Canada Today's letters: Trudeau, premiers, fix the long-term care mess now

14:26  21 october  2020
14:26  21 october  2020 Source:   ottawacitizen.com

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Residents and workers deserve a long - term care system that puts their health, safety, security and dignity first. Join the call to replace our current patchwork, for-profit system with a well-funded, well-staffed public long - term care system. Mark Hancock calls on Trudeau to fix long - term care now .

Trudeau and the premiers are due to meet this fall to finalize plans for reducing Canada' s greenhouse gas emissions. In his letter , Pasloski says premiers would also like to hold a meeting "solely dedicated to long - term health- care financing before mid-December." The premiers publicly asked for a meeting

Governments must team up and fix long-term care

a person sitting in a room: COVID-19 outbreaks have devastated long-term care homes in Ontario. © Provided by Ottawa Citizen COVID-19 outbreaks have devastated long-term care homes in Ontario.

Re: Trudeau says feds want fixes, not control, of long-term care system, Oct. 16.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau does not want the federal government to take over the running of long-term care homes, presumably because he deems it a provincial responsibility, yet the provincial governments do not seem capable of running them either. Long-term care homes in Ontario are a disaster.

As someone whose wife suffers from dementia and who will one day need to place her in a home, the future looks bad unless those responsible get their act together – and fast. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted just how dire the situation is, but why has it taken eight months to do nothing? Everyone is still scrambling to fix the mess, but without a clue how to get there.

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau addresses Canadians from outside his home in Ottawa about the federal government' s response to the ongoing COVID-19

Trudeau questioned about putting Long Term Care homes under federal regulations. 5 months ago. "I recognize the system is broken and we are going to fix the system," Ontario Premier Doug Ford said this week. Long - term care was not enshrined in the Canada Health Act, the federal legislation that

Perhaps what is needed is a summit with the provincial/territorial ministers responsible for long-term care. There will also need to be an injection of more funds from the federal and provincial governments to fix the problem.

One issue that has still not been resolved is better pay for personal service workers, and better working conditions. These people, who do a thankless job, one that only those with personal experience in caring for loved ones with dementia can really appreciate, have had to put up with being paid a pittance  for far too long. It’s now time that long-term care homes cleaned up their own mess with the help of whichever level of government is legally responsible. Failure to do so will result in further deaths of residents and staff, and a lack of confidence in the system, a system already at breaking point.

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Long - term care with long - term problems. The SARS outbreak of 2003 led to strong recommendations to improve the management of long - term care facilities, she said — recommendations that People should start by understanding that the fix for long - term care won't be quick or cheap, said Villeneuve.

Trudeau faces questions on long term care homes. 6 months ago. Over the long weekend, the federal government unveiled a slew of new guidelines for long - term care facilities, including enhanced cleaning, mandatory medical screening for staff and physical distancing at meal times.

Dementia and Alzheimer’s cannot be cured, but this problem can be.

David Tremain, Ottawa

Students could show MPs how to physically distance

According to news reports, our very well-rested and well-paid MPs have great difficulty following physical distancing rules, while my daughter’s grade 2 class of seven-year-olds is expected (and does) follow all distancing rules, but is also not mandated to wear masks. So now we taxpayers can pay for plexiglass and labour costs in the House of Commons.

Perhaps my daughter should film an instructional video of her students following COVID-19 rules (two wingspans apart) and our “distinguished” MP’s can then learn the correct behaviour during these unsettling times.

June Holmes, Ottawa

Do we need two more bureaucrats to manage this file?

Re: Council cornered in dispute with pay-and-display parking company as committee endorses contract extension, Oct. 7.

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A stand-alone long - term care policy is a good idea for people who can afford both today ’ s premiums and potential future rate hikes. Hybrid life and long - term care insurance policies offer two types of insurance bundled into a single product. Premiums may be fixed for life and not subject to increase

As provinces work to provide more resources to long - term care homes facing outbreaks of COVID-19, former Quebec health minister Gaétan Barrette says

The article states that the City of Ottawa recommends hiring two full-time staff at a combined cost of $200,000 annually to manage the contract. This raises a number of questions.

One has to assume the contract is being managed at the present time so why are two more people needed to do this? If the contract is not being managed at the present time, what’s involved in managing it that requires two full-time employees? Is this a case of bureaucratic empire-building? If it is, it’s especially egregious given the city’s dire financial position due to COVID-19.

Colin Henderson, Ottawa

Who’s planning safe disposal of EV batteries?

It is interesting to note the federal and Ontario governments have given Ford millions of dollars to invest in the manufacture of electric vehicles. One has to wonder what is their plan to dispose of the millions of batteries utilized by these cars when the batteries are no longer useful.

These batteries are extremely toxic and I would be surprised if either level of government has any plans for their safe disposal.

Stan Painter, Kanata.

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