Canada Lebanon: the press skeptical after the return of Saad Harriri as head of government

14:15  23 october  2020
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Corbeil-Essonnes: those close to Dassault who took advantage of the generosity of billionaire

 Corbeil-Essonnes: those close to Dassault who took advantage of the generosity of billionaire © LP / S.M. Judicial Court of Paris. The vote buying trial in Corbeil-Essonnes began on October 5 and is expected to end next week. The sums make you dizzy. 400,000, 600,000 and even two million euros. Money touched, directly or indirectly by three of the five defendants present at this trial of purchasing votes at Corbeil-Essonnes in 2009 and 2010, and coming from Serge Dassault's accounts. Amounts which these three defendants had to explain this Monday before the criminal court in Paris.

Former Lebanese PM Saad Hariri has been tasked with forming a new government , a year Former Lebanese prime minister Saad Hariri delivers a statement after the president named him to form a Mohamed Raad, head of Hezbollah's parliamentary bloc, said the group "will contribute to maintain

Beirut, Lebanon (CNN) Former Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri , who was toppled in a popular uprising nearly one year ago, has been tasked with In a speech Thursday after his appointment as prime minister-designate, Hariri said he would move quickly to form a new government "because the

Saad Hariri, à niouveau nommé Premier ministre du Liban, ici au palais présidentiel pour rencontrer le président Michel Aoun, le 22 octobre 2020 à Beyrouth. © AP Photo / Hussein Malla Saad Hariri, newly appointed Prime Minister of Lebanon, here at the presidential palace to meet with President Michel Aoun on 22 October 2020 in Beirut.

Saad Hariri is due to begin consultations this Friday, October 23 to form a government, after his appointment as Prime Minister the day before. He said he wanted to form a cabinet of "specialists" for a six-month mission, the objective of which is to stop the financial collapse in Lebanon. The press seems to doubt this Friday the rapid formation of the government.

With our correspondent in Beirut, Laure Stephan

Whatever their affiliation, many titles predict a great deal of bargaining. Al-Akhbar, a left-wing daily close to Hezbollah, does not mince words: Saad Hariri says he wants to get the country out of collapse "when he is one of the causes". For this newspaper, the formation of the government will not be easy, and its headline: "Putsch or agreement?

In a Lebanon in crisis, demonstrators with opposite trajectories

 In a Lebanon in crisis, demonstrators with opposite trajectories © Patrick BAZ Photo taken on October 19, 2019 showing a demonstrator in the Place des Martyrs, in Beirut When an unprecedented popular uprising broke out in Lebanon in October 2019, Jennyfer , Teymour and Dayna rallied the euphoric crowd, united in their determination to topple corrupt politicians who have been in power for decades. But for a year now, the economy has continued to plunge, poverty has spread and the Lebanese capital has been devastated by a deadly explosion.

A year after resigning, Saad Hariri has again been named as Lebanon ’s prime minister and tasked with forming a government that could win critically The return of Hariri , the son of the slain former prime minister Rafi k Hariri , had increasingly been seen as inevitable as the country withered under

Lebanese veteran politician Saad al- Hariri was named prime minister for a fourth time on Thursday and pledged to form a new Lebanon ’s two main Christian blocs did not nominate Hariri . The Free Patriotic Movement, led by Aoun’s Many in Beirut remained skeptical that any change would come.

Al-Akhbar believes that Saad Hariri has two options: either he will seek to marginalize his opponents, at the risk of having to throw in the towel; or he will seek an agreement with the various blocs.

Contrary to the political spectrum, the newspaper Nidaa el-Watan considers for its part that the negotiations will reveal to what extent France is "again involved" in the Lebanese political swamp. One of the political analysts the Daily Star gives the floor to is convinced that there will be no government in Lebanon until the US elections in early November.

"As if fate mocked the Lebanese"

Moreover, the press underlines the timing of Saad Hariri's return: "Exactly one year after he was forced to resign", writes the Daily Star, with reference to the October 2019 wave of protest against the political class. For Nidaa el-Watan, it is "as if fate is mocking the Lebanese". The French-language newspaper L’Orient Le Jour judges that its designation has "a terrible air of déjà vu".

There are still reports in the media that Washington has adopted new sanctions against two senior Hezbollah officials. These measures are part of the strategy of "maximum pressure" of the United States against the pro-Iranian axis. It is impossible to separate what is happening in Lebanon from the great game of regional and international politics.

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