Canada Thousands of Iraqis in the streets for the 1st anniversary of the revolt

14:50  25 october  2020
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Iraqis sit at a traditional cultural coffee shop, one of several gathering spots for the country's intellectuals, in the capital Baghdad's al-Rashid street . Jamil Mozzan, 76, sitting in a Baghdad cafe, has watched with a wary eye as young Iraqis have looked ahead to the first anniversary Sunday of

Crowds gather at Baghdad's iconic Tahrir Square, the latest demonstration marking the one-year anniversary of unprecedented anti-government demonstrations. You are using an older browser version. Please use a supported version for the best MSN experience.

  Des milliers d'Irakiens dans la rue pour le 1er anniversaire de la révolte © Provided by Le Point

Thousands of Iraqis demonstrated in Baghdad on Sunday for the 1st anniversary of the "October revolution", defying a power unable to reform and provide them with basic services, as well as the growing influence of pro-Iraqi armed factions Iran .

This new mobilization opens all possibilities in a country where the anger of young people was repressed in the blood in 2019, with nearly 600 demonstrators killed, 30,000 injured and hundreds of arrests. The repression of the forces of order was accompanied by a campaign of assassinations and kidnappings of figures of the revolt, carried out according to the UN by "militias".

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Footage that has never been shown before in its entirety and with natural sound. The video has been shot at Patision St . in front of the Polytechnic School

In anticipation of the parades, military roadblocks crisscrossed the center of Baghdad, preventing any vehicle from approaching Tahrir Square and the bridges leading to the Green Zone, an ultra-secure area where the Iraqi Parliament and government sit, as well as US Embassy .

Riot police cords encamped behind their imposing shields blocked access to demonstrators waving Iraqi flags.

Ali Ghazi, who is demonstrating in Nassiriya (south), bastion of all revolts in Iraq , affirms to AFP to be there "to repeat that we want to achieve our objective: to build a new Iraq".

In October 2019, first the first week and then again from the 25th, with the other demonstrators, he was already calling for a total renewal of the political system, the end of endemic corruption and jobs and services for all.

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The Siamese revolution of 1932 or Siamese coup d'état of 1932 (Thai: การปฏิวัติสยาม พ.ศ. 2475 or การเปลี่ยนแปลงการปกครองสยาม พ.ศ. 2475) was a coup d'état that occurred in Thailand (Siam)

The Peasants' Revolt started in Essex on 30 May 1381, when a tax collector tried, for the third time in four years, to levy a poll tax. Although the Revolt was defeated, its demands – less harsh laws, money for the poor, freedom and equality – all became part of democracy in the long term.

This year, Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kazimi, appointed in April to try to get the country out of the doldrums, has repeatedly said that he ordered the security forces not to use arms or lethal force. .

Objective: Green zone

But in a country that has gone from conflict to conflict for decades and where armed groups have continued to extend their influence, weapons are everywhere, as recognized by Mr. Kazimi - also head of foreign intelligence - which could not put an end to rocket fire, assassinations and threats from armed factions.

The popular revolt had been eclipsed by the tensions between Iran and the United States, enemy countries and the main powers acting in Iraq, then by the Covid-19 pandemic.

On Sunday, the demonstrators, who stayed in Tahrir Square last year, separated only from the Green Zone by a bridge, are heading towards this ultra-secure neighborhood prohibited from access to Iraqi citizens.

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1 st Northern Iraq . Meanwhile, an Iraqi Border Patrol battalion stationed along the Syrian border in the western Anbar Governorate abandoned its positions in the face of advancing ISIL forces to break out to the relative safety of the Kurdish-controlled town of Sinjar in Nineveh.

September 2014 marks the 1 st . anniversary of the devastating earthquake that wrecked with the life and property of the people in Awaran and other parts of Balochistan. This day last year, was like a domes day for the people of Awaran and surrounding area of Makran, leaving thousands of people

According to Sajjad Salam, lawyer and activist in Kout (south), hundreds of demonstrators from his city joined Baghdad to enter the Green Zone, a symbol of power and its disconnection from the rest of Iraq for the protesters.

"We want the dissolution of Parliament, transparent elections, a law on parties and the resumption of state control over weapons", he enumerates.

In Amara (south), buses of demonstrators also left for Baghdad. For activist Hussein Mourtada, "they are determined despite the threats."

But activists appear divided on the route of Sunday's parades, with some believing Tahrir to be the only safe space, while an attempt to enter the Green Zone could expose them to violence.


Mr. Kazimi's military spokesman urged protesters to stay in Tahrir Square, saying it was the only "completely safe" place, while very brief clashes took place in a neighborhood , at one of the entrances to the Green Zone.

The demonstrators want to mark the anniversary of their revolt because they believe that nothing has changed. They who demanded jobs for young people (60% of the population) even claim that their conditions have deteriorated.

Oil prices have fallen, sanitary confinement has deprived daily workers of income and the salaries of civil servants and pensioners, one in five Iraqis, have arrived late.

Kazimi said on Saturday that he is working to do justice to the "martyrs" of October 2019 and to straighten out one of the world's most oil-dependent economies.

But so far it has not presented any reform and the parliament dominated by the pro-Iran has still not voted the electoral map or the 2020 budget, the two major projects of the government accused by the most radical of the pro-Iran to be the "agent" of the Americans.

The great unknown of Sunday remains the behavior of the pro-Iran factions which accuse the demonstrators of being in the pay of the United States which they consider as an "occupier".

25/10/2020 11:42:51 - Baghdad (AFP) - © 2020 AFP

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