Canada Demonstrations for the right to abortion continue in Poland

01:15  27 october  2020
01:15  27 october  2020 Source:   rfi.fr

Thailand: demonstrators draw inspiration from Hong Kong's fluid tactics

 Thailand: demonstrators draw inspiration from Hong Kong's fluid tactics © Provided by Le Point Umbrellas to protect themselves, secure messaging and coded signs to sound the alarm: pro-democracy protesters in Thailand are inspired by the techniques of Hong Kong activists to challenge power. The images of helmeted protesters, wearing goggles and gas masks to protect themselves from the police this weekend in Bangkok were strongly reminiscent of the monster rallies in Hong Kong last year.

Abortion in Poland is illegal except in cases of rape and when the woman's life or any form of health is in jeopardy. In 2016, with proposed legislation to completely outlaw abortion , 30

Poland : scuffles erupt as thousands protest against abortion ban – video report. Opponents of the ruling have called for a referendum on the right to abort malformed foetuses, and some have The demonstrations went ahead in defiance of a government ban on public gatherings imposed as part

POLAND-ABORTION: Demonstrations for the right to abortion continue in Poland


WARSAW (Reuters) - Tens of thousands of Poles once again took to the streets in several cities across the country on Monday to protest against the almost total ban on abortion rights.

"Enough", "I want the choice, not the terror" could we read on the signs waved by the demonstrators gathered in dozens of cities of the country despite the restrictions linked to the coronavirus epidemic, which prohibit public gatherings .

"I will stay here until the end," said Piotr Wybanski, 31, on one of the main avenues in Warsaw. “It doesn't matter if it means a week, a month, three months or three years. I will protest here every day,” he said.

The judge appointed by Trump approaches the Supreme Court, despite a Democratic boycott

 The judge appointed by Trump approaches the Supreme Court, despite a Democratic boycott © Provided by Le Point The Senate on Thursday passed a first milestone in the confirmation of the judge appointed by Donald Trump to the Supreme Court, without the Democrats who boycotted a process deemed "illegitimate" so close to the November 3 poll. The twelve Republican elected officials of the Senate Judiciary Committee voted to transmit Amy Coney Barrett's file to the entire upper house of Congress with a "favorable" opinion.

More demonstrations are planned this weekend. Poland already has some of the most draconian abortion laws in Europe, and on The long read: A year ago, mass protests in Poland defeated a new abortion ban. But the ruling party, supported by the church, continues to cut reproductive rights

Rights groups both in Poland and internationally have condemned the legislation and called on parliament to reject it out of hand. Poland already has some of the strictest legislation in Europe, with abortion illegal except in cases of rape or incest, where the mother’s life is at risk or where there are

Video: The tightening of access to abortion brings thousands of Poles into the streets (France 24)

The Polish Constitutional Court on Thursday invalidated a provision authorizing voluntary interruption pregnancy (abortion) in case of malformation of the fetus.

Once the court's decision comes into force, only rape, incest and serious risks to the life or health of the mother can justify termination of pregnancy. These cases represented about 2% of abortions performed in recent years.

The demonstrators denounce a Constitutional Tribunal subservient to the ultraconservative Catholic Law and Justice party, the PiS in power since 2015 in Poland.

A large protest rally is planned for Friday in Warsaw.

(Anna Wlodarczak-Semczuk and Jakub Stezycki; French version Jean-Stéphane Brosse)

Group launches legal action against N.B. government for greater abortion access .
FREDERICTON — A national civil liberties group has filed legal notice in the first stage of a suit against the New Brunswick government for lack of access to abortion. The Canadian Civil Liberties Association sent a letter dated Oct. 29 and statement of claim to the province's attorney general. Michael Bryant, the group's executive director, says it wants the province to repeal its regulations on abortion and give wider access to the procedure. "We gave the government the chance to do the right thing but sadly they have given us no other option," he said Friday in a news release.

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