Canada PORTRAIT. Bottle-fed very early in the cinema, Laurence is at the helm of the Paradis des cinéphiles

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Cinema for children: from what age to see Les Trolls 2?

 Cinema for children: from what age to see Les Trolls 2? Poppy and Branch are back for a new musical and colorful adventure, which takes us to discover new worlds, new songs and new styles. © Universal Pictures International France Cinema for children: from what age to see Les Trolls 2? Recommended from 6 years old - Currently at the cinema • Once upon a time: Queen Barb, member of the hard-rock royalty, helped by her father King Thrash, wants to destroy all other genres of music to leave rock reign supreme.

1. The portrait was painted ___ oil. 2. Yesterday Ann was dressed ___ white. 3. He felt at that moment he was ___ love with the whole world. 15. They are interested _in__ these problems. 16. He has no interest __in_ music. 17. _In__ fact we did this work ourselves. 18. They stood _ in __ the sun too long.

3. Colin says that in the early years of theYHA. C) it was more common for young people to travel without parents. 4. What does Colin say about YHA regulations? 20. The number of stars observed by astronomers is probably the merest fraction of the total number that exist in our universe.

Laurence Forin, 50 ans, responsable du cinéma municipal Le Paradis, rue du Phare, à Quiberon, dans la pénombre de sa salle de projection. © Thierry Creux / Ouest-France Laurence Forin, 50, manager of the municipal cinema Le Paradis, rue du Phare, in Quiberon, in the semi-darkness of her room projection.

Laurence Forin is in charge of Paradis, the municipal cinema in Quiberon, at the end of the Morbihan peninsula. Meetings and festivals follow one another. A story worthy of a movie.

Until Sunday, October 25, the writer Douglas Kennedy, the critic François Busnel, two directors and an editor are at Le Paradis in Quiberon. Almost routine for this cinema a stone's throw from the wild coast that recently inspired Portrait of the Girl on Fire. For five years, Laurence Forin, patron of the place, has struggled to organize highlights with the cream of the cinema.

Laurence Boccolini "extremely angry": she settles her accounts with the management of TF1

 Laurence Boccolini © Bestimage Laurence Boccolini "extremely angry": she settles her accounts with the management of TF1 Laurence Boccolini is angry. This Sunday, October 18, the host seized her Instagram account to denounce the "false claims" of Rémi Faure, director of TF1's flow programs, about her. After 20 years of good and loyal service, Laurence Boccolini left TF1 to join France 2 . Since August 31, the one who felt she was "underemployed" by Channel 1, has been in charge of the game Password.

In 1905 the first cinema or 'Nickelodeon' opened in Pittsburgh, and by 1907 there were about 4,000 'Nickelodeons' in the US. In the early years American films were made in or near New York, but in 1910 many film companies moved to California because of the sunshine and the scenery.

Youth on the Prow, and Pleasure at the Helm (also known as Fair Laughs the Morn and Youth and Pleasure) is an oil painting on canvas by English artist William Etty, first exhibited in 1832. Etty had been planning the painting since 1818–19, and an early version was exhibited in 1822.

The tenacity of seaside people

Its secret? When you meet Laurence Forin, you see a mix of smiling dynamism and the tenacity of the seaside people. These qualities have been grafted onto the history of this cinema saved from the waters. “It's been around since the 1940s, ,” she says. It was a private cinema run by Dominique Coignat , a cinema lover, one of the very first to be equipped with digital technology, who had created an excellent screen / room ratio and a great sound quality… He died suddenly in 2014. ”

Wargnier, Besson, Zidi ...

The town then wonders how to save its only cinema. Eventually, she chooses to buy it back and manage it herself. Laurence Forin arrived in September 2015, as a municipal employee.

The cinema, an old friend of Laurence. “I am a Burgundian. I was bottle-fed very early on by my parents. I went to film school. Soon, she's working on shoots. She oversees the extras and then does the casting. "There was Régis Wargnier, Luc Besson for Joan of Arc, Alain Chabat on Didier, Claude Zidi ..."

Jacqueline Stewart Joins Academy Museum as Chief Artistic and Programming Officer

  Jacqueline Stewart Joins Academy Museum as Chief Artistic and Programming Officer Turner Classic Movies host Jacqueline Stewart is joining the Academy Museum in an executive role as its Chief Artistic and Programming Officer, the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures announced Monday. Stewart is a scholar, programmer and educator who is joining the Academy Museum from the University of Chicago Department of Cinema and Media Studies, where she teaches American film history and specializes in African American cinema. She has already been working with the Academy Museum in an advisory position for its upcoming exhibition Regeneration: Black Cinema 1898-1971, which explores the visual culture of Black cinema from its early days to just after the civil

26. I _ _ (sunbathe) for two hours before it action of certain duration that had visible results in the past _ _ (start) to rain. Mark had been studying Spanish for five years before he moved to Toledo. Complete the sentences with the correct past form.

that man claims to be the best tour guide in the city. that club is very exclusive; only rich people can afford to go there. the work of the archeologist revealed the remains of the lost city.

But Laurence has other loves: "The Quiberon peninsula of my childhood where I fell in love with a fisherman! " She put down her bag in Morbihan soil in 2003. It was the time for odd jobs, press correspondence, entertainment, campsites ... Up to the proposal from the town hall.

"Ten days ago, Nicole Garcia told me ..."

Since 2015, attendance has grown from 15,000 spectators to almost 30,000 last year. Another municipal employee, Carole Daguenet, joined Laurence. And the financial balance, allowing the city to have a reasonable financial burden, is achieved in 2019. A success born of an intimate relationship with the spectators to program the films (with a programming group). "From November to February, it is the pure public in Quiberon who love cool films. In the mid-seasons, the Rennais, the Nantais ... who also have a house here, the arthouse public. They come to all the meetings. Nicole Garcia, ten days ago, told me how accustomed she found these spectators to interacting with directors. They have pointed questions. And then in the summer, it's the audience for big productions, a third of our admissions. "

Toudoum, the podcast: Holidate and Christmas programs on Netflix ... Télé-Loisirs helps you choose what to watch!

 Toudoum, the podcast: Holidate and Christmas programs on Netflix ... Télé-Loisirs helps you choose what to watch! © Steve Dietl / NETFLIX Toudoum, the podcast: Holidate and Christmas programs on Netflix ... Télé-Loisirs helps you choose what to watch! Toudoum is the new weekly podcast from the Télé-Loisirs editorial staff devoted to Netflix. In this first issue, we have chosen to look at the novelty Holidate, a festive comedy with Emma Roberts which lands on October 28 on the platform.

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Literature, her other passion

For the debates, the favorite weekends with the director Stéphane Brizé, the events that make the soul of Paradise, Laurence recalls that it is a team effort. "There is the association Vent d´images. Its volunteers help with events and support us in working with young people. The tremendous helping hand of the Thalasso who said "the guests of the cinema will be our guests". "

Friendship is also the source of the current festival. “Literature is my other passion. We chatted with the booksellers of Port Maria in Quiberon. We had the idea of ​​meeting cinema and literature on the great American West. We were thrilled. We thought we would have François Busnel. Chick! And Robert Redford… ” Well, the next day, there was still work!

Robert Redford had to be forgotten

Through film journalist Jean-Pierre Lavoignat, they learn that Redford and Busnel will be debating at the Marrakech festival. Neither one nor two, the stubborn quiberonnais arrive in Morocco and meet the host of La Grande librairie.

François Busnel says he must refuse. He can't handle everything anymore. In front of Laurence's passion, he cracks. He kept his word. He's there for three days. Well, we had to forget Redford, the step was a bit high! But there are other relevant guests (opposite).

15,000 spectators

Of course, this is a Covid festival. Masks, frost and an empty chair between the groups. "I have a 150 seat venue and a 100 seat venue. I should be able to seat a little more than half! »

Damn Covid! “We closed during confinement. Reopened as soon as we could. We should reach 15,000 spectators by the end of the year, the result of five years ago! » Raging. And financially dangerous.

A file on which Laurence shows her anger. “The government has excluded municipal cinemas from aid. We are told that our municipalities are rich enough to help us. But, it’s very complicated. Quiberon did not have as many tourists as usual this summer! And she already wears the cinema. »

Leaving her, comes a last question. Why the name Le Paradis? A reference to Cinéma Paradiso? “Obviously. But also The Children of Paradise ”. Another nice sponsorship!

So where did the 7th company go? (TMC): the secrets of a cult saga .
© NANA PRODUCTIONS / SIPA But where has the 7th company gone? (TMC): the secrets of a cult saga Acclaimed in cinema in the 1970s, the 7th Company's trilogy, which praises resourcefulness and a certain French spirit, has become cult. " The 7th Company is the story of three very average French soldiers who accomplish feats ... well above the average! " This is how Robert Lamoureux sums up his new comedy, Where is it passed the 7th company? , in 1973.

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