Canada Oise: with its mosaics, it continues to bring the deceased to life

17:45  25 october  2020
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Opinion: SRNA should celebrate ruling along with Strom and other nurses

  Opinion: SRNA should celebrate ruling along with Strom and other nurses On Oct. 6, the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal ruled in favour of a nurse who had commented about the care of her dying grandfather on her personal Facebook page and was subsequently found guilty of professional misconduct by her regulatory body, the Saskatchewan Registered Nurses Association (SRNA). The nurse, Carolyn Strom, was ordered to pay $26,000 in fine and legal fees and write two self-reflective essays about her “misconduct.” The SRNA’s The SRNA’s disciplinary process (during which it spent roughly $150,000 to investigate Strom and hold a hearing) and its decision were inappropriate and led to a public outcry and support for Ms. Strom.

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Gouvieux. Après avoir longuement échangé avec la famille du disparu, Toone Nicol réalise sa mosaïque en un mois et demi en moyenne. © DR Gouvieux. After a long discussion with the family of the deceased, Toone Nicol realizes his mosaic in an average of a month and a half.

Her fate changed when, tired of a career as a butler and "fed up with serving people", she walked through the door of the boutique studio of Thérèse Thoreux, a Parisian mosaic artist. “I was incredibly lucky. I became his assistant. Then I made it my job. »

Soon to be 60 years old, Toone Nicol, recently installed in a troglodyte workshop in Gouvieux, puts her talent at the service of bereaved families. Self-taught, specialized in funerary art, she gives color and meaning to tombstones as All Saints' Day approaches. “To my knowledge, I am the only mosaicist in France on this path. »

Death at the polls? Suspicions surrounding postal votes in the American presidential election

 Death at the polls? Suspicions surrounding postal votes in the American presidential election © Supplied by France 24 Photos published by several Internet users on social networks showing postal votes sent by mistake to former inhabitants, or to people who died in the context of the US presidential election on November 3. Voters who have died or have moved: doubts surrounding the US presidential election on November 3 will see an unprecedented number of Americans voting by mail because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

I overstand this much its us vs them they meaning the government and its workers like the department of labor who literally are playing GOD right now, with this being said I can not China came out 4 days ago admitting that Covid was fake to bring down the world’s economy. I never believed it was real.

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Drawings for eternity

It is, once again, fate, which led the artist" to bring light between the graves ". “Thérèse Thoreux's last order was for a burial in the Trocadéro cemetery. She fell ill. I took care of it. It was a blue horse, still visible today.

DR © Provided by Le Parisien DR

“It's for eternity,” says Toone Nicol. She prepares her mosaic on a net in her workshop before coming to glue and epoxy the tiles on the tombstone. The porcelain stoneware, the glass pastes or the Briare enamels used are unalterable and are resistant to bad weather. Only earthenware, sensitive to frost, is prohibited.

"They are not simple clients"

She designs the drawing with the family of the deceased. There is always a nod to what the deceased loved, like a turtle for a diver, a caduceus for a doctor or a unicorn for a little boy.

Pain and pride at the funeral of an Azerbaijani soldier

 Pain and pride at the funeral of an Azerbaijani soldier © Bulent Kilic The family of an Azerbaijani soldier killed in Nagorno Karabakh, in a cemetery, October 15, 2020 "Oh my son!": Kneeling on the grave of an Azerbaijani soldier killed in Nagorno Karabakh, a crying mother recites a prayer. In the distance echoes the sound of shells falling on the front line. "He left his mother alone. He left his sisters too.

Children continued to be rescued globally as Maxwell has given up info on where they have been Over 50,000 traumatized or deceased children have been recovered from underground tunnels They brought the Army Corps of Engineers with them. They’re giving tips and different things to help

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“Relatives are looking for something other than black or gray granite. I contribute to a stage of mourning. They are not just customers. A strong bond is created. I listen to them, I accompany them. When the mosaic is laid, it is an incredible emotion. I feel their gratitude, their appeasement. »

DR © Supplied by Le Parisien DR

Decorating a two-meter gravestone on one costs an average of € 4,800. “It represents a month and a half of work. Each tile is cut one by one. It's a job of patience. "As it will be sublimated by the mosaic," it is not worth buying an expensive monument ", emphasizes Toone Nicol.

In the department, it intervened in the Fournival and Précy-sur-Oise cemetery. Otherwise, she works mainly in Ile-de-France. “Obviously, when they walk past, people wonder about the missing person. Thanks to the drawing, they imagine who she was. It's a way of continuing to bring it to life. »

More information on the site mozaiktoone.com .

Ivry: the green space of the Parisian cemetery gently welcomes the deceased .
© LP / Corinne Nèves Parisian cemetery in Ivry, this Saturday morning. Sylvain École, head of the cemeteries service for the city of Paris and Isabelle Monnier, curator of the cemetery, at the center of the ecological space. While respecting the deceased as they should, in the Parisian cemetery of Ivry, the town hall of Paris chose, a year ago, to also respect the environment.

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