Canada We found where to dine after the curfew in Paris (and that is nothing illegal promised)

13:40  22 october  2020
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What Emily in Paris Gets Wrong About French Culture, According to Parisians

  What Emily in Paris Gets Wrong About French Culture, According to Parisians We asked Parisians about the new Netflix series' "cliché" depiction of life in the City of Light Netflix’s new 10-episode series has sparked debates online over the postcard vision that it depicts of Paris and its people, which is notably more flattering of the city than of its inhabitants. While the series has been largely well received by American audiences for its romantic escapism, French critics have accused it of relying on outdated stereotypes of French culture, and of depicting an unrealistic version of their capital.

I never thought that any government of any persuasion would stoop so low to start bartering with local region and local leaders on what is required to save lives. Several more regions are to enter red-alert status, which means that they will have to impose curfews , the government said on Wednesday.

4) A: Where would you go if you had a week off? – Куда бы вы отправились, если бы у вас была выходная неделя? B: Well, probably on a cruise. 5) A: What do you think I should do with the job offer in Paris ? – Что, по-твоему, я должен делать с этим предложением по работе в Париже?

Room Service Tray Outside Hotel Room © Shepard Sherbell Room Service Tray Outside Hotel Room

“Who sleeps, dines.” The owners of hotel (s) in need of occupied beds say the new apophtegma in the public square, solemnly declaring war on the vacancy of the bed sheets, proud to have found an ingenious snub to the severe curfew decreed by the government and in force, at Paris , since October 17. The slogan at least has the merit of being explicit: those who dine at the hotel's restaurant will also sleep here. Old eighteenth century catchphrase that would come from the Middle Ages where anyone who wanted to take a nap in an inn had to have dinner there, otherwise they would be refused accommodation. A story of profitability we will say mainly. The hotel - hostel in old French, from the Latin hospitalalis - in its original version, a paying house where you live; where we rest, where we hang out and where we eat. All at once. At the head of the operation, the Hotel Rochechouart, recently opened in the heart of the bustling district of Montmartre , the latest project of Anouk and Louis Solanet, founders of the Orso Hotels group which advocates a return to the true values ​​of the hotel industry and of the art of good manners. Offer "who dines, sleeps": rooms from 60 euros per night, for any reservation at the restaurant in the evening ("End of the stopwatch, we even push until the digeo ...", laugh the owners). And in the process, the Hotel Panache, represented by the same press agency, Dallas PR. This time, dinner and night in a single room for 110 euros (starter and main course or main course and dessert) or dinner and night in a double room for 140 (starter and main course or main course and dessert). Jackpot! Here is the good idea, which, in addition, fits well with the hotel concept which thrills travelers with the new normal, the staycation (or vacation at home). From then on, in view of the enthusiasm of Parisians, several others quickly followed: the Hôtel des Grands Boulevards (-20% on the room for customers of the restaurant , voucher given with the bill), the Maison Bréguet (night, two cocktails, access to the spa, room service and breakfast, from 190 euros), the MOB Hôtel Paris Les Puces (night, breakfast, late check-out and two pizzas for 129 euros, Hoy Paris (dinner, night and breakfast for 220 euros) or the Monsieur George (dinner, night and breakfast for 290 euros, 20% reduction on spa treatments). See you tomorrow.

Coronavirus: Curfew, teleworking, tracking application ... The main measures announced by Emmanuel Macron

 Coronavirus: Curfew, teleworking, tracking application ... The main measures announced by Emmanuel Macron Curfew, short-time working, telework ... Here are five announcements detailed by the president this Wednesday evening © AFP Emmanuel Macron during of his interview Wednesday, October 14, 2020. EPIDEMIC - Curfew, partial unemployment, teleworking… Here are five announcements detailed by the president this Wednesday evening The tone was serious, the measures drastic because no indicator can reassure vis -to the Covid-19 epidemic in France.

The (1)… thing about dining at the beach is that nothing is ordinary. Successful restaurants can also afford to advertise and they understand that they need to help you (9)… what kind of restaurant they are and where they (10)…

But that didn’t stop the pictures being beautiful. One artist, for example, had filmed videos of animals through coloured glass and another had added I knew that from my history class at school, but what I didn’t know was that pollution was coming from those old mine works and escaping into the rivers.

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  On a trouvé où dîner après le couvre-feu à Paris (et ça n'a rien d'illégal promis)

Curfew: "People are becoming aware of the violent nature" of the epidemic .
© AFP While the curfew now concerns 54 departments and 46 million people, the French met by Europe 1 welcome the measure with resignation , understanding the urgency of the situation faced with the evolution of the epidemic. But fear a containment. Since midnight, 46 million French people are now living under the curfew from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. decided by the government to try to stop the coronavirus epidemic , the second wave of which hits the whole country .

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