Canada Corona Breakthrough: Do we have this girl to thank for the end of the pandemic soon?

17:50  22 october  2020
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Meeting with the Chancellor: This is what the Prime Ministers are calling for

 Meeting with the Chancellor: This is what the Prime Ministers are calling for Dispute over the ban on accommodation and different measures in each federal state: Today's meeting of the Prime Ministers with Chancellor Merkel holds a lot of potential for conflict. © dpa When you could still go hiking together. Armin Laschet, Markus Söder and Michael Kretschmer will be standing below the summit cross on the Zugspitze at the annual conference of the prime ministers in 2019.

While the Robert Koch Institute in Germany reported 11,000 new infections, a 14-year-old girl from Texas is awakening new hope. Annika Chebrolu wins $ 25,000 in an ideas competition, making her America's top young scientist. With the discovery of a new molecule, she could stop the corona pandemic.

Anika Chebrolu lives in Texas, Frisco. While other students torment their way through chemistry and physics classes, the 14-year-old wins the "3M Young Scientist Challenge" and is America's top young scientist.

For first place , the eighth grader collects 25,000 euros. A lot of money for a teen. Little for solving a huge problem.

Corona survived: Pats star Newton before comeback

 Corona survived: Pats star Newton before comeback Quarterback Cam Newton from the New England Patriots can play again on Sunday against the Denver Broncos after recovering from corona. © Provided by sport1.de Corona survived: Pats-Star Newton before comeback Star-Quarterback Cam Newton returns to the field with the New England Patriots. The 2015 MVP was removed from the list of inactive players by the six-time Super Bowl champion after recovering from corona and is scheduled to train again on Thursday.

Molecule for coronavirus spike protein found

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While doing research with her mentor, Chebrolu came across an important molecule. This could bind to the so-called "spike protein" of the coronavirus and thus prevent the virus from entering human cells. The spike protein is crucial in vaccine development. The Max Planck Society explains it as follows:

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"The protein spike gives the coronavirus its name: They stand like pips on a crown Molecules from the virus envelope. In order for the virus to penetrate the cells, it needs this spike protein on its surface. " antibodies could recognize the virus based on the spike protein , bind to it and mark it as a target for immune cells. This would prevent it from entering the cells. The problem: the virus is clever. "With the help of sugar molecules, the virus tries to hide its spike proteins from the immune cells," says the Max Planck Society . But the 14-year-old now has a solution for this problem.

EU summit in Brussels: "Everyone has their red lines"

 EU summit in Brussels: Chancellor Angela Merkel calls for a willingness to compromise on the part of the British - but also the EU on the question of the trade agreement with London. To combat the corona pandemic, all members are committed to better coordination. © REUTERS Chancellor Angela Merkel at the EU summit in Brussels. "Everyone has their red lines" Shortly before the British government decides to continue negotiations on a trade agreement with the EU, Chancellor Angela Merkel calls for compromises.

So sieht das Coronavirus aus © Martin Sanchez @martinsanchez This is what the coronavirus looks like

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Anika Chebrolu would now like to work with virologists

The schoolgirl says to " CNN " that she found the molecule with the help of Dr. Cindy Moss, judge of the competition, told " CNN ": "Your willingness to use your time and talent to make the world a better place make gives us all hope. "Hope for the end of a pandemic.

Central vaccination centers and campaign: This is what Spahn has so far defined for corona immunization .
According to optimistic forecasts, the first serums of a corona vaccine could receive approval in spring or summer 2021, experts estimate. In preparation for this, Jens Spahn announces the first steps. © AP Health Minister Jens Spahn wants to support the possible start of vaccinations with extensive public relations.

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