian cities to share $500M for rapid housing amid coronavirus: feds Fifteen Canadian cities will share $500 million in federal funding to help tackle homelessness amid the coronavirus pandemic.Speaking at a media conference, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said the number of Canadians experiencing homelessness amid the second wave of the pandemic is a concern for them.

necessitate. toughened . terrified.

The law of war is divided into the following four categories: forbidden targets, tactics, and techniques As newer weapons of warfare were developed, nations became aware of a need to prevent But you must never engage in reprisals or acts of revenge against any persons, enemy or civilian, whom you

Is it necessary to recall that some homeless people are forced to "squat" for lack of accommodation available for them, in a country where the number of homeless people is exploding, and even though they have sometimes taken all the steps to relocate them, or even that the State may have been ordered to relocate them within the framework of the enforceable right to housing?

It seems absurd to us to toughen up legislation in the midst of a health crisis, when it has shown how housing is an essential determinant of health.

We expect parliamentarians and the government to work to resolve the housing crisis, a major cause of the difficulties that these legislative changes claim to address, to put in place real tools to fight against living conditions and 'housing increasingly unworthy in our country and that they apply and strengthen the laws protecting the homeless, the poorly housed and tenants, such as the Dalo law of March 5, 2007, the right to housing, the mobilization vacant housing, rent control…

The 2021 finance bill, which will soon be debated in Parliament, offers our elected officials a real opportunity to fight poverty and the housing crisis much more effectively for those who do not 'have no other refuge than the squats: build 200,000 social housing including 60,000 very social housing, strengthen “Housing First”, re-establish APL, tax real estate profits, finance a moratorium. Regarding evictions without rehousing, investing more in the remediation of slums, financing domiciliation… The mobilization of parliamentarians and the government on such issues would make it possible to begin to repair the problem rather than further aggravate the situation.

Signatories: Aitec, Secours Catholique, Médecins du Monde, League of Human Rights, Attac, Right to Housing (DAL), Association Dalo, National Human Rights Collective Romeurope, Collective of November 5 - Noailles en Anger (Marseille), Compagnons builders, National Coordination Pas Sans Nous, National Federation of Social Samu, Femmes Egalité, New Solidarity for Housing, Syndicate of Magistrates, A city center for all (Marseille).

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