Canada "It was violent, it was terrible": the "bloody Tuesday" in Lagos

23:45  21 october  2020
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Greece. No extenuating circumstances for Golden Dawn leaders

 Greece. No extenuating circumstances for Golden Dawn leaders © COSTAS BALTAS / REUTERS MEP Ioannis Lagos, Monday, October 12, at the courthouse in Athens, Greece. The Athens Criminal Court did not recognize any circumstances that could have alleviated the sentences faced by the leaders of the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party.

It had been dusk when the trouble began - two hours after a curfew had just come into force in Nigeria's commercial hub. The curfew had been imposed on Tuesday to stem protests which had begun against the much-hated police unit, the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (Sars), and had morphed into greater

Bloody Sunday, or the Bogside Massacre, was a massacre on 30 January 1972 in the Bogside area of Derry, Northern Ireland, when British soldiers shot 26 civilians during a protest march against

Les dégâts au poste de péage à Lagos, le 21 octobre 2020 au lendemain de la répression des forces de l'ordre contre des manifestants © SOPHIE BOUILLON The damage to the toll booth in Lagos, October 21, 2020 the day after the repression by the police against demonstrators

From the celebrations and gatherings of the last few days, all that remains is broken glass and graffiti to denounce the police violence and demand "better governance" in Nigeria. On Wednesday, the day after the Lekki toll slaughter in Lagos, there were only ghosts left.

About twenty soldiers and police regained control of the premises. They chatted among themselves or slept on the floor, while a few street kids picked up the remains of the rubble: bent pieces of steel, broken metal plates, gutted panels.

Nigeria: new demonstrations despite warnings from the army

 Nigeria: new demonstrations despite warnings from the army © PIUS UTOMI EKPEI Nigerian demonstrators mobilized against police violence in Lagos on October 15, 2020 "Do not be intimidated": Nigerian youth continued Thursday to march against police violence in several major cities across the country, despite an army warning and new incidents. There were still thousands in Lagos, a sprawling city of 20 million inhabitants, walking, singing and dancing in different neighborhoods, still blocking the main roads.

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Des policiers patrouillent à Lagos pendant le couvre-feu © Pierre FAVENNEC Police officers patrol Lagos during the curfew

Where will they go to sell them? Nobody knows.

Lagos, a sprawling megalopolis usually so alive, has turned into a dead city since its 20 million inhabitants woke up under a total curfew imposed by the authorities, and still in shock at the images and videos viral, "live streams" watched en masse on social networks.

Le péage à Lagos déserté le 21 octobre 2020 au lendemain de la répression des forces de l'ordre suite à des manifestations © SOPHIE BOUILLON The toll booth in Lagos deserted on October 21, 2020 the day after the repression of the police following demonstrations

The bloody halt on the some 1,000 demonstrators who defied the curfew orders in Lekki has killed at least 10 people, according to Amnesty International.

In total, the NGO identified at least 12 dead and hundreds injured in the crackdown on the protests that took place across Lagos on Tuesday evening.

Nigeria. After a “bloody Tuesday” in Lagos, the situation is still very tense

 Nigeria. After a “bloody Tuesday” in Lagos, the situation is still very tense © BENSON IBEABUCHI / AFP Demonstrators march in Alausa, after the governor of Lagos State, Sanwo Olu, declared a curfew of 24 hours in the Nigerian economic center of Lagos. Nigeria woke up in shock on Wednesday (October 21), the day after an attack on peaceful protesters by armed forces in Lagos, which left at least 25 injured and several dead.

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"We did not have weapons, we did not even have a stick, all we waved were flags of Nigeria," told AFP Larry Matthew, a protester of about thirty years who still roamed the streets of Lekki 24 hours after the fact.

"We shouted to them that we wanted peace, but the soldiers didn't want to know anything," he continues angrily. "Before we even realized anything, they cut the CCTV cameras, then they cut the lights and started shooting. Ah! It was violent. It was terrible!"

- "Hide the evidence" -

All the witnesses of the repression note that the public lighting and the huge billboards were turned off before the police, apparently soldiers and police, according to the testimonies collected, no 'open fire on the crowd.

Chaos à un péage après 10 jours de manifestation et au lendemain de la répression des forces de l'ordre à Lagos, le 21 octobre 2020 © SOPHIE BOUILLON Chaos at a toll after 10 days of demonstration and the day after the repression of the police in Lagos, October 21, 2020

An AFP journalist also noted that workers in working clothes wore surveillance cameras about an hour before security forces were visible around the scene.

Nigeria: precarious situation in Lagos two days after the bloody repression

 Nigeria: precarious situation in Lagos two days after the bloody repression © Provided by Le Point Central prison burned down, gunfire, deserted streets: the situation remained precarious Thursday in Lagos under curfew, two days after the bloody repression peaceful protests in the Nigerian megalopolis. Since the Nigerian youth protests against police violence began two weeks ago, at least 56 people have died in the protests, according to Amnesty International .

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Amnesty International also notes these details and denounces an "obvious attempt to hide the evidence" of this massacre on the civilian population.

The governor of Lagos for his part, first denied on Twitter that there had been victims during this repression. Before changing his mind and erasing his tweet, to finally concede a "lost life".

The military has also denied any involvement in the killing, despite numerous videos circulating on social media showing soldiers firing live ammunition.

"They had army uniforms! Army uniforms!", Insists Paul Sunday, a young protester. "They waited until it got dark, around 7:00 p.m., and they attacked us from the front and from behind," he said.

Now, without water or food for more than 24 hours, he wanders with a dozen friends in the empty and stuffy streets of the business districts of Lagos, where all shops are closed until further notice and transport interrupted.

"We are poor people, we were just fighting for our rights", he says. "And now we have nowhere to go, we can't even go home."

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African American killed by police and new protests in Philadelphia .
© Tom Gralish Suffering from psychological problems, Walter Wallace Jr was shot several times on Monday while he was armed with a knife. Several hundred people demonstrated into the night.

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